Board of Directors

Introduction to the School Board

The School Board is empowered by the constitution to govern the business and legal functions of the School.  For practical purposes, the day-to-day operation of the School is delegated to the Principal.  Some of the matters considered by the Board include setting fees and charges, fee collection, fee relief, formulating short and medium term budgets, building and maintenance projects, formulating policies and practices and other governance issues.

The Board consists of between 6 and 8 Directors.  3-4 Directors are elected by the Membership of the Association and 2-4 Directors are appointed by the Board. The Principal attends all Board meetings as an ex-officio member and there are 2 Teacher Consultants to the Board, elected annually by the College of Teachers.

Current Directors:

  • Steve Heptonstall – Chairperson
  • Jamie Morton – Deputy Chair
  • Salakesh Ananda – Treasurer
  • Jenny Henderson – Secretary
  • Toni Appleton
  • Neil Young

Teacher Consultants to the Board:

  • Teera Palmer
  • Rachel Holt

Meet the Directors

Steve Heptonstall

Board Director – Chairperson

Steve was born in 1964 in Coffs Harbour, however spent much of his childhood and early professional life growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

He has been a board elected member since 2016.  Steve was first invited on the board for his legal skills, however he also has a background in leadership development, coaching, risk management and mediation which has also been valuable in his role on the board.

Steve, his wife Jen and 2 boys lives in Ewingsdale, and first moved to Byron Bay 13 years ago, however since that time have also spent time living in Sydney, Mongolia and San Francisco. He and his family moved back to Byron at the beginning of 2016, and his 2 children attend Shearwater Steiner School (grade 4 and Grade 7).  Whilst he would like to bring the kids closer to home to Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner, his kids have settled themselves into Shearwater and wish to continue their schooling there.

Steve currently mixes his professional life as a Lawyer, Corporate Consultant, and Leadership Specialist between Sydney and Byron, and sees his role on the board as a way to stay connected and contribute to the community in a way which benefits our kids. Steve is a relatively recent convert to the philosophy of Steiner education, and wishes he was given the same opportunity as a child himself.

Steve is a keen swimmer, and a little mad having recently swum out and back to Julian Rocks.

Jamie Morton

Board Director – Deputy Chair

Jamie is a ’67 model and the eldest of 3. He grew older in Shepparton Victoria and has grown up since.

He has been on the School Board since May 2014 and is inspired to continue his contribution to the school community with the School Board and assist a great school to become even better. Through his experience on the School Board and professional career, Jamie has extensive experience in working with boards of governance, meeting dynamics and working with others to get things done.

Not driven by a need for power or a barrow to push, Jamie places a high value on personal integrity and service and on doing what’s right, irrespective of its personal convenience or otherwise.

Jamie has worked as a natural resource management professional for twenty-seven years and works from home, providing strategic planning services to natural resource management regions around Australia. He has a Masters in Forest Science, a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling and represented Australia at the World Forest Institute in Portland Oregon (as winner of the Gottstein Scholarship) where he met his lovely wife Teresa.

Jamie lives in Crabbes Creek with Teresa and daughters Hannah (Class 5) and McKenzie (Class 8), along with chickens, two dogs, two cats and a small family of garden maintenance equipment.

In his spare time Jamie loves being outdoors and enjoys running, camping, bushwalking, fishing, exploring and helping others.

Jamie sees being a father as one of the greatest gifts of life and whole heartedly agrees with the sentiment “children are not vessels to be filled, but candles to be lit”.

Salakesh Ananda

Board Director – Treasurer

Salakesh and his wife Shalayheem are an international family hailing from the USA and South Africa. After meeting at a meditation retreat at Uluru, they have made Australia their home. They have two generations of children and moved to Byron to immerse themselves within a community that share their values including having their youngest child attend Cape Byron Steiner.

Salakesh is currently a philosopher holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics and is a professional counsellor. He has an MBA with over 30 years of executive business experience within a global framework and has been a past Professor of Strategic Management and Policy.

Together, he and his wife, a psychologist, maintain private practices whilst they are developing a soul evolution program of expanding love consciousness.

Salakesh has served on the board since 2017. In his view, he bridges pragmatism and spirituality through a proactive vision of the school. He envelops all stakeholders within a three-folding context and supports the notion of the evolution of consciousness through the encouragement of the student’s self-expression, creativity and imagination. He carries an energetic intention for what the school community can become and embraces the school’s vision and mission to set the path we journey upon together. He believes it is a privilege and an honour to serve our community in this way.

In his spare time, Salakesh thoroughly enjoys reading philosophy and anthroposophy. He loves music, mountains, meditating, traveling and pondering deep questions.

Jen Henderson

Board Director – Secretary

Jen was born in 1972 in Sydney and moved to Newcastle in the 1990’s to train and work as a Dietitian and Medical Herbalist. Over time, life took her into the realm of Personal Development and she is currently training to be a Counsellor.

She has 2 boys with husband Iain, Caelan (class 5) and Ewan (class 3). Jen has been an active member in the Steiner Community since the early days of playgroup and loves to immerse herself in community and support the school and others where she can. After serving as Periwinkle Secretary and CBRSS class and spring fair co-ordinators, she joined the CBRSS Board in November 2017.

Jen served as a director on the Board of her family’s company from 2012 until 2017 and was secretary for 2 of these years. Here she gained the invaluable skills of working in a team, good public relation skills and transparency. She is committed to supporting the development and direction of CBRSS and is excited to be part of a wonderful, enthusiastic governance team where trust, integrity and respect are paramount.

Jen loves all sports and is especially fond of skiing, surfing and tennis, despite a few injuries along the way. She has played the piano her whole life and has recently started guitar lessons in order to keep up with her children!

Above all, Jen is most grateful to be mother and live a Spiritual life which is supported by Steiner Education and the wonderful group of people in her community.

“Receive our children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom” Rudolf Steiner

Toni Appleton

Board Director

Toni attended her first board meeting in February 2016, but her association with the school began in 1987 when she was invited by the founding parents to assist with the planning of the new campus and the design of the buildings.

Over the next twenty-five years Toni continued to prepare documentation for all the building projects, culminating in 2010/12 when, as an associate of the design team ‘Social Habitat’, she saw her long held dream to design a theatre attach itself to the verandah at the tutorial block.  She had worked in theatre, film and television as a designer for ten years after three years studying Architecture from 1966 to 1968.

Toni has known and worked with every person who has held the role of bursar, administrator or principal at the school.  She is also still recognized by some of the original students, despite having aged quite dramatically over the last thirty years.

Toni has two daughters, Emilia, a primary school teacher, and Romany, who manages a pre-training barn on a thoroughbred stud and makes prizewinning short films on the side.  Mim’s daughter Lottie is nearly two and a half and brings delight into her Nonni’s life every day.

Toni has read Rudolf Steiner’s writings on the child and agriculture.  She has lived at Goonengerry for forty years, restoring habitat and working with horses every day.

She brings to the Board the whole development history of the school and an absolute commitment to continue to act in the best interests of the whole school community.

Neil Young

Board Director

Neil was born in London and lived in Scandinavia before moving to Sydney in 1988. He has been living in Byron Shire for 20 years and is now living just outside Mullumbimby with his partner Mette, daughters Zoe (Class 3) and Billie (Kindy) and Molly the dog.

Neil was instrumental in the set-up and early management of The Uncle Project – the community organization that mentors boys in need of positive male role models – initially as an uncle, then an employee and eventually a board member. He has also recently been President of Lilly Pilly Community Pre-School and is happy to use this experience now with Cape Byron Steiner School.

Neil is a trained actor and has recently appeared in children’s shows for NORPA – but like many actors he spends most of his time doing something else. He wrote a book about Fatherhood when his entire six-a-side football team became pregnant (One Got Past The Keeper) which he pitched at the Byron Bay Writers Festival and was published and launched the following year. He is currently writing a children’s book while he runs his own business in visual communications doing information design for international management consulting companies in Europe and Australia.

Neil is committed to the development and direction of the school and particularly enjoys being part of the school community at RCM days, P&F meetings, and study groups.

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