Tanishka The Moon Woman is offering a FREE welcome to womanhood ceremony for girls who have recently started cycling & their Mums on Anzac Day, Wed April 25 in Byron Bay.

To find out more or to register  email: admin@themoonwoman.com

Below is info about the Budding Maiden circle I am holding as a welcoming rite of passage for our daughters.

During the afternoon I will explain briefly how traditional cultures honour this rite of passage from girl to maiden as well as what to expect in the years ahead for both Mums & daughters as your daughters individuate from you to explore their own feminine identity & how this understanding can assist you both to make this a graceful transition.

I will also explain what happens during our moon time (menstruation) from a mystical perspective so that the girl’s can
look forward to & embrace the little known gifts that time of the month has to offer! (So they don’t see it as a drag to be endured!) I will also highlight their individual beauty (inner & outer), daring to dream big & make a difference & honouring themselves in every choice they make as others will treat them according to how they treat themselves.

(N.B. All of this content will be age appropriate & delivered with humour enabling them to be receptive to the necessary practical advice for the coming phase of their personal development which often they can hear more readily from an outsider than they can from their Mums.)

The ceremony is inclusive or all faiths & philosophies & as my background includes 22 years as a facilitator of Women’s
Mysteries & a previous professional career as a stand-up commedienne it will be down-to-earth & fun as well. Our shared afternoon will include a sharing circle with presentation of heirlooms / gifts, guided meditation, teaching of women’s mysteries & sacred ceremony.

Preparation: Mums
First of all congratulations on celebrating your daughter’s emerging womanhood! Without such a welcoming we unconsciously
give the message that our daughter’s arrival of maidenhood should be hidden & viewed with embarrassment or shame. To that end, you will probably find this healing & insightful for your own feminine empowerment as well. To make this shared day truly
meaningful, there are a couple of things you will need to prepare:
Write a letter to you daughter. I invite you to reflect upon what you have learnt from mothering her, how you expect your relationship will now start to change, her new responsibilities (such as being asked to do her own washing) & new freedoms (such as wearing make-up, bleaching her hair or shaving her legs.) You will be given the opportunity to read these privately to each of your daughters on the day of the ceremony.

Prepare a Family Heirloom. Consider what you could gift your daughter to welcome her to her womanhood. You
may wish to also involve other women from your clan in creating this such as a quilt, scrapbook, an anthology of poems, healing
remedies or recipes or perhaps a piece of jewellery such as garnet earrings or a moonstone pendant. (Garnet assist with grounding when menstruating & moonstone assists one’s intuition which is strongest when on one’s moontime.)

Draw your daughter a Ritual Bath. On the day of the ceremony, draw your daughter a special bath to help relax her. Lavender oil & sea or rock salt would be ideal with a candle & meditation music. You may also wish to toss some flower petals into the bath & then ask her to dress in something she feels good in.

Bring a plate of Food to Share. It is customary to break bread at the completion of a sacred ceremony so please bring a plate of food to share afterwards.

Preparation: Dads Whilst the Dads won’t be present, I would encourage him to take her somewhere special, buy her a bunch of red roses or share their first glass of champagne / wine with a special meal he has prepared or taken her out for.

Ceremony Fee: FREE! This event is being filmed for training purposes so you will receive a free copy of your daughter’s ceremony as a treasured memory of this milestone in her life.
When: Arrive at 1.45pm for ceremony from 2-5pm Wed, April 25. The Women’s Shack. Byron Bay. 10/21-23 Tasman Way, Byron Bay NSW