Announcing a Free Dance Party for all teenage girls, and any interested mums, at Byron Bay High School on Thursday 27 April ! The Health Department’s initiative “Girls Make Your Move” and “No Lights No Lycra (Byron)” are teaming up to hold a one-off “NLNL” dance for teenage ladies to come and experience the feeling of dancing for themselves, without external distractions like boys & booze etc. Many studies have found that dancing is one of the very best ways to keep fit, but the benefits multiply when you lose yourself in the rhythm & the music and it becomes just like meditating too. The lights will be dimmed to help with this but it won’t be dark; just dark enough so you can “dance as if nobody’s watching”.
The aim is to inspire, energise and empower young women. This is a supervised event and FREE for girls aged 13-19 (and any interested mums) at the Byron Bay High School Auditorium on Thursday April 27 from 6.30pm to 8.00 pm and will feature specifically chosen music to suit this age group. Meditation, Fitness & Fun – all in one; and for free. Don’t miss out !
PS. ‘No Lights No Lycra’ started in Melbourne in 2009 with the idea that holding a dance in a dimly lit room and without alcohol etc would see more people enjoying all the healthy benefits of dance, and today there are NLNL dances every week all over the world from Berlin to Seattle. Google your local session on Tuesdays in Byron.