Council will be providing extra urban domestic bin collections over the Christmas period. This will hopefully help residents cope with the extra waste that’s generated during the festive season.

For two weeks from Monday 25 December to Sunday 7 January, residents can place all three bins on the kerbside for weekly collection.

Christmas bin collection tips

· Bin collections will go ahead even if the collection day falls on a public holiday.

· To ensure your bins are collected please place all three at the kerbside the night before your normal collection day and leave them there until they are emptied. If your bins are not out, we cannot send the truck back a second time.
· Where there is space, place your three bins side-by-side at the kerbside.

· If there is not enough room for all three bins to sit side-by-side, place the red landfill bin at the front and recycling and organics bins at least one metre behind it.

· Park your cars in driveways and garages if possible to give collection trucks more room.

· Take your bins in ASAP after they have been emptied.

· Please be patient with the drivers as collection may vary.

· #ReduceReuseRecycle !

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or phone the Resource Recovery Hotline on 1300 652 625.