EduCareDo Study Groups meet regularly in a number of countries. Being part of an EduCareDo Foundation Course study group, provides those interested in the work of Rudolf Steiner with an opportunity to share insights, deliberate on questions and deepen an understanding of the concepts and language of anthroposophy.  Study group participation enlivens the course content through discussion and by working on the exercises together.

About the EduCareDo Course

This course is suitable for beginners and those already familiar with the work of Rudolf Steiner. The lesson structure is easy to follow and each lesson builds upon the last. It is possible to start at any time during the year.

Members receive the lessons individually and have the option to complete the requirements for the Foundation Certificate or a Teacher’s Certificate of Completion.

The discounted course fee for study groups of six or more members is $350 per person.

For more information: 

P    02 8006 6847