Inner Work Path ~ October Workshop

Working with Social Understanding, Gender and Sexuality

This professional development is comprised of three weekend courses to build an understanding of the relevant depth and progression anthroposophy brings to this important aspect of life: The Understanding of being Male and Female; Understanding and Developing the Masculine and Feminine Forces Towards Harmony; Understanding Individual Responsibility in Working Towards New Community. An individual can choose to attend any or all of the courses. Teachers, health professionals and those working with young people will find them beneficial to understand how differences and similarities work in childhood development, human relationships and spiritual development in the changing needs of our time. Supporting this aspect of the health and well-being of the individual child’s relationship to gender and sexuality results in greater resilience and confidence in their growing relationship to the wider community.
Throughout the training we look at environmental and community influences on sexuality and gender in young people’s lives. When working out of anthroposophy we are asked not to judge the other by gender and to teach in a unisexual way. Only through deep understanding of the un-freedom of being man or woman can we contribute to the education and development of others in freedom.
Understanding and Developing the Masculine and Feminine Forces Towards Harmony
From an esoteric view of the human being, it can be understood that within the individual there are both masculine and feminine forces. This course will explore the development of these masculine and feminine forces within the child, what occurs when there are imbalances and how these imbalances may be expressed later in adult sexuality and social behaviours. Although the focus of this work is on adolescence, it is useful to begin harmonising these forces earlier in the child’s life.

Friday 6.30- 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9.30am- 2.30pm
Where: Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Byron Bay
$300 (includes lunch) Bookings & Enquiries
Email: Phone: 0266846147