High School Swimming Carnival

High School House Swimming Report 2017

Sparta 1021 pts
Crete 990 pts
Olympia 762 pts
Athens 735 pts
An excellent day! More records broken and a general improvement of swimming abilities with most of our high school actively involved either swimming or officiating in some way through the day. Sparta really ran away with the points and showing participation is the key with 92% of students in Sparta participating in events and collecting points for their team. The team scores are the highest ever recorded. A very full programme was planned and we managed to complete the programme despite a little bit of a rush with the cheer displays at the end of the day. Athens was well seen and heard at the end of the day with their magnificent verses of praise, song and dance. Olympia looked threatening all day and appeared to be living out their motto of “The team of the Future”. Crete dominated in many races and Spartans looked concerned towards the end of the day, but it was Sparta that spoke with action, deed and participation to collect the extra 31 points to win the day.

Congratulations to all students who competed and a special thanks to students who could not swim but assisted throughout the day as time-keepers, scorers and runners. (These volunteers also scored points for their houses). More than two thirds of the high school participated in individual events and by the look of the empty stands during the ten minute participation swim and the aqua volleyball, very few students did not contribute in some way to their house points.

There are some outstanding individual performances that need to be mentioned.

New record holders-
50m Freestyle Boys
yr 9, Tom Pierce 30.64 sec,
50m Backstroke Girls
yr 12 Isabelle McMullen 42.48 sec
50m Backstroke Boys
yr 9, Tom Pierce 37.00 sec
50m Breastroke Boys
yr 7 Zen Larkins-Widdison 49.15 sec
50m Butterfly Girls
yr 12 Isabelle McMullen 39.12 sec
50m Butterfly Boys
yr 7 Zen Larkins-Widdison 50.64 sec

Crete’s Year 7 and 8 Relay broke a new record with their time of – 2 min 23.00 sec.

Congratulations to all those students who participated and helped your team score points. A special mention to the following high scorers in each year level. (Please note that 50 points is the maximum score any student can collect in individual events.)
Year 7- Krystal Pierce – 50 points, Zen Larkin-Widdison – 48 points, Laila Campbell -34 points,
Year 8 – Della Knight 44 points, Joshua Stante – 34 points, Georgia Johnson 34 points,
Year 9- Tom Pierce – 46 points, Grace Johnson 42 points, Amelie Wright 42 points,
Year 10- Yani Murray 46 points, Charles Anderson 38 points, Avryl Hart 35 points,
Year 11- Joseph Brookes 40 points, Sage Badman 35 points, Ella Hart 28 points.
Year 12- Isabella McMullen 51 points, Myles Forbes 40 Points, Caspar Thomas 38 points
A special thanks to the house captains and all the year 12’s for their hard work, encouragement and keeping the day light and fun. To the parents, officials and the staff who assisted on the day.
Steve Richards (Ric)