High School House Cross Country Event

The recent House Cross Country event was held on Monday 8th May and saw an excellent level of participation from students throughout the high school and the primary . The overall times of the students were lower showing an improved level of fitness with more students running the course than in previous years. Students were transported from school to “Brunswick Heads Surf Club” car park and after a spectacular start they ran, walked and crawled to the finish line at Torakina Beach.

Each student scored points for their house depending on their finishing position oveall as well as within their class. At the end of the day the house scores were very close and a special congratulations to all house captains who encouraged their team members to participate and perform at their best.

The final scores

1st Place Olympia 1684 pts
2nd Place Sparta 1679 pts
3rd Place Athens 1420 pts
4th Place Crete 1406 pts

Some excellent individual performances need to be mentioned. First overall was Harper Kelso class 9, 2nd Omri Ben-Harush Class 12, 3rd Thibault Walker class 9, 4th- Jet Grimster class 9, 5th- Isaiah Campbell class 9. First for the girls was Yani Murray class 10, 2nd-Hannah Murray class 7, 3rd- Laila Campbell class 7, 4th Tahlia Van Oostrum class 12, 5th Anouk Smith class 8.

The primary year 5 and 6 classes ran a smaller circuit earlier in the morning and showed some excellent form from all participants finishing the course very quickly. The top 5 from each age group and gender were invited to represent the school at the North coast Independent Schools Competition to be held on the 18th May.

Top 5 Boys

1st Arlo Amos-Eakin
2nd Amit Sonnenfeld
3rd Gabriel Plesser
4th Jack Dodd
5th Amadeus O’Connor

Top 5 Girls

1st Brianna Hart
2nd Noni Wright
3rd Dakota Dennis
4th Lottie Killenberger
5th Tobsha Haig
Thank you to all staff who assisted on the day and to all students who participated with a sense of fun and achievement.