From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Our school is humming with wonderful activity at the moment. Our Kindergarten children are well settled into their daily routine and enjoying days full of play based activity. Meanwhile Teera and our Kindergarten Teachers have been busy interviewing for our 2019 intake of children. We know that we cannot take in all of the children on the list but are doing our best to welcome in those children we can accept.

In the Primary School, we celebrated Book Week with a wonderful parade and the much anticipated annual teacher Book Week play – this year we all laughed at the efforts of a long line of characters to pull out a VERY stubborn, VERY stuck enormous turnip. Thank goodness for the efforts of the tiny little Class One mouse at the end of the line who gave that last little bit of strength needed to dislodge the turnip! It is always wonderful to see the children coming to school dressed up as a favourite book character and sharing their love of story.

In the High School, Year 7 have been excitedly involved in some of the wonderful surprises and activities that are part of the Wish Wonder and Surprise Main Lesson. This Main Lesson is always a real highlight for the year and is always very much enjoyed by our students. Meanwhile at the upper end of the High School, our HSC students are busy finalising and handing in Major Works for their different subject areas. I am always stunned by the extremely high standard achieved by our students in their major works and by the maturity with which they approach these huge projects.

As a final thought, I have been thinking about the polarising forces around us at the moment; the effects of social media, the widening political divide (on all levels), the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ … the list could go on. I wonder what we can do to actively choose to live in a space of unity. Our challenge is to focus on what unites us, rather than what sets us apart. Rudolf Steiner set up this form of education almost 100 years ago as a force for social renewal. It seems that now, more than ever before, we need to focus on that social renewal and find a space where we can build and share in community.