From the Principal

This week has flown by so quickly, it seems the school is buzzing with activity and we are already well into the rhythm of the year.

Not only is this the time when our students are settling into their daily routines, but it is also the time when much of the parent involvement in the school is being organised.  We have a very full calendar of Class meetings over the first few weeks of the year.  I would like to strongly encourage at least one parent from each family to attend  the Class meetings.  Our teachers and guardians put a lot of time and thought into planning meetings which are interesting, relevant, informative and enjoyable (and hopefully not too long).  We consider the class meetings to be a crucial part of our communication pathways.  Whilst we do our very best to avoid clashes of meetings, this is not always possible so I do apologise to any parents who have found that they have two meetings in one night.

At the beginning of the week, along with James Dods (Chair of the Board), I attended the Parents and Friends meeting.  The Parents and Friends group do such a good job of supporting the school and providing opportunities to build our school community.  I strongly encourage families to get involved with the P&F and help support our school.  At the moment, they are considering ideas for a social event for the school community.  If you have an idea for a social event to bring the adults within our school community together, please do contact Tanja Nelson (Chair of the P&F) to let her know.
This week I briefly attended the first Kindergarten meeting for the year.  It was lovely to see the new (and not so new) kindergarten parents there.  Settling our new little kindergarten children into the rhythms and routines of the kindergarten day is a big job and it is so important that our teachers are able to communicate clearly with the parents.
Finally, today I had the absolute joy of attending the Class 5 Indian Feast.  It was a great chance to dust off my sari and join the students for some wonderful dhal and rice.  Thank you to the parents who worked so hard to create this beautiful meal and thank you to Naina for organising the day for the students.  Those who looked carefully may even have seen Georgi from our Admin team dancing with the Bollywood Sisters.
Indian Feast Class 5