From the Principal

Hello everyone,

What a big last two weeks it has been! Last week provided us with a pointed reminder of the power of nature and that we human beings simply can’t control everything.

When we made the decision on Thursday to ask parents to pick up their children early, we did it with the knowledge that this would not be possible for every parent, however it would ensure that as many children as possible could get home before the really wild weather and flooding hit. I would like to thank the parents for responding with such grace and speed to our call. I would also like to thank our Administration Staff and Teachers for supporting this process, the children and our families so well.

As always, no communication is ever perfect. I am aware that some parents didn’t get the text message until much later (we believe the issue was with the telecommunications providers). We texted, emailed and also put an alert on our website. If you are ever in doubt when there is a major weather event, please check our school website as we will always put the up-to-date information there.

I know that some of our staff and families have suffered losses due to the flooding (both at home and in some workplaces). We are working to provide all the support we can to those families. If you have been affected by the flooding, please do let us know so that we can support in whatever way we can.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy (and dry) Easter break. Thank you for a wonderful term of learning and sharing as a school community. I look forward to seeing you all next term.