CBRSS Wellbeing Workers

Introducing Geraldine and Annie – CBRSS Wellbeing Workers

Annie Barrett and Geraldine Devas are employed to support the wellbeing of the students and the school. Both are experienced and qualified counsellors with a long-standing interest in working out of Anthroposophy.
We like to think of wellbeing in terms of caring for others and ourselves in the communities we live in. Wellbeing embraces a holistic picture of our physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual health, expressed in our daily lives in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
We offer support, helping conversations/art to students in age appropriate ways, individually and in small groups, empowering students to find their own voice.
Students may explore friendship issues, family, schoolwork, relationships, and mental health concerns. If more serious mental health issues arise, external professional support may be advised in consultation with parents. We are also available for relevant support for parents and staff.
When you enrolled your child, you were asked to sign a consent form giving permission or not, for your child to participate in one-on-one support with student services staff. Please contact Geraldine or Annie via reception for more information.
Annie is available on Wednesdays and Fridays and Geraldine on Fridays