Repair Care & Maintenance Morning 28/3 9-11am

Repair Care & Maintenance Morning
Wednesday 28th March 9 -11am.
We will be working in the top playground and around Admin & Silky Oak Cottage.
Another opportunity to contribute to the vibrant community life of our school.
There will be a variety of tasks for all.
It will be my second morning back after my recent Hip Replacement.
See you there.

Site Manager
Gavin Colley


Innovation Centre update

As you may have noticed, construction of our new Innovation Centre is now well underway. We would like to create a beautiful entry to the school including an outdoor shelter between the new building & the Performance Hall. The aim is to provide students & parents a covered drop off area at pick up time and students with an additional sheltered space in the playground. This is in addition to the building that is currently underway.
We are aiming to raise $30,000 for this addition. The current balance in our Building Fund account is $13,000, so we still need to raise $17,000. If you would like to make a donation please scroll down to the bottom of the Bulletin and click our Donate today button. Please note that deductions to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

Watch the first 12 weeks of construction in under 5 mins.

Sound track Freedom Jazz Dance by Patrick, Louie, Noah & Anatole.
Thanks to Nigel Haslam of who has kindly installed his Timelapse equipment and donated his time to document the construction of the new Innovation Centre.



What does Gavin get up to in the holidays?

There are dramatic changes underway at the entrance to the school. We have finally begun construction of our fabulous new Innovation Centre that will comprise two science laboratories & two classrooms.

You may find the changes look a little disturbing, as we had to remove a number of trees & realign the storm-water dam.

We have saved the trunks of the trees. Our Design & Technology department will turn the stumps into slabs of timber and our students will convert them to furniture & other items. This way the students get direct experience of the growth of trees right through their life cycle & journey to furniture.

Last year our students participated in the planting of 11,000 Koala habitat trees on the southern side of our school. These will now make a continuous Koala Corridor from the ridge through to the Belongil forest in the distance. This area will look & feel stunning in another 10 years.


• Storeroom removed from between Art & Science rooms to reopen path to Science & HS Music room whose only entrance for duration of building project is through the back door.
• New stone sitting circle outside HS music room.
• Pathway to east of Hall, which will be main entrance to school during building project, has been adapted to make wider for better flow of foot traffic.
• Removed set of built in shelving in Art room & constructed more versatile moveable shelving unit.
• Painted 12 GLA (General Learning Area) chalkboards.
• Gyprock repairs to various walls.
• Painted Silkwood, Casuarina, Melaleuca, and Grevillia & Lilli Pilli rooms.
• New double swing constructed with interchangeable exercise rings beside Outdoor Classroom.
• New bridge constructed at D&T.
• New gutter to D&T, new verandah roof.
• Major repairs to leaking gutters at Kindergarten Rose & Class 4 including installation of gutter guard.
• Removed leaking skylight from Kurrajong room & replaced with polycarbonate.
• Repainted parts of Class 5.
• Teacher, partner & parents repainted Cl 3.
• New Director of Primary K – 6 Office under construction beside Cl 3.
• New fly over verandah roof constructed at Cl 3.
• New Garden Shed constructed at Kindergarten.
• New shelving unit constructed for inside garden shed.
• A couple of new shelves to Kindergarten Bathroom.
• Renovate 30 desks for Cl 1.
• Repaint 30 student chalkboards for Cl 1.
• Renovate vege garden at Cl 1.
• New teachers desk & round rug for Cl 1.
• Repairs to birdbath at Cl 1.
• Deep Clean to whole school.
• Window clean to whole school.
• All gutters cleaned.
• Service air con units to whole school.
• New air con units to D&T, Cl 1 & Dark room.
• Service all fire equipment.
• Service all gas equipment.
• Service all D&T equipment including annual service of new dust extraction unit.
• Service all waste water systems.
• Service all waterless urinals.
• New industrial stove for Canteen installed.
• Safety test & tag to 660 electrical items.
• New LED down lights fitted to HS Music room.
• New power outlets around school.
• Service Hall emergency lighting system.
• Annual test of Hall fire safety systems.
• Various other electrical repairs around school.
• We had 2 large trees damaged in the big winds last week & had to be removed near Silky Oak Cottage.
• New white sand to all sandpits.
• New soft fall under all playground equipment.
• Raised vege garden beds renovated ready for class lessons.
• Much weeding, gardening & pruning around whole school. Lots more to do!
• Professional weed control program to whole school.
• All paving areas sprayed with Slasher (Geranium Oil) and whipper snipped.
• Excavator to clear stormwater drain near raised vege garden area, plus clearing of various other drains around school.
• Angle grind adaption of 30 lockers at Casuarina in preparation for arrival of 30 new self-closing locker doors.
• 30 new desktops for HS on order for replacement.
• Repairs to Maypole.
• Repairs to trailer.
• Repairs to various pieces of furniture, equipment etc around school.
• And a thousand other various tasks that has kept me & the 70 odd plus contractors busy throughout the holidays. It has been and still is a whirlwind of activity!

Our intrepid Site Manager

Katie snapped this of Gavin after a heavy downpour. The varied tasks of keeping the site running smoothly!

Repair Care & Maintenance Day

Saturday 12th August 9am – 12.30pm
Followed by lunch at Canteen supplied by school.

We will be working on beautification of the school entrance.
There will be walls to paint.
Gardens to renovate.
Cleaning of various areas.
And lots more. Something for everyone.
Come along have fun and build the school social body.


On The Road with Gavin Kerouac

Keeping the Beat with the Dreamers & Future Travellers.

Stay safe on our road into CBRSS



Innovators Inventors Inspired Thinkers

We are building a specialised Science and Maths Innovation Centre and we need your help to bring this wonderful project to fruition.

The new building will contain two Science labs downstairs and two flexible learning spaces upstairs. Our students will have the opportunity to learn in a purpose built, state of the art facility.

Click here to see more amazing images of the Innovation Centre and while you’re there, please make a Donation today so that our students can become the innovators, inventors and inspired thinkers of tomorrow.

All donations to the CBRSS Building Fund are tax deductible!

School Vehicle For sale

FOR SALE: School Motor Vehicle. Nissan Navara Twin Cab Diesel Ute. Year 2000.
$5,000. Contact Gavin on 0427 847 400.

RCM day

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the RCM day on Saturday, the Kinder is even more beautiful from all your hard work. A big thanks to Craig for providing a yummy lunch and to Evan for leading the charge, it’s such a great way to connect with and support this wonderful School Community that we are so lucky to be a part of.

Stay tuned for details on the next one!

From Gavin

Gavin will be away from school until the 30th of May.

Please direct all site related communication to Reception until then.

Site news

Gavin will be away from school until the 30th of May.

Please direct all site related communication to Reception until then.

Note from Gavin

Gavin will be away from school until the 30th of May.

Please direct all site related communication to Reception until then.

Tree planting & Environmental rehabilitation

A number of classes have been assisting our neighbour to plant 11,000 trees to create a continuous wildlife corridor from the Byron Escarpment to the Belongil Forest.

This will incorporate our Melaleuca Forest, to the north of the school that we planted some 10 years ago.

As part of the process Ben from “Eco Recharge” talked with the students about species selection, growth patterns & tree life, wildlife habitat & correct tree planting & mulching techniques.

Most students found it a rewarding experience and looked forward to seeing, in the future, the school nestled within a beautiful local endemic forest.

Eco Recharge has also planted approximately 50,000 trees along the Byron Escarpment behind the school. At the same time eliminating invasive weed species from the area.


It was a pleasure to be involved in this project, which was facilitated by a parent of the school who is managing the project. He came to us with the proposal after attending our Master Plan Presentation & World Café on parent involvement in the school. He saw how elements of their project overlapped elements of our Master Plan & recognised opportunities for collaboration.

This has also led to us being able to expand our playing field, providing much needed activity space. Some drainage work yet to be done.

Site Manager
Gavin Colley

RC&M Day

Thank you to the parents and students who so generously gave of their time, skill and labour on Saturday to help out on the Repair, Care and Maintenance Day last Saturday. I very much appreciate your help and support. Our school looks wonderful after your work! Thank you to the teachers who came along to help, to Craig for the amazing lunch and to Gavin who works so hard to set up these days. Next year we will be offering a range of new opportunities for parents and teachers to get involved – look out for the new twilight event which will be happening at the beginning of the year.


A Productive RC&M Day!


Our new Repair Care & Maintenance Day (RCM) program was a great success with more people attending & everyone seemed to be really enjoying them selves.

We concentrated on two main areas and this allowed people to work together more & provided a greater sense of achievement at the end.

Next year we will also have a twilight RCM day, 3 – 6pm on a school day with BBQ dinner after.

Our new name challenge has so far provided: Community Days & Community Care Days. If you have any other ideas please email Gavin at site@ or text or phone 0427 847 400.

One major highlight for me was to see my 19-month-old grandson come walking in pushing his wheelbarrow I recently bought him. He had come to help out with his father & grandfather. His father, our son, was a student here.

To me this is what the day is all about: vibrant community through working together.

RCM Day Gavin & family pic

Thank You to All

Site Manager

Gavin Colley