Classes 3-6 Jump Rope for Heart

Classes 3-6 are very enthusiastically embracing the Jump Rope for Heart challenge, a quick walk around the school at recess and lunch will reveal an abundance of children mastering the fine art of skipping. Skipping is a great way to improve coordination and wellbeing in general and while there is the option for small-scale (i.e within the family) fundraising the main focus at CBRSS is about the health benefits and pleasure it offers our students.


Recently Charlie Arnott (Class 2 parent) provided a flowform with some 500 preparation that children in Primary School with the help and guidance of Gavin then sprinkled around our beautiful school to enrich and enliven our land just in time for our Spring Fair. Flowforms by design, emulate the swirls and vortices of the mountain stream, enabling water to reoxygenate, revitalise and rejuvenate, bringing it back to its more natural state. Flowforms provide a perfect way to stir large quantities of 500 preparations in an enlivening and sympathetic manner. Our thanks to Charlie and Gavin for undertaking this important initiative.


Class 4 camp

Class 4 went to Midginbil Hill and spent four days canoeing, climbing, exploring and learning about the local environment. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. – Matt

We went on an eco walk and I learned about four different types of trees.  – Jasmine

On the last day of camp we went rock climbing which was very fun. – Marco

We did pioneering and made a mud brick, that was fun and later we went on a night walk, that was so fun. – Aoife

Class One Nature Main Lesson

While we are experiencing this beautiful season of Winter, Class One has been discovering the wonderful world of elementals and how they help each other and the world around us. Outside the children have built a fairy house village, gone on weekly Friday nature walks to watch autumn give way to winter, checked on the great golden orb spider that lives in the bus shelter, collected seeds and marvelled at the trees and the myriad of animals that share our campus. After much delight and conversation we end up in our sit spots for a few quiet moments of basking in the beauty all around us before going inside to draw and learn our little letters.


Class 5 & 6 Mosaic

Class 5 & 6 and their various helpers have been busy working away on the Mosaic in the amphitheatre which was finished this week. It looks amazing so please take time to drop past for a look.

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to help and a particularly big thank you to Tanja Nelson.

Class 3 news

Class 3 have been very busy making garden beds and working on their building project.


Class 4 news

Class Four visited the Lismore Resource Recovery Centre to attend a range of environmental activities with students from other local schools. The children went to a number of interesting presentations to learn about World Environment Day and the importance of caring for our planet.
We learned how to recognise indications of Koala health and habitat (we found koala poo, scratch marks and even a healthy koala in a tree). We played a resource management game show with a comedian in a canary yellow suit who had everyone singing, dancing and clapping to his environmentally educative songs. They were quite catchy.
We looked through microscopes with help from Southern Cross University scientists and went for a walk in a rainforest to identify plants that grow in the remnant areas of ‘The Big Scrub’.

For many of the children, the highlight was a bus tour of the waste facilities. We joined a queue of rubbish trucks to go in there. Some of the trucks were from Casino, Lismore, and a few from Byron as well. Masses of green waste was stacked in huge wind rows and was being progressively added to a mountain of compost! It was like nirvana for hungry microbes and avid gardeners.
Then we saw the shed where all of the recycling is sorted into different types of plastic and metals. The bottles went through another machine that spat out the lids and labels and turned the glass into a fine sand that can be used to fill potholes. All of the resources were being saved from landfill, reclaimed and sent off to be recycled into something new.
Each experience showed that with our collective efforts we can make a difference to the well being of the planet and ourselves.


Mosaics class 6 & 5

We are very excited that our collaborative Class 5/6 Mosaic Project is well and truly underway – together we are designing and making a land and animals landscape on the wall behind Class 2 to meet the sea mosaic on the Class 3 wall!
Our wonderful mosaic expert, Tanja Nelson is leading the project along with artistic guidance from Eleni and lots of wonderful assistance from parents.
We encourage Class 5 and 6 parents to come and assist us; please go sign up for the roster here or contact Tanja Nelson regarding session times 0431 044 254.

Kinder Autumn Festival 2018

Class 4 & Class 1 buddies

At the end of first term, Class 1 met their Class 4 buddies for the first time. Class 4 shared some of the work they had been doing in their studies of local Aboriginal culture. They began with a welcome dance, performed two short plays and finished with a song about caring for country.
Caring for each other is a strong aspect of our cross-age buddy program with regular sessions planned between the two classes and many opportunities for friendships to develop during play times.


Class 5 Celebration of India

Class 1 news

Class One is enjoying movement, art and drama while learning their letters and numbers, all with the background of Autumn and Easter. It’s a special time with some very special young people.


Class 5 & Class 2 Buddy day

Class 5 and their Class 2 buddies recently enjoyed a lovely excursion day together into the hills. On arriving at Rummery Park, our wonderful parent helpers set to work lighting a camp fire and helping students to chop veggies for the soup, which simmered while we walked. We looked and listened and noticed the small things…. as we made our way along the bank of Boggy Creek to the spectacular Minyon Falls Lookout. Out in the forest and by the creek, the day seemed to fly by; after a warm cup of camp soup we hopped aboard with our buddies and bussed back to school. Our appreciative thanks to all the parents who came to assist, it was lovely to spend the day with you all!!

Teera, Bethanie and Anna

Class 3 News

Class 3 have been enjoying learning to measure their world with many hands on experiences, this week that included a classroom market place with a range of wares available to weigh on their scales.