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Student Absences

It is a legal requirement that school-aged children must attend school. If your child is going to be away from school for more than three days, you will need to submit an application for exemption to attendance. The government allows Principals to grant exemption under very specific circumstances. If you know your child is going to be absent for more than 3 days, please contact Reception for a form and return the form prior to the absence.

We ask that families do not take holidays during term time. Students can miss really important learning and experiences. This also places additional pressure on the teachers to try to help the students to catch up. It is unfair to ask teachers to provide additional work for students to take away with them on holiday to term time and teachers are not able to do this for unapproved absences. By planning holidays so that they occur in the term breaks, you are supporting your child’s learning and also supporting the teacher in their work.

CBRSS High School students at Writers Fest

Writers Festival

Our school was invited this year to have student MCs to introduce the writers speaking on the student day of the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

Our MCs performed so beautifully and all the staff were very proud of the way they shone for our school.

All the introductory speeches were carefully crafted and were respectful, knowledgeable and entertaining. One writer even suggested that the introduction by Mackenzie and Willow from Year 10 was so good that they should be the ones being interviewed!

Congratulations to you wonderful MCs – Bella Walz, Mackenzie Stephan, Willow Cuthbert-Howard, Lily Harrison and Jasmine Walcott.

Overall our students were excellent in the audience. They were highly entertained by such writers as John Marsden, Bob Brown, Osama Sami and Tara June Winch among others. Despite the wind and rain, the day was inspiring.

Katie Biggin

Deputy Principal.

Visit the Parent Lounge to pay your fees!

Many, in the school community, are getting used to visiting the Parent Lounge, on our website, to view information about upcoming camps and excursions, and to give their permission for their child to attend.

You can now pay your school fees through the Parent Lounge too!  Please follow the steps below if you are keen to try:

  1. Go to our website:  capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au
  2. Click on Parent Lounge link in the Parent Links on the footer.
  3. Enter your username (which is your 5-digit parent code) and password.
  4. Click on Make a payment (see example image below)
  5. School fees account ~ It shows your current balance, but you can edit it and choose how much you want to pay.
  6. Proceed to payment.

Parent Lounge

Please note:

If you are paying through the parent portal, you will notice you are given the opportunity to donate to our Building Fund.  This is absolutely optional, however if you wish to make a donation, you will be contributing to the development of projects as per the school’s Master Plan.  We hope to begin the first stage of this with the construction of a new Science/Maths building next year.  All donations are tax deductable.

The Next RCM Day ~ Saturday 20 August




We have listened to your requests at the recent World Café on Parent Participation.

Our first step in improving the RCM day is to concentrate on only 2 areas, so people are able to work close together in groups.

So we are working on Beautification of School Entrance around bottom car park entry areas. The second area will be Beautification around Administration Area.

This work will also feed into preparing our site as a showcase for all the new visitors at this years Spring Fair.

Of course you can still do work around your classroom as well.

Last time people really enjoyed having a lunch prepared by Craig at the canteen so we will continue with that as well.

Also to manage safety of children onsite we will, in the future, have a supervised gardening program for all students attending. We will incorporate other ideas as time goes along including online info etc.

So lets have a record turn out, come along and encourage other parents to come and lets have a wonderful time together.

A suggestion was to also come up with a new name for the day. So any suggestions please email to Gavin – site@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

Site Manager

Gavin Colley

Spring Fair

The 2016 Spring Fair is fast approaching!  Please click on the following link to view the update on this special day.  Help & donations still needed!

Spring Fair 2016

Canteen Roster

Helping at the canteen is a wonderful way of not only getting to know the school community a little bit more, but also in claiming RC&M hours, and receiving a free delicious lunch for your child/ren. Hours are between 9.30am – 2.30pm. To put your name down on the roster, please contact Amanda at amandaeade55@gmail.com or 0411 837 699.

Term 3

Canteen Roster

HSC Trial Exams

Year 12 students worked hard in the last week of the holidays, sitting trial exams for their upcoming HSC exams.

HSC trial exams

A presentation by Dr Simon Bednarek

Dear Class 3, 4, 5, 6 Parents and Staff,

We are glad to invite you to another educational evening presented by Dr Simon Bednarek:

Transformation around the age of 12….. The pre-teen years

Time:  6:30 – 7:30pm
Where:  CBRSS Performance Hall.
When:  Tuesday 23rd August 2016

This talk follows on from Simon’s wonderful presentation last term focusing on ‘The 9 Year Old Transition ….’

We encourage all families from Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 to have at least one parent attend the evening, which will bring a helpful and informative view of child development from an Anthroposophical perspective during the upper stages of the Primary School years.

Parents of other age groups are also welcome to attend. Please see Simon’s biography below.

The Teachers and I are looking forward to enjoying this evening with you all,
Best wishes,

Simon Bednarek

Simon Bednarek MBBS (WA), FRNZCGP, FRACGP Simon is an anthroposophic GP working at Meadows Medical Centre Mullumbimby and living in Byron Shire. Previously, he worked in Perth for 5 years and for 28 years as a General Practitioner in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Simon is the coordinator of the medical section in NZ and has organised many conferences and seminars in this role. He has worked as a school doctor and as GP for curative adult and children residential homes in Hawkes Bay. He is a past chair of the Taikura Rudolf Steiner School board of trustees. Simon has taught and spoken at events such as the International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) and Kolisko conferences in Dornach, Switzerland, Philippines, Thailand, NZ, Australia, Hungary, South Africa and India on topics ranging from anthroposophic medicine, organisational development, soul development and leadership. Simon has four children who all attended the Hastings Taikura Waldorf School and have now completed university.

Live Life Well @ School ~ The importance of Sleep

Our school is currently involved in the Live Life Well @ School, which is co-ordinated by Northern NSW Local Health.  A snippet will be included in upcoming Bulletins about healthy ways to live life well!  Here is the first, on the importance of sleep!

Live Life Well

Sleep is Essential

“Sleep is essential for a healthy life, and it is important to promote healthy sleep habits in early childhood,” says Dr. Paruthi, of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. “It is especially important as children reach adolescence to continue to ensure that teens are able to get sufficient sleep.”

How much do you need?

  •  Infants between 4 and 12 months – 12 to 16 hours of sleep  including naps.
  • Children 1 and 2 years – 11 to 14 hours.
  • Children 3 and 5 years old – 10 to 13 hours.
  • 6 to 12 years old- 9 to 12 hours.
  • Teenagers to 18 need 8 to 10 hours.
  • Adults, –  7 to 9 hours of sleep each day.

Getting the right amount of shuteye is critical to kids’ developing brains and bodies. The consensus from the panel was that if children clock in enough hours of sleep on a regular basis, it will lead to a host of improvements, plus better overall mental and physical health. On the flipside, the researchers found that sleeping fewer than the recommended hours directly affected a child’s behavior and increased their risk of a number of potentially harmful and life-long health problems.

Putting aside enough sleep for a child is one of the best ways parents can lay a foundation of healthy habits that children can take with them into adulthood. With more than one third of the adult population sleep deprived, sleep becomes paramount for children to avoid the consequences that come with a lifetime of sleep problems.



When: Monday’s 3-4pm
Venue: School Cola
Cost: $75 for six weeks.
Who: Primary school children

Register online at www.aflauskick.com.au
Further information Contact
Julian: 0439 003 721

Need babysitting, your house looked after, or your birthday organised?

Hi everyone!

My name is Kai Suzuki Jones, I am currently in Year 12 at Cape Byron Steiner.  I am looking for some jobs such as babysitting, house sitting, and organising birthday parties.  I have experience teaching young children as well as supervising and organising children’s birthday parties.  I love working with children and have good experience with them.  Please contact me anytime during the day!

Contact me on: 0474038970
Email: kai2016@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

Do you need Au Pair help in your home?

Dear Sir or Madam

My name is Julia Langer, 19-year-old au pair from Hamburg, Germany. One month ago, I finished my A-Levels at our local Rudolf Steiner School and now I am looking for a Steiner inspired host family in Australia. I would like to take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework.

My Steiner school (Germany) publishes a newsletter weekly and there are often ads from students wanting to come over to and au pair or sometimes families looking for an English speaking au pair to come to Europe.

Does your school have a newsletter, too? Or do you have any ideas how I can find a suitable family?

Moreover, I am interested in working and helping at your school. I like creativity and music and I am open to new ideas. I would like to support for example:  class plays, assist with the scene painting, realize the set etc.
homework supervision, private coaching, tuition…

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards from Germany,

Julia Langer

Our resident koala

Our gorgeous resident koala was recently spotted in the trees, keeping an eye on the children!



From the Principal

Hello everyone,

What a busy couple of weeks it has been. The Winter Festival was a lovely opportunity for the school community to come together and celebrate the winter season. It was great to see so many parents, family members and friends coming along to celebrate this special occasion with us. The challenge with the increased popularity of this event is finding a venue which can safely and effectively fit everybody in. We will certainly be thinking carefully about this as we plan next year’s Winter Festival as the hall in Bangalow was certainly bulging at the seams last week.

The kindergarten children also enjoyed a very beautiful and reverent Winter Festival at school this week. The sense of community was strong and the children experienced a very special and reverent celebration of the season.

In the High School, our Year 9 and 10 students demonstrated some of the outstanding work they have been doing in their electives this semester. Works from Design and Technology and the Creative Arts were on display and the audience enjoyed wonderful performances of circus skills, music and drama. Congratulations to the students and the teachers for such a wonderful night.

Earlier this year, some parents approached me with some concerns about our use of WiFi technology in the school. I undertook some extensive research into this topic and, whilst there is no definitive evidence about the effects of WiFi technology, there is enough concern to warrant some preventative action. With the agreement and support of the Primary School Teachers, we have decided that the WiFi routers in the Primary School will be turned off when they are not being used by the teachers and we have purchased some timer devices to assist with this.

Finally, just a reminder that we will be having a meeting for all parents on Wednesday 27th July at 7pm at the school. We will start the meeting by sharing our new Master Plan for the school. Michael Leung, architect and parent, will be there to take us all through the plan. This will be a great opportunity for parents to have a look at what is planned for the development of school buildings and facilities into the future. The next part of the meeting will be a “World Cafe” type meeting (coffee and cake provided) to discuss parent engagement in student learning and the school. We are asking that at least 1 adult from each family attend this meeting, so please put it into your calendars.

Have a wonderful, peaceful and safe Term break.