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Class 2 visits our bee hive

A visit to the school beehive is always popular and it’s always interesting to see what the bees are carrying into the hive.
The children can see all of the different coloured pollens and how the bees congregate around the entrance before marching in with their harvest. The hive has expanded to occupy about half of the frames, most of them full of brood and more recently some honey is being stored in some new white wax combs. There might be a harvest for us at the end of the Summer if we’re lucky.class2-bees

Repair, Care and Maintenance Days in 2016

This year a Repair, Care & Maintenance levy of $250 per annum appeared on the invoice at the commencement of school. The levy is credited back after the completion of 16 hours of community work within the school. The credit is applied at the end of the term when your 16 hours are completed.
To arrange for the completion of your remaining RC&M hours please contact the Office. The work includes assisting in the canteen, gardening and minor landscaping, painting, cleaning, repair and minor maintenance work. You are also able to complete your RC&M hours assisting class teachers at their request.

Cyclists on the road ~ please take care

We have a small number of very dedicated (and very fit!) teachers who ride their bicycles to school. They need to share the road space on the hill coming down into the school with cars and buses as there is no paved shoulder. Could everybody please take care, slow down and watch out for cyclists on this part of the road. Our local wildlife will thank you for this too!

Mercurius ~ Help our school blossom

We have a great opportunity to earn 15% on all purchases of Steiner inspired art, craft and toys from “art makes sense” (Mercurius retail). This offer is open to all families and friends who enjoy beautiful art/crafts and toys for their children or themselves.

We encourage you to continue to buy Mercurius products at the office, and if desired Steiner inspired products locally. This fundraiser can nurture our school and gives us access to an extended product range not available locally. It is also for friends and family who don’t have local access, they can purchase from anywhere in the world as long as delivered within Australia.
With Christmas coming this would be a way to share the joy of beautiful Steiner inspired toys and art supplies!

Let’s plant the seeds to nurture our school and our children
use our code: FRIENDCBRSS

Supporting Life in Today’s World


Inner Work Path ~ October Workshop

Working with Social Understanding, Gender and Sexuality

This professional development is comprised of three weekend courses to build an understanding of the relevant depth and progression anthroposophy brings to this important aspect of life: The Understanding of being Male and Female; Understanding and Developing the Masculine and Feminine Forces Towards Harmony; Understanding Individual Responsibility in Working Towards New Community. An individual can choose to attend any or all of the courses. Teachers, health professionals and those working with young people will find them beneficial to understand how differences and similarities work in childhood development, human relationships and spiritual development in the changing needs of our time. Supporting this aspect of the health and well-being of the individual child’s relationship to gender and sexuality results in greater resilience and confidence in their growing relationship to the wider community.
Throughout the training we look at environmental and community influences on sexuality and gender in young people’s lives. When working out of anthroposophy we are asked not to judge the other by gender and to teach in a unisexual way. Only through deep understanding of the un-freedom of being man or woman can we contribute to the education and development of others in freedom.
Understanding and Developing the Masculine and Feminine Forces Towards Harmony
From an esoteric view of the human being, it can be understood that within the individual there are both masculine and feminine forces. This course will explore the development of these masculine and feminine forces within the child, what occurs when there are imbalances and how these imbalances may be expressed later in adult sexuality and social behaviours. Although the focus of this work is on adolescence, it is useful to begin harmonising these forces earlier in the child’s life.

Friday 6.30- 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9.30am- 2.30pm
Where: Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Byron Bay
$300 (includes lunch) Bookings & Enquiries
Email: innerworkpath@gmail.com Phone: 0266846147 www.innerworkpath.com.au


Violin & Cello 1/2 size for sale

Half size Violin: Very good condition in hard case – $170
call Sandi 0417041897 or email sandi@sunshadowslippers.com.au

Half size Cello: High quality hand made Chinese cello that my brother ( a professional cello player) had bought for my daughter in Jerusalem but she has since stopped playing the cello. The Cello has a great sound and would suit someone with a real interest in playing the cello. It has been valued at around $2500 but we will sell for $1500 ONO. Includes a very good bow and a soft case. Call Gil Plesser 0412862442

Ayden representing Australia

We are delighted that Year 9’s Ayden Vescio was selected and played in the National School Futsal Tournament in Brisbane during the school holidays representing Far North NSW. He was the only player for NSW, north of Coffs. As a result of his performances, the selectors have appointed him to represent Australia in the Under 16’s team that will be touring and competing in Italy next April/May!

We would like to congratulate Ayden on this great achievement.


From the Principal

Hello everyone,

It seems only yesterday that we were beginning third term and now the term is drawing to a close. It has been a busy and very productive term in the school, beginning with a vibrant and informative parent engagement evening and culminating in the Spring fair and the graduating ceremony for our Year 12 students.

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to share a special breakfast with our graduating class. As I am unable to attend their graduation ceremony on the last Thursday of term, I delivered my annual graduating address to the students at the breakfast. The text of the speech can be found later in this bulletin. I am so very proud of our graduating class, they are wonderful young people who will make a real difference in the world in whatever path they choose.

As mentioned above, I am about to take some much needed annual leave and will return to the school at the end of the first week of next term. Whilst I am away, Katie and Teera will continue to manage in their respective areas of the school.

Please all have an enjoyable and safe term break. I look forward to catching up with many of you when Fourth Term resumes.



Principal’s Address to the 2016 Graduation Class

Your years of school education are now coming to an end and you are about to launch into a future filled with possibilities.  During your time at school, you have learned how to read and write, how to analyse pieces of writing and create a whole range of texts of your own.  These things are important, but they are not what truly matters.  You have learned to count, to add, subtract, multiply and divide (perhaps with the help of some little number gnomes).  You have learned to measure and quantify things and you have learned how to use number to understand the world.  These things are also important, but they are not what truly matters.  You have learned about the events in history that have shaped who we are today and you have learned about the many different landscapes and environments around the world.  You have learned about your own bodies and what they are capable of.  You have learned about the beauty and wonder in art, music and poetry.  All of these things are so important, but again, they are not what truly matters.

You are about to step out into a world which is changing so quickly that it is hard to understand what it will look like in another few years.  60% of the jobs that exist today will not exist in 10 years.  Political and social boundaries are quickly changing and environmental change is happening so quickly now that it is hard to understand what our planet will look like in the near future.

Whilst we hope the skills we have taught you will be useful to you in this changing world, I believe that it isn’t what you know that truly matters now, it is who you are and who you are going to be in the world.

Our school vision is to enable each individual to realise their potential to be self aware, resourceful and resilient with the empathy, skills and initiative to make a positive contribution to the world. I want you to know that, right at this turning point in your lives, as you are about to finish your school education, you are exactly who you should be.

I look at you and I am filled with so much hope for the future.  You are creative, caring, empathetic, thoughtful, insightful, gentle, determined, imaginative, analytical, hopeful and courageous.  You are exactly who you need to be to step out into the world and fulfill your own life destinies.  You will be the lovers, the carers, the decision makers, the inventors, the collaborators and the healers.  You will be the artists, poets, musicians, strategists, scientists, engineers and farmers who will shape and change the new world.

So now, go out there and ask questions. Stand up for what you believe in.  Make strong, ethical choices. Care for others, even if you don’t understand their lives or their choices. Actively care for this magnificent planet and speak up when others don’t.   Find happiness in the small things. Draw pictures, make music, plant gardens, write poems – be a creator in the world.  Accept that you are not perfect and sometimes you will get it wrong.  Make mistakes – and then learn from them. Be prepared to wait and work for the things you want.  Look for the music and the beauty around you (it is always there).

I want you to know that your teachers, your family and your school community, are so very proud of you.  I am proud of you!  Almost 100 years ago, Rudolf Steiner said “Receive children in reverence, educate them in love, and let them go forth in freedom.”  We received you with reverence, we have educated you with so much love, and now it is time for you to go forth in freedom.

Your education at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School has finished, my wish for you all is that you can go on to fulfill the highest, truest expression of yourselves as the wonderful human beings you are.


School Fees 2017

2017 School Fees

The School Board has met to set the School Fees for 2017. In deciding on the rate of increase for our school fees, the Board considered the following factors:

Scheduled wage increases
The expected rate of Federal and State funding
Education CPI (currently 3.3%)
Need to increase teaching hours for the HSC
Ongoing maintenance costs for our site

The Board is cognisant of the need to keep fee increases to a reasonable level so that our rates remain manageable for our school community. With this in mind, tuition fees will increase by 3% in 2017. This is in keeping with other independent schools in our area and also with previous years’ increases.

The P&F approached the Board with a request that the RC&M levy also be increased. Parents are asked to contribute 16 hours of approved Repair, Care and Maintenance work to the school each year (per family). For those parents who are unable to make this contribution, the levy is charged to cover some of the cost of completing some of the RC&M tasks. (Note that the levy is charged at the beginning of the year and credited to your account once the required number of hours are completed). The Board considered the P&F request and noted that in recent years’ parent participation in RC&M days and other school ‘helping’ events has decreased. The Board feels the current levy does not accurately reflect the value of the hours of work requested. For this reason, the Board has decided that the annual RC&M levy will increase to $400 per family next year. Families will still be able to complete the 16 hours of work in lieu of paying the levy and it is important to note that the school will be providing additional opportunities for this to happen next year (a twilight RC&M working bee and an updated list of approved jobs which can be completed at other times listed on the school website).

The Board has also approved increases to our Registration and Enrolment Fees. These fees have remained at the same rate for a number of years and it was felt that an increase was appropriate to more accurately reflect the cost of the work involved in each area. The increases are as follows:

Registration to enrol fees increased to $110 for the first child and $55 for each sibling
Enrolment fees increased to $550 for the first child and $200 for siblings

Finally, the Board approved an increase of $100 per year to the Consolidated Charge for High School students. This increase is necessary to meet some of the ever increasing costs of maintaining and updating the ICT infrastructure we provide for our students. Next year the school will be leasing a further 10 iMac Computers and replacing a full class set of iPads.

The Community Fee Assistance Program (CFAF) will remain in place for families experiencing short term financial difficulties and our Finance staff are happy to talk with any families who are experiencing need. The Board feels the school continues to offer an excellent education which is good value for money and we feel the fee increases for next year will adequately allow the school to continue to provide such a wonderful service for our children.

An updated fee schedule for 2017 can be found on our school website.

James Dods

Thank you team Spring Fair 2016


Through The Earth is Our Garden, Class 3 brought a picture of a strong community impulse to nurture, guide and support our children throughout their Steiner school journey, from seed to fruit, from Kindy to Class 12.

The one place we all come together to celebrate and offer our time and energy so strongly, to reflect back to each other our willingness to nurture, guide and support, is our annual Spring Fair.

A HUGE thank-you to every single one of you for your care and readiness to support your school community and an extra BIG thank-you to Jen, Emma and Class 3 for their exceptional guidance of us throughout the 2016 journey, and Rachel Sullivan for coordinating the event.

The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The community finds its reflection;
And when, in the community
The virtue of each one is living.

    Rudolf Steiner

Warmest regards
Tanja, Lisa and Sarah
Parents & Friends Assoc

It takes a whole community to grow a Spring Fair

A magical Spring Fair opening ceremony was enjoyed by all as Aunty Delta Kay shared her warm Welcome to Country; the earth appeared and was carefully placed; lovely words, sounds, singing and watering, grew a garden of flowers and the maypole dancers wove a festive pattern with their coloured ribbons.

Grateful and appreciative thanks to Spring Fair coordinators Rachel Sullivan, Jen Henderson, Emma Davies, the Class 3 parents for their inspired vision of The Earth As Our Garden and their wonderful energy in creating a wonderful day and to the whole community .

Thank you again,
Bethanie &Teera


New Enrolment

We would like to warmly welcome the following families to the school:

  • The Cornell and Norman family with Willow in Year 10.
  • The Green and Williams family with Manon in Year 10 and Henri in Year 11.

We welcome you to our school community and hope you and your family find your time with us enriching and enjoyable.

HSC Showcase

The last two weeks of term are always emotion filled and exciting for our Year 12 students. The HSC Showcase was a spectacular event featuring the special talents and work of all of our HSC Major Work subjects. We were treated to professional level Drama and Music entertainment, outstanding Visual Art works, as well as amazing English, Media, Design and Technology and Society and Culture works. We even got to see a Business Studies Eurythmy performance!

HSC Showcase