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Mercurius school fund raiser

Mercurius Australia supplies a quality range of art materials, wooden and natural toys and other products to support healthy development for all ages. They are now offering their product range through their retail website www.art-makes-sense.com.au, to our school community.

In partnership with Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School P&F in a fundraising initiative, every product purchased through on their site using the promotion code FRIENDCBRSS, 15% of the value of purchases will be donated back to our school P&F.

Happy shopping and feel free to contact Mercurius if you need any help.


From the Principal

Hello everyone,

What a productive and exciting couple of weeks it has been at school. We are certainly all feeling that lovely renewed sense of energy that accompanies the arrival of Spring.

I hope you have all seen some of our wonderful new Spring Fair signs around the community. We are looking forward to a truly wonderful day of community celebration together. I know the organising committee and many members of our school community have been working hard to bring this event together.

Last week I was lucky enough to accompany the Grade 6 students and Maree on a whale watching trip off Tweed Heads. We were so very lucky to have a few whales come right up to (and swim under) our boat and then put on a wonderful display of play for us. It was an experience the students (and the adults) will never forget. My trust camera certainly got a workout on the day – I hope you enjoy some of my photos later in the bulletin.

Excitement is building down at the High School today as preparations are underway for our Annual HSC Showcase. This is one of the absolute highlights of the school year and a very important moment for our Year 12 students as they share with the community some of the fruits of their education with us.

I hope to see many of you either at the showcase tonight or the Spring Fair next week.



CBRSS ~ Spring Fair Update

The Earth Is Our Garden
Countdown! – 1 week until Spring Fair!!

Dress Up for Spring Fair on the day! Come join us dressed in Spring Garden theme. Calling all garden creatures, scarecrows, gnomes, animals, fruit & veg!

ONE CAKE PER FAMILY – High School Café stall Every family is required to please contribute one cake to the High School Cafe on the day.

Next week each family will be given a cake box and an ingredients tag via your eldest child. We ask that you make (or purchase) a cake, slice, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, fruit bread or scones in the style that you would eat at home. For example, if you normally eat organic, gluten free, dairy free or vegan, bring a little of your home-­life along to share. Help us to reflect the diversity of our school ­culture and preferences of visitors on the day.

You can drop ­off your offering on the ‘Pupil Free Friday’ prior to the Fair, or directly to the stall on Saturday. To avoid mishaps, please ensure ingredients are clearly marked on the tags provided.

Needing Coat Hangers We would love more coat hangers for the white elephant stall, and old white cream sheets or old white lace tablecloths. Please bring in a bag with your name and number to class 3. You will get them back!

Electrical Appliances Please bring all Electrical appliances that are to be used for Spring Fair to school by Thursday 15th September for safety testing and tagging. Thanks

Pupil Free Day Please remember Friday 16th is a pupil free day. Each class is responsible for set up of their activity on this day.

Raffle and Silent Auction We do not want to reprint more booklets of tickets to sell on the day, so if you still have unsold books please return them.

Plants and Produce We welcome seedlings, plants, fresh garden produce, pickles, jams, conserves and eggs for the Produce Stall as we get closer to Spring Fair. Contact Tanya on 0425239284 or tanyafairyprincess@yahoo.com

White Elephant Stall NOW is the time for Spring Cleaning and de-cluttering! All second hand goods welcome especially clothing. Please bring to class 3. No electrical, mouldy, broken or damaged goods. Contact Lisa at Idobbie13@gmail.com

Craft Stall We welcome any craft donations. Please bring to reception. Contact Kylie 0433176895

Garlands Stall Save your blooms and vines! We will be collecting for our Garlands Stall on either Friday 16th and the morning of the Fair.

First Aid Calling on a few parents who have current First Aid Certificates to be available for contact on the day.

Opening Ceremony Starts at 10am. All classes from 1-6, as well as high school classes, are performing at this time. Please make sure that students are here by 9:30am.

From the Spring Fair Team :-)

Wildlife on the Move – Please drive with Care

This morning I was driving down the hill at the entrance to the school when a wallaby hopped across the road directly in front of my car. Fortunately, I was travelling at the prescribed 40 kph and was able to stop in time. If I had been travelling any faster, I would definitely have hit the wallaby. Recently there have been wallabies, koalas, echidnas and water dragons on our school road. Please drive very carefully and at the correct speed when you are driving to school. We love the little critters who live around our school and would hate to see them injured or killed.

Class 6 Whale Watching

Class 6 ventured out to sea last week to for a whale watching experience. It didn’t take long to spot the distant flume of a pod of humpback whales. With eyes peeled, we saw many whale pods around us – but still so far away! The class sang and called to the whales, and the whales responded by coming nearer and gracing us with a magnificently beautiful whale ballet. The experience culminated in a whale spy hopping within metres of the boat, really getting a good look at the children that were so delighted to see them.

National Poetry Competition Winners

National Poetry Comp

It is great to see our students submitting work in regional and national competitions ans being awarded for their creativity and talent. Recently we received notification that Jasmine Pierce, Raani Nichols (pictured) and Esme Heath (pictured) all received nominations for the poetry they submitted to a national poetry competition.

Ocean Shores Art Comp Winners

Ocean Shores Art Comp Winners

We often shine at the Ocean Shores Art Expo and this year was no different. We had Willow, Tulsi and Marcello win cash prizes. Our own Denis Hopking won the adult sculpture competition. What talent lies within this school!

Silversmithing Classes

silversmithing T4-2016

Canteen Roster

Helping at the canteen is a wonderful way of not only getting to know the school community a little bit more, but also in claiming RC&M hours, and receiving a free delicious lunch for your child/ren. Hours are between 9.30am – 2.30pm. To put your name down on the roster, please contact Amanda at amandaeade55@gmail.com or 0411 837 699.

Term 3


Child Dental Services

The lovely ladies from the oral health team at the Byron Central Hospital Dental Clinic came to conduct the Kindergarten Oral Assessment Program this week. They have left flyers with reception for any child in the area under 18 years of age to make a FREE appointment at our new hospital down the road.


Live Life Well @ School ~ Unhealthy Snacks

Our school is currently involved in the Live Life Well @ School, which is co-ordinated by Northern NSW Local Health.  We are including a different ‘snippet’ about encouraging a healthy lifestyle in each Bulletin.  Here is the second snippet about healthy ways to live life well ~ Why you should always serve unhealthy snacks in a small bowl.

Live Life Well
It is often said that gaining weight is a simple matter of energy intake being greater than energy we use up. While this notion is certainly correct, it does not account for all the factors that drive one to eat more calories than we need. Take for example the size of a bowl from which you eat your snacks. Could this simple factor play a role in the number of calories you may eat?

Back in 2005, Wansink and Cheney performed a wonderfully simple study and found that when snacks are offered in a large bowl, people take 53% more food (146 extra calories) and eat 56% (142 calories) more than when offered the same amount of food but in a smaller bowl (roughly half the size of large bowl).

Take home message? If you have friends coming over for a party, or you’re making snacks for yourself or your family, try the following: place the healthy snacks in large bowls and the unhealthy ones in small bowls. Theoretically, people should eat more of the healthy snacks and less of the unhealthy ones.

From the Principal


The term is well underway and the school has been a hive of activity over the last couple of weeks. As the winter season begins to recede, we are all feeling the new energy of the coming spring. This is a great time for learning and a great time for approaching projects with a renewed vigour and sense of purpose.

The Repair Care and Maintenance Day last Saturday was a wonderful day of our school community coming together to bring some added love and attention to our beautiful site. The entrance to our school is now looking really lovely and our Administration building is sparkling. We took on some of your suggestions from the parent engagement evening and focussed our attention on just two areas of the school and this really helped to develop a stronger community feeling as everyone pitched in and worked together. I really enjoyed catching up with some of you on the day and would like to thank you for giving some of your time to come along and help out. Look out for some further changes to our Repair, Care and Maintenance days next year.

Our Class Three parents are working really hard to pull together what will be another wonderful Spring Fair. They have been working for several months and are now in the last stages of preparation. The theme for this year’s Spring Fair is “The Earth is our Garden” and it promises to be another wonderful celebration of our school community, the changing season and our incredible natural environment. Please do invite your family and friends to come along and help us to celebrate.

In other news, we are in the process of finalising our 2017 Kindergarten enrolment process. This can be quite a challenging process as we have many more people applying than places available and, inevitably, we will have to disappoint some people. We have been working hard to ensure our process is clear and transparent so that all applicants know what to expect. In a time when our school is experiencing very healthy enrolments, this is one of the more difficult processes. It is never easy to disappoint families who want to join our community.


Nerrida & Marlis

Parent Engagement in Learning

Some Questions for You to Consider – Parent Engagement in Learning

Thank you to those parents who sent in feedback to questions raised in our last Bulletin, arising out of our Parent Engagement evening. As promised, in each Bulletin we are sharing some of the questions asked on the evening and inviting further feedback. Please feel free to call or email your feedback to principal@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au .

How can we enhance authentic and meaningful parent engagement in the CBRSS Early Childhood and Primary School community?

How can we enhance authentic and meaningful parent engagement in the CBRSS High School community?