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From the Principal

Hello everyone,

It is the first day of Summer, the weather is sultry, wet, humid and stormy and this seems to be a good description of the world around us (if our only view of the world is to be taken from the media). It is worth remembering, however, that people from many different faiths and beliefs from all over the world are preparing to celebrate a special time of the year. The central theme of all of these different celebrations is one of hope – something very much needed at this time. As I look around the school, I see signs of this hope everywhere. Our Kindergarten students are looking hopefully through the arch and into the Primary School, knowing their time at Kindy is drawing to a close and soon they will begin the next part of their journey. Our Class 6 students have had their transition evening and are now packing their classroom ready for the move into the High School, They are filled with hopes and dreams for the next stage of their journey. And in the High School, the HSC students have had their final school event, a lovely formal evening at the Beach Cafe. This was truly a celebration of gratitude for the past and hope for the future. Our teachers are also busy in the task of writing reports – a celebration of each child’s journey and a statement of hope for their future learning, growth and development. I invite you to find some other signs of hope around you and take the time to honour and celebrate these.

This week marked a very special moment in our school’s history. Staff gathered together for a special afternoon tea to farewell Julie McVeigh. Julie has been an important part of CBRSS for 14 years. She has taken many leadership roles within the school, as well as shepherding a whole generation of children (and their families) into a Steiner Education at our school. I presented Julie with a beautiful painting (commissioned especially from Eleni) and James Dods (Chair of the Board) presented a special gift from the Board in recognition of Julie’s service as a Board Member and a leader in the school. We will be sad to see Julie go, but I know we will all see her legacy continuing in the school for many years to come.

Finally, preparations are in the final stages for our annual Christmas Market. Please do save the date in your calendar (next Friday 8th May) and join us for a lovely community event to celebrate this special time of the year.

You may have noticed that we have not had a bulletin for a few weeks, this is because the dreaded bug struck our lovely Admin Office and both Yvette (who writes the Bulletin) and I were quite unwell for a number of days. We are both now back on deck and hope you will understand the reason for the delay.


Reminder re Special General Meeting of the Association

Members of the CBRSS Association are invited to a short Special General Meeting of the Association to be held in the Library at school on Tuesday 5th December at 5 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to pass a number of resolutions which are required to enable the change from an Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee. An invitation was sent to Members, with details of the resolutions, on 10th November. For further information please contact Nerrida at the school.

Illness and Emergency – Please Help Us Out

There have been a number of bugs and lurgies doing the round this semester. When a child presents to the office as being unwell, our First Aid staff will often make the assessment that the child should go home (any child with vomiting, diarrhoea, high temperature or flue like symptoms will be sent home). When this is the case, we do ask that you come as soon as possible to pick up your child. It is not pleasant for a sick child to have to wait around in our busy sick-bay and it increases the risk of infecting other children or staff. If you are unable to pick your child up, we ask that you organise another person to come and get your child.

We are also finding that we have quite a number of families where there are no emergency contact details listed on our system, or the emergency contact details are out of date and no longer working. We are now asking all parents to please log into the parent portal and check to make sure we have emergency contact details for your child. If you are new to the area or don’t have anyone you feel you can list as an emergency contact, please contact Margaret in the office to discuss this and we will do our best to help you find some solutions. Please note that it is an absolute requirement of enrolment (and in your child’s best interests) that we have up-to-date emergency contact details on file.

Treatment of Ticks at School

As per current advice of best practice, our current treatment for a child presenting for First Aid with a tick is to kill the tick using ether spray (applied to the tick). If you do not wish us to use this treatment method with your child, could you please log into the parent portal and update your child’s medical information to provide clear details regarding this.


We Plan to Celebrate – Can You Help?

Next year we will be celebrating the school’s 30th birthday. We are planning some wonderful celebration events, but need some help to do this. If you would like to help out with organising the celebration, please contact Jacquie at the school. We will meet at the beginning of Term 1 to start the planning. Any time or skills you have to offer would be much appreciated.

Keeping our Children Safe

The space in front of the main footbridge from our car park is a no parking zone. Please do not park in this space as it is the main entry into our school and needs to be kept clear. When this space is clear of cars, drivers in the car park have a much better chance of seeing pedestrians entering the car park. Thank you for helping us to make our car park a safer zone for pedestrians.

Our intrepid Site Manager

Katie snapped this of Gavin after a heavy downpour. The varied tasks of keeping the site running smoothly!

Year 12 Formal



Celebrating Advent

Advent starts this year on Sunday 3rd December and is celebrated for the four Sundays leading up to Christmas until Sunday 24th December. Advent is frequently celebrated by people of every religious background, every faith, every spiritual path as part of the festivals of the cycle of the year.

In the Southern hemisphere, Christmas falls near the Summer Solstice when the light is at its strongest and we celebrate the triumph of light at its greatest point in the yearly cycle. As the year draws to an end we increasingly spend time outside enjoying “the sun in the heavens”. With the long warm days, intense light and balmy nights we are drawn out into the elements rather than into “the sun in our hearts”.

It can be challenging to develop a sense of inwardness, patience and contemplation when the Spirit of the Earth is on its outward breath. To balance this we can consciously choose to “receive the light” and celebrate what is both universally human and universally spiritual. Celebrating Advent can provide an opportunity for some quiet ‘breathing in’ during this outwardly busy time of year and help your children to practice preparation, reverence and patience through the ritual of counting the weeks and days to the special celebratory event. The lighting of candles each week also reflects our own ‘Divine Light’ and helps to bring us a little inward contemplation.

Traditionally Steiner schools and families celebrate Advent by looking each week at the natural kingdoms on Earth: minerals the first week, plants the second week, animals the third week and humans the fourth week ( see verses below).

Here are some ideas that you might like to include in your own advent celebrations:


An Advent verse
‘The gift of the light we thankfully take, But not shall it be alone for our sake, The more we give light, the one to the other, It shines and it spreads, growing still further; Until every spark by friends set aflame, Until every heart, the joy to proclaim; In the depths of our souls, A shining sun glows.’

Advent Wreath  – on a special table made with greenery and seasonal flowers, four advent candles to light each consecutive Sunday of Advent.

Advent Garden-assembled and added to each Sunday of Advent with the four kingdoms celebrated each week try adding tiny crushed shells (collected from the beach) in a spiral pattern for the spiral on which Mary and Joseph figures walk.

Advent Crib-a nativity scene of the four kingdoms, adding a different one each of the Sundays- Crystal Kingdom, plant kingdom, animal and human kingdoms.

Advent calendars are available from Rudolf Steiner Bookstore by following this link

Verses for the 4 weeks of Advent

Week 1: Crystal Kingdom
The crystal kingdom comes first and is honoured by decorating the wreath or garden with crystals, seashells, stones or little bones you may find.

Week 2: Plant Kingdom
In the second week the plant kingdom is honoured by adding little dried flowers, seeds and pine cones and greenery.


Week 3: Animal Kingdom
The animal kingdom, in the third week, is honoured by adding little wooden animals or beeswax creatures the children make.

Week 4: Humankind
The fourth week sees us honouring humankind by adding a little felted or beeswax child and figures.


Additional Reading:
Our library also has some handouts on making an advent wreath, nature table etc.
Possible stories include The Star Money from the Brothers Grimm, (and if you have the book “Rose Windows”, there is a lovely idea for a window transparency in there); craft ideas in The Children’s Year and Families, Festivals and Food. Other stories include the ones from “The Light In the Lantern: Stories for Advent” from Wynstones Press; Advent Sunday Stories, Collette Leenman; Mary’s Little Donkey, Gunhild Sehlin; Advent and Christmas Stories, Estelle Bryer and Janni Nicol.

The Musical Christmas Market

Class 2 are excitedly preparing for this year’s Musical Christmas Market that will be held in the Hall on 8th December. As the year draws to a close, this is a whole school community event that brings us all together in a festive way and serves as a fundraiser for the school.

Giving Tree
This year’s Giving Tree charity will be for the Lady Cilento Children’s Hosipital. Please could every family could bring a gift for a child (homemade or bought) on the day of the market to be placed under the tree. This would be greatly appreciated.

In the Southern hemisphere, Christmas falls near the Summer Solstice, with the light at its strongest, and we celebrate the ‘triumph of light’ at its greatest point in the year.
As our year draws to an end, we increasingly spend our time out in the elements, enjoying ‘the sun in the heavens’. With the long hot days, intense light and balmy nights we are drawn into the elements rather than into ‘the light in our hearts’. It can be challenging to develop a sense of inwardness, patience and contemplation when we and the Spirit of the Earth is on its outward breath. To balance this, we can consciously choose to ‘receive the light’ and celebrate what is both universally human and spiritual.

With very best regards – Class 2 Parents/Guardians

Primary School Athletics day

Opening of the new Primary School Playground

Thank you to the P & F and School Community for providing a wonderful new playground for the Primary School.

Class 1 play

Term 4 progress

This term we started with a main lesson called “Secrets of the Sacred Scripts”. Instead of a main lesson book we wrote in a scroll. We made paper out of recycled paper. It was so fun. We also made crochet pillows which took me a while but it was fun and I got there. We also did Pen Pal letters: one to Squamish and one to Vancouver Island. I am so excited about the reply! And something so exciting happened.. We got our FOUNTAIN PENS!! Our latest main lesson is called “Fantastical Fractions”. We only just started but we have still got some pages down. We are back to main lesson books and it is so fun. I love fractions. Soon we will do swimming lessons and soon we will make a small book out of recycled paper we made and make bread boards. I CAN’T WAIT. This term is AWESOME. We had buddies last term but only twice. Hopefully we can do more this term. We also have been doing these amazing drawings. I’ve finished mine!!! And we wouldn’t have done any of that without THE AMAZING ,THE ONE AND ONLY, TEERA AND BETHANIE.

Isabella Class 4

This term we have been doing so much fun stuff. We started with a main lesson called Secrets of the Sacred Scripts. It was a writing main lesson. We wrote to pen-pals and studied ancient writing and had so much fun! At the same time when we were doing our main lesson we were also doing a craft project: making pillows. We made two granny squares then sewed them together. After we finished our main lesson we got our FOUNTAIN PENS!!! We made handmade paper and we are going to make little books with the paper. We are also going to make chopping boards and a raffia hat which we plait then sew it into the shape of a hat. We also did these amazing mountain and sea drawings. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this term. We wouldn’t be able to do any of these amazing activities if it weren’t for BETHANIE AND TEERA.

Ayla Class 4