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RC&M Day

Thank you to the parents and students who so generously gave of their time, skill and labour on Saturday to help out on the Repair, Care and Maintenance Day last Saturday. I very much appreciate your help and support. Our school looks wonderful after your work! Thank you to the teachers who came along to help, to Craig for the amazing lunch and to Gavin who works so hard to set up these days. Next year we will be offering a range of new opportunities for parents and teachers to get involved – look out for the new twilight event which will be happening at the beginning of the year.


A Productive RC&M Day!


Our new Repair Care & Maintenance Day (RCM) program was a great success with more people attending & everyone seemed to be really enjoying them selves.

We concentrated on two main areas and this allowed people to work together more & provided a greater sense of achievement at the end.

Next year we will also have a twilight RCM day, 3 – 6pm on a school day with BBQ dinner after.

Our new name challenge has so far provided: Community Days & Community Care Days. If you have any other ideas please email Gavin at site@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au or text or phone 0427 847 400.

One major highlight for me was to see my 19-month-old grandson come walking in pushing his wheelbarrow I recently bought him. He had come to help out with his father & grandfather. His father, our son, was a student here.

To me this is what the day is all about: vibrant community through working together.

RCM Day Gavin & family pic

Thank You to All

Site Manager

Gavin Colley

Honey Bee Hive

Spring is in the air and it’s a perfect time to welcome the school’s newly arrived honey bees!
We now have a colony of bees safely ensconced in their new top bar hive at the school. They are settling in nicely and can be seen busy gathering nectar and pollen in the spring blossom. In the future they will provide an opportunity for students to observe and learn about these fascinating creatures and to sample the fruits of their tireless labour.

Matt Reynolds

Spring Fair 2016


The Earth Is Our Garden

SPRING FAIR 17th September

Countdown!  Less than 3 weeks to our wonderful annual Spring Fair.

Watch our Spring Fair Promo Video

Friday Markets 

Come and join us at the Friday Markets for some planting and making decorations. Silent Auction to commence at NEXT Friday’s market, 2nd September. Stay tuned for an amazing list of prizes.

Raffle Tickets

We have collected $825 for week 1. Please help us reach our goal of $6600.00. This means each child selling only one book (10 tickets)!

Collecting from our School Community:

1. Egg cartons

2. Any old hoops or pieces of bamboo

3. Long fabric strips in any colour

Please bring to class 3.  Contact Ebony at ebnjosh@gmail.co

White Elephant Second Hand Stall

Please bring all donations to class 3 from 31st August. Please no electrical, mouldy, broken or damaged goods. Quality not quantity and we would especially love all children’s Clothing of all sizes and any other clothing you are ready to depart with.  Contact Lisa at Idobbie13@gmail.com

High School Cake stall

Each family in the school is required to provide one cake for the High School Café, located next to the school offices. Please bring on the morning of the Fair. Each family will be provided with a cake box and label to provide ingredients the week before the fair.

Garlands Stall

We welcome any contributions of vines and flowers for our beautiful Garlands Stall located on the green. Please bring on the morning of the Fair.

Pupil Free Day

A reminder that Friday 16th is a pupil free day. All classes are required to set up their stalls on this day and assist in making our school look beautiful.

We are loving the journey of Spring Fair 2016 and are so looking to sharing the day with you all.

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful contributions and support.

Class 3

Doilies Wanted

Does anyone have any doilies that they would be willing to donate to Kindy for our Spring Fair decorations? We are also after colourful fabric, like old sheets or old clothing. Thank you very much. Please call or text Sarah on 0414228563.

Book Week Parade

Book Week Parade


Class 3 Bartering & Trading

As part of Class Three’s current Money Main Lesson, the classroom has transformed into a thriving Market Place! We spent last week discovering the highs and lows of bartering and trading, and this week we are discovering how money has evolved to make the job much easier!

Bethanie & Teera

bartering and trading

Poetry by Class 3

Class Three have written some spectacular poems as part of their recent Main Lesson ‘The Wonder and Wisdom of Words’.  I wish I could share them all with you!  Here are just a few:


Magnificent and

Oh so high, touching the stars

Until it stops at a pinpoint, so close to the moon glowing in the

Night, I stare at it as

The water ripples like

A million pearls shining brighter than the brightest flame.

I watch in awe as the icy glaciers shimmer.

Nature’s story unfolds from great heights

By Rory



Mischievously swinging upon moist vines

On the tree tops

Noisily chattering amongst themselves

Keeping very loud

Eager to eat some fruits

Yawning tiredly as the orange sun sets

By Caelan



Moving across the sky

On a silver river

On a golden lake

Now time to curl up small in your bed

By Zane


River’s Limerick

There once was a small skinny rat

Who wanted to be very fat

So he stole some cheese

And didn’t say please

Then he got eaten by a cat!


Kaden’s Limerick

There once was a man from Glee

Who wanted to kiss a wee flea

He puckered his lips

Then swallowed some pips

And ended up kissing a bee!

Class 6 Camp

Class 6 had a wonderful adventure on their class camp last week.  They walked many kilometres, over 4-5 days, on the Yuraygir Coastal Walk (Yuraygir National Park).  The class were joined by their teacher, Maree,  support teacher, Anna, outdoor education expert, Stuart, and parent helpers, Sandi & Rachel.

Maree said that the children found joy in each day. The coastal walk was very beautiful and the children loved finding spectacular shell and rock treasures along the beach as well as spotting whales from the headlands.

The class were well supported by parent helpers, Sandi and Rachel. The food on camp was nourishing, plentiful and so delicious. On the last day, Nicole drove down to meet the class to help with the pack up and drive out of Station Creek, which was enormously helpful.

The group returned at the end of the week tired and very happy!

Class 6 Camp Yuraygir NP pic 1



Canteen Roster

Helping at the canteen is a wonderful way of not only getting to know the school community a little bit more, but also in claiming RC&M hours, and receiving a free delicious lunch for your child/ren. Hours are between 9.30am – 2.30pm. To put your name down on the roster, please contact Amanda at amandaeade55@gmail.com or 0411 837 699.

Term 3

Canteen Roster 25_8_16

Questacon Smartskills Tour

Questacon came to visit this week from Canberra. Students where asked to build Rube Goldberg machines to achieve a simple task in a creative way. They had to use all of the simple machines, levers, pulley, inclined planes to complete a challenge like kick a ball in a cup or drop the rubbish in the bin. Sounds simple but turns out it is quite a challenge, but that is what our students love.  All our students were fantastic.

Thank you Questacon!
James Hagger


Year 11 Visual Arts

Year 11 Visual Arts have been busy over the last few months studying street art. Just recently they completed a large mural appropriating the artworks from the Australian artist John Coburn, that has been hung near the Hall. A big thank you to Bunnings for supplying us with the paints. The students have also been pasting up their own artworks around the year 8 and 10 rooms, inspired by New York street artists. Last week they traveled up to the Queensland Art Gallery to view the works of Cindy Sherman and the year 12 art excellence awards. They have also just recently participated in a natural fibers weaving workshop run by Anaheke.

Year 11 Visual Arts

Request for wool, lace, felt, & feathers!

Donations wanted of wool, lace, scrap material, felt, feathers and any material that can be used for weaving for Year 11 Spring Fair sculpture.  Please deliver to the Reception or the high school art room.  Thank you in advance.

Claire ~HS art teacher

Inner Work Path course with Lisa Romero

Lisa Romero will be running an Inner Work Path course over the October long weekend.  Please click on the link below to view further information:

Download Flyer

Orientation Seminar for Anthroposophical teacher training

If you have an interest in pursuing Anthroposophical teacher training, an upcoming Orientation Seminar is coming up which introduces a teacher training program.

Download Inspiring Teacher Education Flyer

Download Teacher Training Seminars Timetable