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Questacon Smartskills Tour

Questacon came to visit this week from Canberra. Students where asked to build Rube Goldberg machines to achieve a simple task in a creative way. They had to use all of the simple machines, levers, pulley, inclined planes to complete a challenge like kick a ball in a cup or drop the rubbish in the bin. Sounds simple but turns out it is quite a challenge, but that is what our students love.  All our students were fantastic.

Thank you Questacon!
James Hagger


Year 11 Visual Arts

Year 11 Visual Arts have been busy over the last few months studying street art. Just recently they completed a large mural appropriating the artworks from the Australian artist John Coburn, that has been hung near the Hall. A big thank you to Bunnings for supplying us with the paints. The students have also been pasting up their own artworks around the year 8 and 10 rooms, inspired by New York street artists. Last week they traveled up to the Queensland Art Gallery to view the works of Cindy Sherman and the year 12 art excellence awards. They have also just recently participated in a natural fibers weaving workshop run by Anaheke.

Year 11 Visual Arts

Request for wool, lace, felt, & feathers!

Donations wanted of wool, lace, scrap material, felt, feathers and any material that can be used for weaving for Year 11 Spring Fair sculpture.  Please deliver to the Reception or the high school art room.  Thank you in advance.

Claire ~HS art teacher

Inner Work Path course with Lisa Romero

Lisa Romero will be running an Inner Work Path course over the October long weekend.  Please click on the link below to view further information:

Download Flyer

Orientation Seminar for Anthroposophical teacher training

If you have an interest in pursuing Anthroposophical teacher training, an upcoming Orientation Seminar is coming up which introduces a teacher training program.

Download Inspiring Teacher Education Flyer

Download Teacher Training Seminars Timetable

From The Principal

Hello everyone,

The term is off to a good start with many really exciting learning activities happening all over the school. The Kindergarten Teachers report that the children have all come back from their three week break having really made a big leap in growth and development. In both the Primary School and the High School, students have enjoyed a trip to the Byron Writers’ Festival as well as competing in the regional Netball Carnival. Recently I hosted morning tea for our wonderful Year 12 students. They are now in their final term at school and all working hard towards the completion of their HSC.

Thank you to the parents who came out to our ‘Parent Engagement’ meeting in week one. I know it isn’t always easy to organise home life to come out on a cold, winter night so I truly appreciate the effort so many parents made. The night began with a presentation of our School Master Plan by Michael Leung. The future plans for our school site and buildings are so exciting and will ensure we can provide the best possible environment for our students and staff.

After the presentation of the Master Plan, we moved into a series of ‘World Cafe’ type discussions with parents moving from table to table to talk about a whole range of issues in relation to parent engagement in learning and the school. The discussions were animated, interesting and provided wonderful insights and ideas. Over the coming months, we will work with the information provided to support stronger partnerships, communication and engagement across our school community.

I understand some parents would have liked to have attended, but were simply unable to do so on the night. With this in mind, we will be presenting two of the questions asked in each of the next few bulletins and providing the opportunity for members of the school community to send in their ideas and thoughts. I would really love to hear from you if you would like to contribute on any of the questions (particularly if you were unable to attend on the night).

I mentioned our visit to the Byron Writers’ Festival a little earlier, I would like to finish by congratulating the amazing High School students who took on the task of being MCs at the event.  They researched the authors carefully and spoke intelligently, engagingly and authoritatively in introducing the authors to the audience.  I have received feedback that the authors were incredibly impressed and touched by the introductions.  Congratulations to the students involved and thank you for so beautifully representing our school. Please see Katie’s report a little further on in the bulletin for additional information.



New Enrolments!

This term, we would like to warmly welcome the following families to the school:

  • The Hart family with Brianna in Cl 5 and Avryl in Yr 9
  • The Genis and Tait family with Bodhi in Yr 9
  • The Leigh family with Honey in Yr 9
  • The Miles family with Phire in Yr 8 and Chilli in Yr 9
  • The Whitling family with Serene in Yr 9
  • The Dodd family with Jack in Cl 5
  • The Brooke family with Kale in Cl 4
  • The McKenzie and Lamont family with Mischa in Cl 2 and Dexter in Cl 3

We welcome you to our school community and hope you and your family find your time with us enriching and enjoyable.

Parent Engagement

Following on from our recent parent engagement evening, we will be including two of the discussion questions from the event in each Bulletin. If you were unable to attend on the night (or if you did attend and have further ideas to add), please feel free to send in any of your thoughts, ideas or comments. All ideas are welcome. The general feeling of the evening was positive, constructive and collaborative and any ideas or suggestions you have would add to the terrific information we have already collected. Please email your thoughts and ideas to principal@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au .

1. How could we support parents to find out more about the ethos/philosophy of the school?

2. What does good quality communication between parents and the school look like in our school setting? How can we do this better?

The Bulletin on a Sunday?

Following on from discussion at the Parent Engagement evening, we received feedback that some parents find they lose the Bulletin in the rush of their weekly news feed. From the next bulletin we will be trialling sending the Bulletin out on a Sunday morning, hopefully a slightly quieter time when members of our school community have a little more time to read it. Please let us know how this works for you.


Did you know?

The school has two main noticeboards on site. The noticeboard located at the lower car park entrance has information about the school. In the coming weeks we will be adding an Upcoming School Events section to this noticeboard and it will be updated regularly. The noticeboard located at the Administration Office has information about upcoming events in the community and community service notices.

Important ~ Change of dress code for K-12

Please note that there has been an important change to our dress code. All students with hair which is shoulder length or longer MUST have their hair tied back in a plait or a bun whilst on camps and excursions. This change has been made to improve safety for our students. We will carry extra hair ties in our first aid kits, but ask your assistance to support this change from home.

Student Absences

It is a legal requirement that school-aged children must attend school. If your child is going to be away from school for more than three days, you will need to submit an application for exemption to attendance. The government allows Principals to grant exemption under very specific circumstances. If you know your child is going to be absent for more than 3 days, please contact Reception for a form and return the form prior to the absence.

We ask that families do not take holidays during term time. Students can miss really important learning and experiences. This also places additional pressure on the teachers to try to help the students to catch up. It is unfair to ask teachers to provide additional work for students to take away with them on holiday to term time and teachers are not able to do this for unapproved absences. By planning holidays so that they occur in the term breaks, you are supporting your child’s learning and also supporting the teacher in their work.

CBRSS High School students at Writers Fest

Writers Festival

Our school was invited this year to have student MCs to introduce the writers speaking on the student day of the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

Our MCs performed so beautifully and all the staff were very proud of the way they shone for our school.

All the introductory speeches were carefully crafted and were respectful, knowledgeable and entertaining. One writer even suggested that the introduction by Mackenzie and Willow from Year 10 was so good that they should be the ones being interviewed!

Congratulations to you wonderful MCs – Bella Walz, Mackenzie Stephan, Willow Cuthbert-Howard, Lily Harrison and Jasmine Walcott.

Overall our students were excellent in the audience. They were highly entertained by such writers as John Marsden, Bob Brown, Osama Sami and Tara June Winch among others. Despite the wind and rain, the day was inspiring.

Katie Biggin

Deputy Principal.

Visit the Parent Lounge to pay your fees!

Many, in the school community, are getting used to visiting the Parent Lounge, on our website, to view information about upcoming camps and excursions, and to give their permission for their child to attend.

You can now pay your school fees through the Parent Lounge too!  Please follow the steps below if you are keen to try:

  1. Go to our website:  www.http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au
  2. Click on Quick Links and you will see the Parent Lounge in the drop down box.
  3. Click on Parent Lounge.
  4. Enter your username (which is your 5-digit parent code) and password.
  5. Click on Make a payment (see example image below)
  6. School fees account ~ It shows your current balance, but you can edit it and choose how much you want to pay.
  7. Proceed to payment.

Parent Lounge

Please note:

If you are paying through the parent portal, you will notice you are given the opportunity to donate to our Building Fund.  This is absolutely optional, however if you wish to make a donation, you will be contributing to the development of projects as per the school’s Master Plan.  We hope to begin the first stage of this with the construction of a new Science/Maths building next year.  All donations are tax deductable.

The Next RCM Day ~ Saturday 20 August




We have listened to your requests at the recent World Café on Parent Participation.

Our first step in improving the RCM day is to concentrate on only 2 areas, so people are able to work close together in groups.

So we are working on Beautification of School Entrance around bottom car park entry areas. The second area will be Beautification around Administration Area.

This work will also feed into preparing our site as a showcase for all the new visitors at this years Spring Fair.

Of course you can still do work around your classroom as well.

Last time people really enjoyed having a lunch prepared by Craig at the canteen so we will continue with that as well.

Also to manage safety of children onsite we will, in the future, have a supervised gardening program for all students attending. We will incorporate other ideas as time goes along including online info etc.

So lets have a record turn out, come along and encourage other parents to come and lets have a wonderful time together.

A suggestion was to also come up with a new name for the day. So any suggestions please email to Gavin – site@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

Site Manager

Gavin Colley