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Anthroposophy Course in Sydney ~ for parents & teachers


A short course in Anthroposophy for parents and teachers wishing to understand what lies behind the Steiner/Waldorf school curriculum.

This course, over two weekends, explores Rudolf Steiner’s understanding of the human being, called “Anthroposophy.”

It explores Steiner’s ideas of the human capacities of thinking, feeling, willing as they are expressed through body, soul and spirit. We will explore how anthroposophy has shaped other major initiatives such as education, biodynamic agriculture, medicine, the arts, and architecture.

During this short course you will learn about Rudolf Steiner and the times in which he lived. You will gain a greater understanding of the development of anthroposophy. This course is ideal for anyone who is seeking an introduction to the life and work of one of the inspirational thinkers of the 20th century.

Tutor: Lisa Devine
Dates: February 20/21 and March 12/13
Venue: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, 307 Sussex St, Sydney.
Times: 9.30am – 3.30pm Sat, 9.30am – 1pm Sun.
Fees: $230 each weekend

To enrol:
Visit our website: www.sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com
Go to Enrolments/Arts and Knowledge courses/ AN2016 Anthroposophy: an introduction with Lisa Devine.
Fill in the fields and pay by Direct Deposit or Cheque.

Enquiries: (02) 9261 4001, admin@sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com

Canteen Roster


  • Please no dogs allowed on school grounds.
  • Please drop your children off in the bottom carpark only.  No drop offs in the top carpark, it is too dangerous.

From the Principal

Last week was a lovely week of welcomes.

We welcome back our students and families from the summer holiday break. I am sure every student grew at least 5 cm over the break! It was great to see new students coming to join classes across the school. It is always wonderful to welcome new families to our school community.

On Monday I watched as our lovely new Class One teacher, Prue, welcomed her new students, receiving a rose from each and guiding them into their classroom to begin their journeys together. It was wonderful to spend some time together with the Class One parents in a morning tea after the ceremony.

On Tuesday it was the turn of the Kindergarten Teachers to welcome their new little charges into the school. For some parents, it was an emotional farewell as their first child began the school journey and for others the day marked the beginning of some child-free time at home as their youngest child joined the kindergarten.

This week we also welcomed back some students who have been away from the school for a little while and have now returned. It’s great to see those familiar faces back with us again.

In the Administration Office, we also welcomed some new faces. Georgi was initially joining us in the Reception role, however she willingly stepped in to the Principal Assistant role, and is doing a great job of replacing Jacquie who will be away for approximately 6 months. Felicity has joined us in the Reception role for this period and is already a welcoming and helpful presence at the front desk.

It has been great to welcome all of our amazing staff back, the holiday break is such an important opportunity to rest and re-charge and, whilst our students returned last week, many teachers have been busy with planning for the year from the middle of January. This year we have welcomed three new teachers to our staff; Prue in Class One, Eva teaching Drama and English in the High School and Jess teaching History and Careers.

At our first College meeting for the year, the new College Chair was elected. This year we will be working with a team of teachers in the “Chair” position – congratulations and welcome to the position to Rosina, Rachel K and Malcolm. I would like to thank Maree for the wonderful job she has done as Chair of the College of Teachers last year. Our College holds and nurtures the spiritual heart of the school and I thank Maree for the work she has done in leading this important part of the school.

Over the break, we also welcomed some new additions to our site. We have a new (temporary) classroom in the High School, with “Lemon Myrtle” room having been brought in and placed next to Lily PIlly room. Gavin has some amazing video footage of the building being lifted high in the air, over the trees, and put into place. We will try to upload a link to the footage to our School website. The new classroom is a temporary addition until we are able to build some more permanent classrooms. In this regard, the Master Planning process is continuing and we will have further information for our school community about this later this term. The other major building work over the holiday break was an addition to our Library, which will allow us to bring the book collections currency housed in the ICT office out into the library space, giving our ICT crew a little more room to work.

Finally, you may have noticed our new noticeboards on site. The large notice-board down at the carpark entrance to the school contains school notices. You will find copies of the bulletin, advertisements for school events and other key school documents on this noticeboard. We have another new noticeboard up at the Administration Office. This notice board is for appropriate notices from our school and local community. Please see Felicity in the office if you wish to place a notice on our community noticeboard.


Reminder about Dress Code

By enrolling your child at Cape Byron you have agreed to abide by the school’s dress code, as described below, and your continued support in this area will be much appreciated.


  • Please dress your child warmly during Autumn and Winter and provide spare clothes in rainy weather.
  • Plain coloured clothing made of natural fibres is recommended. For the Primary School black clothes are considered unsuitable because we understand beautiful colours help to enrich the child’s soul life and colour experience.
  • Clothing should promote freedom of movement, but not promote gender stereotypical behaviour. Bike pants or shorts under skirts allow modest freedom movement.
  • Clothing should cover shoulders and midriffs. In hot weather singlets are acceptable but an over shirt which covers the shoulders is required for outside play.
  • Clothing with printed images, messages or slogans are not acceptable. Children may be asked to turn their T-shirt inside out if it is considered to be unsuitable for school.
  • Clothing should be clean and tidy.
  • Clothing is the best form of sun protection.

Strong, supportive flat soled shoes in Winter and Autumn and shoes or sandals in Summer and Spring are suitable for school. Thongs and Ugg boots are not acceptable for school. ‘Fashion’ shoes are not suitable and in fact endanger arches, ankles and knees. Shoes need to be suitable for playing sport and for nature walks. Inadequate or built up shoes limit the capacity of the child to engage in everyday activities, so please ensure your child has suitable shoes for school and socks in the cooler months (Terms 2 and 3).

Soft indoor slippers are used by all children K-6. They are used for Eurythmy classes once a week throughout the year. Teachers also require slippers to be worn for all or part of the day while the children are in the classrooms. The reasons for this are:

  • To keep the children’s feet warm in the cooler weather.
  • To allow the children to move their feet more freely and easily while participating in indoor movement activities.
  • To promote a separation between inside and outside, where children change footwear and prepare to move inside for different activities.
  • To help cultivate an attitude of respect for a calm, peaceful indoor learning environment.
  • To help maintain a clean floor space in the classroom.

Suitable slippers can be purchased locally, contact details for sale points are available from the office.

Clothes for Special Events
Occasionally your child will need special clothes for school for sports days, performances or festivals. Your child’s Class Teacher will inform you of this in advance.

Every child needs a broad brimmed hat which shades the ears and nose while at school. Caps and sunshades are not acceptable. The children are expected to wear hats whenever they leave the shade of their class veranda. Children who forget to bring their hat must remain on their class veranda or in their classrooms during the breaks.

Anthroposophical medical advice supports the view that hats should be worn all year round in Australia even during those cloudy winter days. Protection from the sun’s harmful rays ensures that the child’s immune system is not damaged.

Hair and nails
Hair is to be kept clean. Long hair (below shoulders) needs to be kept tied back as do long fringes. Nails are to be kept clean and trimmed short.

Outstanding HSC Results 2015!

We congratulate our 2015 graduating class for achieving outstanding results in the 2015 HSC!

There has been a notable strengthening of results across every subject.  In a cohort of 24 students, there were 19 Band 6 results (over 90) and 49 Band 5 (over 80) results. Students achieved extremely strong results in Music, Drama, Extension English 1 and 2 and French.

Our vision is “to enable each individual to realise their potential to be self aware, resourceful and resilient with the empathy, skills and initiative to make a positive contribution to the world.”  It is wonderful to see that our students are able to step out into the world to make a positive contribution.  Some of the post-school destinations for our 2015 graduating class include:

  • Bachelor of Arts/Letters at Melbourne University – combined degree. This student also gained a full scholarship to Ormond College for her residential costs.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science at Griffith, the first year course for a medicine degree.
  • One student received a scholarship to Monash to study Law.
  • Aviation at RMIT to become a pilot.
  • Bachelor of Arts and Curatorial Studies at Monash.
  • Double degree at ACU in Paramedics and Nursing.
  • Marketing at Swinburne University for Marketing.

Many other students received offers for university places and those who did not want to study further have taken up a range of opportunities all around the world.

Congratulations to the School Canteen!

Canteen Gets 5 Star Rating!

Our canteen was inspected by local health inspectors this week as part of a program of random spot-inspections.  Our canteen was given a 5 star rating by the inspectors.  We are very proud of our wonderful canteen crew.  Under Craig’s guidance, they provide delicious and healthy food for students and staff and work well within the food handling guidelines.  Congratulations Craig and Crew!

Regarding the Canteen Roster:

Once again our school canteen is  busy preparing delicious meals for our children on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Prepared with love and goodness, it does rely on parent help and support.  If volunteering at the canteen is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance, well here’s your opportunity. The roster has plenty of free spaces waiting to be filled (see available days below).

It’s also a fun way to claim those RC&M hours, meet the school community while your children receive a free lunch. With no experience necessary, please contact Amanda Eade on amandaeade55@gmail.com or text 0411837699.

 Feb 17  March 1  April 5
 Feb 18  March 3  April 7
 Feb 17  March 8
 Feb 23  March 10
 Feb 25  March 15
 March 16
 March 17
 March 22
 March 24
 March 29
 March 30
 March 31


From the P&F

Welcome Back Everyone!

  • P&F would like give a HUGE THANK-YOU to the following parents who helped spruce up Silky Oak Cottage (our Parents’ Space) last week. Julia, Kris & Shanti Budden-Lemanis, Tiffany Gee, Adrian Nelson, (and Lisa and Tanja)
  • Silky Oak Cottage is open for parents to use Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30 – 11am. Free Tea and Coffee facilities, enclosed outdoor play area and seating – a place to meet, socialise and connect with your community. No bookings required, check the notice board for availability.
  • P&F (Parents and Friends Association) first meeting of the year is Monday 15th February with the AGM in March. Everyone is welcome – details next week.
  • P&F is looking for someone to join the team as Treasurer – duties include liaising with school, the P&F bookkeeper (Bettina Hartman) and school community. Please contact either Tanja or Lisa at pandf.sec@gmail.com for more details.
  • P&F would like to thank again Sandi Valerio for all the amazing work she has done running the craft group for the past few years – the children, families and school are richer for her creative endeavours.
  • If sewing is in your soul maybe you would like to join or even run our weekly craft group? This is a beautiful and enriching component of our school which welcomes all crafters or would-be crafters alike. No previous skills are necessary to join in and young children are always welcome. For more details, contact Tanja or Lisa at pandf.sec@gmail.com

Warm regards
Tanja and Lisa
P&F Executives

Painting 4Painting 1

Class 6 Koala Report

Class 6 are doing a study on koalas this term.  Each student will contribute with a report about koalas in each Bulletin this term.  This first report is by Katie ~



Parents & students, please be aware of our local koala community.  Our koalas travel at dawn and dusk, this includes crossing the roads of our school property.  So drive carefully as you come to school in the mornings, because koalas may be crossing our roads at this time.


By Katie, Class 6.

A Message from Francoise

Bonjour Chers Parents!

Our school has been given a grant by the AIS to encourage parental support for the learning of French.  This introductory course aims to expose parents to methods through which language is taught.  By extension it is expected that parents will provide modelling to their children thus making language learning a valued endeavour.

I am available on both Tuesday and Friday mornings.  I am thinking of having one lesson per week for 8 weeks over 2 terms (Terms 1 & 2) for a duration of 1 hour and a half, let’s say from 9:15 to 10;45am.  Let me know, as quickly as possible, the day that would suit you so that we can begin our first lesson in Week 3.  To start this program, I would need to have a group of at least 10 people.

Merci Beaucoup!

Discussion Meditation Group

On Tuesday evenings we meet in the Silky Oak room (P&F room) at 6pm until 7.30pm to discuss the works of Rudolf Steiner. This year we will begin with Meditation & then lead into our discussion.

Our meditation for term 1 will be the Rose cross meditation.

For the next 2 weeks we will do some individual lectures as follows:

16/2/16 – Facing Karma
23/2/2016 – Overcoming nervousness

After this we will begin our first big text for the year – An Outline of Occult Science.

Everybody is warmly invited to join us, if you are interested please contact Yvette in Enrolments to register and get a copy of the text, you can do this in person at the office, via phone: 6639 9302 or email: enrolments@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au.

Adult Eurythmy is back!

Renelle will again run Eurythmy classes on Wednesday mornings in the Movement Space.

Where:  Movement Space
When:  Wednesday mornings (starting Week 3, 17 April)
Time: 7:45-8:30am ~ Teachers ($10 pp)
Time: 9:15-10:30am ~ Parents ($15 pp)

Request from Lisa Larkins

Does anyone have an exercise bike or walking frame that Lisa Larkin can borrow for 6 weeks?  If you can help, please contact Reception as soon as possible on 66399300.  It would be greatly appreciated.

Painting & Drawing for teachers and parents


There will be an after school lesson every second Thursday afternoon in Weeks 4, 6, 8, & 10 for teachers & parents, starting in Week 4, Thursday 25 February.  Limited numbers (10)

Date:  Week 4, Thursday 25 February, then every fortnight until the end of term.
Time:  3:30-4:30pm
Where:  Class 6 classroom
Cost:  $60 for 4 weeks (to be paid in Week 4)

If interested, please leave name at front office ASAP

Suffolk Park FC ~ 2016 Soccer Sign On


Be a part of your local club! Inviting kids of all ages and skill levels to join the Suffolk Park Football Club.
If interested, call Ali on 0402 742 242 or go to Facebook: SuffolkParkFC

Byron Bay Junior Basketball ~ Summer 2016


We are a not for profit sporting association.  Contact us if you interested in your children playing basketball:


  • MINIBALL (8-12yr olds) Tuesdays 4-5pm @ Cavanbah Sports Centre starts Tuesday 9/2/16
  • AUSSIE HOOPS ( 5-8yr olds) Thursdays 3.30 – 4.15pm @ Byron Bay Public School (Term 1) starts 11/2/16

For more information www.byronbasketball.com or ph; 66872246 a/hrs
e-mail: info@byronbasketball.com

Biodynamic Gardening Workshop in Brisbane

Understanding Biodynamics – A two-day workshop in Brisbane in March, 2016.  Free camping available.  Run by Peter Kearney, experienced biodynamic grower and long time parent of Samford Valley Steiner School.  Workshop information here:  http://cityfoodgrowers.com.au/calendar.php or phone 0401156532.

Cello for Sale

1/2 Size Arco Cello $495
The Cello is in great condition and has been much loved. Only sold due to having upsized to a full sized cello. It comes with semi hard case. The case is functional though has a fair amount of wear and tear. The cello is priced based on advice from Animato.
Call Lindy: 0421 888 364

Cello for sale

Cello for sale 2

Tennis with Dennis!

Tennis with Dennis has had a bit of a clash with HSC PDHPE afternoon classes on Thursdays. So unfortunately Tennis with Dennis will be suspended until Term 3.  Please contact Dennis if you wish to join his classes at the Bangalow Tennis Club.  Apologies to all parents if these changes have messed up your plans and thank you for all your support over an uninterrupted five years!  Don’t you just love the surprises tennis hits to you!

Family Daycare ~ Elke Kuhlmann

Hello, it’s me ~ Family Day-carer Elke!  I have been one of the first Cape Byron Steiner School parents and I live a healthy/happy life-style with over 20 years experience as a regular Family Day-carer.  I have Certificate 3 in Early Childhood.   At present, I have only one available spot ~ on Thursdays.  I have established a waiting-list for my Wed/Thu/Fri group, which opens 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.  I offer private daycare for all of those parents who no longer receive CCB/CCR fee support (due to the new immunization law), and instead of charging them full-fees I charge them a more affordable $65.00 per day per child.  Five children under 5 years of age form a group.  Please come and visit my beautiful Family Daycare in Myocum.  Contact:  elke.daycare@gmail.com  (sms 0458179026)