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Class 6 Camp


The Giant Swing was one of the best activities possible. You were pulled by a team of human huskies up and up into the sky. When you were ready, you let go of the rope and you dropped, dropped, then flung upwards into the air until you swung to a stop.

By Amit


I think we would all agree when I say that the hiking was the hardest part, but everyone enjoyed it anyway. Also challenging was starting the fire and maintaining it with enough wood. When we tried to sleep, it took awhile as it was cold and some felt lonely. I think everyone was scared by the activities a little. I think everyone would agree when I say that the abseiling was the most challenging of all the activities because of the trust required to walk off a cliff with nothing stopping you from falling except a little rope.

By Raman


On Wednesday evening when the sun was setting over the horizon half of our class prepared themselves for their ride on the Giant Swing.
As the full moon rose up into the sky, our first flier began her ascent. Strapped in by two harnesses attaching her to the swing, our class pull her into the air.
Three quarters of the way up, Desiree commanded the huskies (classmates) to stop. The instructor told the husky team pulling her to brace, then she let the rope go and plummeted into nothingness.
The ropes caught Desiree and the momentum swung her out over the cliff as the moon rose higher and higher into the evening sky.
Desiree smiled as the wind whipped her hair around her face, turning her cheeks a rosy red.

By Desiree and Brianna


I think that we all learnt something about ourselves on camp. I learnt that I’m stronger than I think and I can get over my fears. My friend Kiana learnt that she needs to listen to the safety instructions the first time! Gabe learnt how to abseil and Naina confirmed that she has the best class in the world and that she loves us all a lot.

By Eva


I learnt that I am stronger than I think and I need to stop being vague when we are learning about safety. I also learnt that I uncontrollably sleep talk, even when I try not to! And, I cannot cook porridge!

By Kiana


During our stay at Camp Kokoda we did the following activities; flying fox, canoeing, giant swing, abseiling and the sugar glider. My favourite activity was the giant swing. The class was put into five groups to help decide who was cooking, for example group one would cook and group two would clean up and the next meal group three cooked and group four cleaned up. I didn’t like walking between each campsite with our heavy backpacks. If I could rate my stay at Camp Kokoda I would give it a 8 1/2 out of 10.

By Roman


In the morning we woke up very early and lit our fire with left over coals from the night before. Later we would go and watch the stunningly majestic sunrise over the horizon while another group made breakfast. After breakfast we would pack our backpacks, clean the camp site and pack down our tents before walking back to base camp. There we would adjust what we had in our pack depending on how hard the hike was to come. Once we packed our bags we would have lunch and walk to the next camp. Upon arrival we pitched our tents and would do an activity. Our first activity was the flying fox; we were harnessed to a wire and were thrown off a platform in a tree – then we flew along the wire till we reached the tree on the other side . Our second activity was the big swing. We were pulled by nine people, huskies, and they pulled you into the air as high as you liked. Once up there you let go of a rope and fell towards the ground swinging and flying above a cliff before swinging back. The third activity we did was abseiling where we walked harnessed down a cliff.

By Gabe, Jack and Arlo


On camp we did lots of fun things including lots of challenging subjects; such as hiking up steep hills, carrying heavy backpacks and doing some very challenging activities. Each day we would hike up different hills to get to a different campsite where we set up our tents, cooked food and did activities. We hiked with backpacks in which we carried spare clothing, utensils, sleeping bags and mats. On our camp we also did some very challenged ourselves by abseiling, swinging on a giant swing and the flying fox, but we all loved them!

By Tobsha


I could not go on camp, instead I went to Sydney. On the first day my nan picked us up from the airport and took us to Mr Wentworth’s house. He was one of the men that found a way through the Blue Mountains. Mr Wentworth was not respected at that time as his wife’s family were all convicts and because the Wentworth’s had their first children before they were married. On the second day we stayed at home. On the third day we went back into Sydney and went to Government House for a tour. We realised that the house had lots of treasures and that the government still lived upstairs, but they had renovated it and it was now a luxury apartment. At 6pm Vivid started. My favourite two light shows were the Aboriginal dancing and the arts of dancing colours and shapes.

By Tallulah

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From the Principal

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot of activity around our school community over the last two weeks. We have had many students out on camps, excursions and sporting events with more planned in the coming weeks. It is important that our students have opportunities to interact with students from other schools, particularly as they get a little bit older. We always get such wonderful feedback about the way our students conduct themselves and our students tell us that they really enjoy these opportunities.

Last weekend was a very busy weekend in the school, beginning with the wonderful bush dance on Friday night. The hall was beautifully decorated, the band played energetically, the food was delicious and everyone enjoyed a wonderful social evening. I particularly enjoyed joining some of our younger students in a lively progressive dance. Congratulations to the Class 5 parents for organising such a terrific event for our school community.

On Saturday we had a RCM morning, with a lot of wonderful work being done to care for our school (with a focus on the Kindergarten this time). The parent workers joined with some of our staff (who were attending a first aid course at the school) for a delicious lunch. These RCM days are a very good way of adding some extra love and care to our school facilities as well as being a great opportunity to socialise and build our school community. Thank you to the parents who came along to help and thank you to Evan for organising and holding the event so well.

Finally, many of you may have already come into contact with Margaret, our new Receptionist. Margaret brings a wealth of experience and a warm and friendly presence at the front office. I am sure you will join me in welcoming Margaret to our school community.


Term Dates 2018

Our Term Dates for 2018 are as follows:

Term One
Tuesday 30th Jan – Friday 13th April
* Note that Easter is 30th March – 2 April

Term Two
Tuesday 1st May – Friday 6th July

Term Three
Tuesday 31st July – Friday 28th September

Term Four
Tuesday 16th October – Friday 14th December


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George the Snakeman

Our friendly local Snakeman was here this week to help with the removal of one of our red bellied friends. Rest assured he will be re-located and released in to a safe and suitable new environment. George the Snakeman has been caring for our slithery friends locally since 1996. Contact details are available on our Community noticeboard

Thanks Snake man!

RCM day

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the RCM day on Saturday, the Kinder is even more beautiful from all your hard work. A big thanks to Craig for providing a yummy lunch and to Evan for leading the charge, it’s such a great way to connect with and support this wonderful School Community that we are so lucky to be a part of.

Stay tuned for details on the next one!

Winter Festival 2017 Cl 3-12

Preparations are under way for the Winter Festival on Wednesday June 21. Students across the school have been making lanterns with great enthusiasm, expertly assisted by lightenUp inc. It will be a truly special and beautiful festival so make sure you save the date!

CBRSS Naidoc week 2017

Bush dance 2017

I go to the bush dance every year. When the music starts it just carries you away and then there’s the games and line dances! In the breaks there’s cheap food that the parents make and the country vibes are great, I love the bush dance.
Jarrah Cl 6
A fun, crazy dance with friends. It’s all dancing, hanging out, fun, having a good time and meeting new people. It’s a great event. Maybe we will see you there next year.
Eva Cl 6
A crazy wonderful experience of dancing, music and fund. The bush dance is enjoyable for any and every age group. Every minute of this special night is filled with different activities and heaps of dancing. There is also a large variety of different, yummy foods (savoury and sweet). I highly recommend this amazing event.
Desiree Cl 6

News from Kindy

Down in Kindergarten we’ve been:
Enjoying the Autumn rains

Making rainbows

Making jam



And Sailing the high seas!

Elizabeth Williams

Class 4 Camp

Midginbil Hill – By Yonatan, Kaden, Rory, Bella and Ayla
We went on camp to Midginbil Hill last week. Our guides were Thomas and John. Thomas was really funny and John was smart and helpful. The cooks were Craig and Emma. The helpers were Peter, Jason and Mikey. We did pioneering, canoeing, archery, By The Creek, problem solving, eco walk, night walk, initiative games and Indiana Jones bridge. Some people fed the chickens and saw the owner of Midgnbil Hill’s dog.

Canoeing – By Nina
When class 4 went on camp at Midginbill Hill we did lots of activities. One of them was canoeing. In canoeing we had groups of 2 or 3 and each group shared their own canoe. While we canoed, we played ‘Sponge Tiggy’ and a few times we rafted up (which means when you join the canoes together to make a raft). It was lots of fun.

Archery – By Wil and Zane
We did archery with re-curve bows The targets had 5 colours – white, black, blue, red and yellow. Thomas, our guide, tied a balloon to the middle of the yellow bullseye. The aim was to try and shoot it. Bethanie shot the balloon on her first try. Lots of people thought it would be easy but it turned out to be quite hard.

By The Creek – By Marlon and River
We (Class 4) went on a camp to Midginbil Hill. We did lots of fun activities!! On of them was called ‘By The Creek’, where we went exploring in and around the creek. We started off with sieves and tubs. We used the sieves to catch sensitive water bugs, very sensitive water bugs, tolerant bugs and very tolerant bugs! Sensitive water bugs can only survive in clean non-polluted water. Tolerant water bugs can live in both habitats. We also found red, brown, orange and purple ochre. We found flat rocks, wet the surface and rubbed the ochre on to paint each other’s faces. We found crystals as well as the ochre and bugs. We found quarz, agate, jade, jasper, smoky quartz, rose quarz and obsidian!! WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!! (Highly recommended!)

Pioneering – By Bella and Ayla
We went on camp to Midginbill Hil! First of all we went over a creek then up a hill, down a little hill and then we got to a mud shack. Our guides were Thomas and John. John and Thomas talked about how others before us had made lots and lots of mud bricks. Some people got water and others hacked mud and made mud balls and got REALLY MUDDY!!! Then we went back up to the mud hut and mushed all the mud balls together to make a brick.

Northern New South Wales School Netball Cup

Our students excelled during this event with four of our teams qualifying to progress to the next round. One of our year 6 teams blitzed the field progressing without losing a match. As did our year 9 Boys team. “The Black Oysters”, who came in as strong favourites after winning last years State Championships. Our year 9 girls “ The Black Pearls”, held their own losing only one match for the day to finish on top of the ladder. Our year 7 and 8 Boys team were short a few players but managed to impress the organisers so much with their skill and ability to move the ball around that they were given a wild card entry into the next round.
The Northern NSW Schools Cup was held over two days at the Mullumbimby netball courts on Tuesday for the Primary School and Wednesday for the High School. There were over 300 students from various schools in the region competing at this event.

Our students showed great tenacity competing against some very strong teams to hold their own in all divisions. For many students this event was an introduction to the sport of netball and for others it was an extension of the sport they play every Saturday afternoon. All the students enjoyed the day and I would like to thank their coaches and assistants, who made the day such a success. Ryan Hamilton, Subhi Awad, Belle McPhee, Lizzie Gavahan, the year 9 assistants that helped manage coach and umpire the primary students, Monica Brandolini,, Ella Whitaker, Jett Grimster, Phoebe Campbell, Bimini Plesser, and Taj Birrell.

Last years State Champions “The Black Oysters” receiving a bit of rock star status from some of the other teams at the Schools Cup Gala Day at Mullumbimby netball courts.


Class 5 & 6



Important HS Parent talk – Peter Chown 8th June

Peter Chown is a local Psychologist who has extensive experience working with adolescents in the area, on Wednesday 7th June he will be talking to Yr 7 – 10 students. He will be discussing issues such as mental health, brain health & risks associated with social media.

Following on from this on Thursday 8th June we invite HS parents to meet and hear Peter Chown from 6.30pm-7.30pm in the Hall. We strongly encourage all HS parents to attend this very important and informative discussion.

Y7 Horse Riding Camp

Last week, Year 7 travelled eight hours west to Garrawilla Station, Bingara, near Inverell, for a Jackaroo Jillaroo experience. Students pitched their tents by the homestead and slept under a sky awash with the Milky Way. When Ric told us there were more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand of earth, we believed him; at night it felt like we were sleeping under each one. Our days were spent horse riding along the picturesque Gwydir river, cantering through knee deep creek crossings, then dropping our horse’s reins to let the them graze in green meadows while we sat under trees to eat lunch, chat and skip stones. It was a magical week and the children were magnificent company. We also tried our hand at archery, whip cracking, orienteering, sheep shearing and even sheep riding. We learnt a lot about ourselves and each other, how to ride a horse, use a compass and navigate by the stars, but most of all we had a lot of fun. It was a camp that lived up to its reputation; one to remember! Thanks to Ric and Paddy for such a fantastic experience and a wonderful start to high school camps.

Alix – Y7 Guardian

Y10 and 11 Creative Writing Workshop

Undeterred by a week of work experience and exams, thirty enthusiastic Year 10 and 11 students signed up for a unique opportunity to develop their creative writing skills with acclaimed local author (and CBRSS parent) Sarah Armstrong. On Monday 29 May, as part of a Byron Writer’s Centre initiative to promote creative writing by taking published authors into schools, we were lucky enough to have Sarah run StoryBoard, a three-hour workshop at school. The students discovered that Sarah is not only a talented writer who has had three novels published and been short-listed for the Miles Franklin Award, Australia’s premier literary award, but she is just as skilled at teaching the art of writing. Students were given direction and space to practise free writing, characterisation, plot structure and ways to maintain narrative tension through depiction of action. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful afternoon of invaluable insights you so generously shared with us.

– Katie, Ben, Alix

Year 10 Subject Forum

As part of our transition to Senior School, the Year 10 students experienced a Subject Forum where Year 11 and 12 students talked about the subjects they are studying and gave a student perceptive about why they chose and/or liked the subject.

All of our wonderful Year 11 and 12 leaders were involved in holding conversations with the Year 10 students on their particular subject tables. This is a yearly event and it runs a bit like a ‘speed dating’ set up where bells are rung and students move to another subject after 5 minutes of sharing by the Year 11 and 12 students.

The Year 10 students were very engaged and many came away with useful information that they will use, in combination with other school processes, to decide on their subjects for Years 11 and 12.

On Wednesday 7th June, from 4.45pm, the Year 10 parents and students are invited to a Year 11/12 Information Night where teachers present information about subjects and the details of our senior program are explained. Small groups tour the Visual Arts, Science, Music and Design and Technology rooms to hear teachers talk about their subjects. This is followed by a presentation in the Hall by other teachers who will talk passionately about their subjects and what is involved in the Year 11 and 12 years.

Katie Biggin

Year 10 Post Modern Art Main Lesson

Jackson Pollock – drip paintings
Damien Horst – spin paintings
Andy Goldsworthy-clay patterns
Organic Abstract Sculptures



The North Coast Sports Association Inter School Cross Country Event

This event was held on Thursday 18th May at Dennison Park in Ballina and involves all the Independent private schools from Tweed Heads to Coffs Harbour. A beautiful day at a picturesque spot set the scene for a magnificent day where over 45 students from our school competed against some of the biggest schools and best runners in the Northern Rivers Region. Unfortunately our year 10 students where on “work experience” and most could not participate in this event, but thanks to a great team effort by the rest of our students, Cape Byron Steiner School came a very impressive 5th place overall. In the primary school division we were able to take out 3rd place despite the fact we only send our year 5 and 6 students to compete in this event. This is a fantastic result!
Eight of our students earned an invitation to represent the NCIS at the CIS state championships at eastern Creek in Sydney on the 15th June and many were placed in the top 10 in their division. All ran with pride and exuberance. Both Lizzie Gavaghan and I were proud and impressed with the student’s performances and behaviour on the day. We both agreed that we would be happy to accompany this group of students to any function. Well done! The following students all received exceptional results in their divisions.

Briana Hart 2nd, Arlo Amos-Eakin 4th, Amit Sonnenfeld 7th, Leila Campbell 5th, Hannah Murray 6th, Yani Murray 4th, Tahlia Van Oostrum 4th, Harper Kelso 3rd, Omri Ben-Harush 3rd.

Steve Richards