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Year 8 Camp

In early June, Year 8 undertook their week-long camp in the Nightcap Ranges, From the Mountain to the Sea, in which students made their own way – hiking, biking, paddling – through the beautiful forests and waterways of our local area.

There were many standout moments during the week: the students spontaneously playing touch football at any given chance, ringed by the forest at Rummery Park; setting off on our two-day hike watching the colourful trail of backpacks and rain jackets bob along the path ahead; coming out of the mists of the forest and seeing glimpses of the far horizon through Bangalow Palm studded valleys; reaching the lookout over Uki one way and back to Byron the other and basking in warm afternoon sunshine – a welcome relief after the rain! – only to share the rocky outcrop with a mighty python (Ric reckons two adult hands would not have encompassed its belly); watching the students work in teams to cook each night and getting to sample their delicious meals; listening to them laugh and laugh, in particular while playing King of the Mountain; waking up to distant drumming in the valley on our last morning; quietly paddling down the Brunswick River in the afternoon light on Friday.

Of all the standout moments, none eclipsed the times when the students stepped up to meet the challenges of the camp and never more so than when they stepped up to support each other. This is a class who know how to offer support, sympathy and motivation, as much as they know how to monkey around and have fun! Our key words for the week were Resilience and Perseverance: finding the deeper capacities within ourselves to go further or do more than we thought ourselves capable of, and seeing each activity embarked upon through to its completion. Peter shared a story of a marathon runner whose mantra was “Can I give more?” and this summed up the spirit of the camp. We were especially lucky to have Ric take this camp, stepping in at the last minute to direct operations when Stuart’s wife gave birth to their third son two days before our departure date! Thank you Ric – this was a memorable camp we will all treasure, and an honour to complete with you as your last Year 8 camp.
Alix and Peter


Year 9 Modern Art Main Lesson

Students had fun creating a Picasso-type cubist portrait which means having more than one view within a portrait (full face and profile). They explored this using cardboard and collage, oil pastels and acrylic. Dennis 

LINDY LEE Artists’ Talk and Group Critique with Year 12 Visual Art Class

“Lindy Lee’s imparting words of wisdom left me with a feeling of ultimate peace and taught me that there is so much more to the processes that embody an artist’s practice that extend beyond the concept. Lee said that we have to have “the courage and the heart to pursue something” which resonated deeply with me in terms of my own artist’s practice.”

Mirani Astawa (Year 12 student)

Lindy Lee
By Lucy Stranger, September 26, 2017
“For Lindy Lee the recording and questioning of self has been a constant point of examination in her practice. As a Chinese-Australian artist, her work has been critical to visualising the experience of Chinese diaspora in a country that has historically whitewashed its multiculturalism. Anchoring her practice and dual identity is her Zen Buddhism, which has propelled her current engagement with the elemental through heat, metal and fire. Now mid-career, Lindy is taking this to epic proportions. In her latest work she is pushing concept and scale with the creation of some of her largest pieces yet. For an artist who has long been in dialogue with her dual transient identities, Lindy Lee is pushing past boundaries and forging her own mark as an international artist.”
For further reading about Lindy Lee visit: http://www.artistprofile.com.au/lindy-lee/

Extension English Sydney Trip

In late May a group of seven Extension English students travelled to Sydney for an HSC Study Day run by the English Teachers Association. Not wanting to let our trip to Sydney go by without covering all a city offers, we packed into our two brief days a trip to the NSW Art Gallery to see the Archibald and Wynne exhibitions, a play by Academy award winner director Martin McDonagh at New Theatre, Newtown, some browsing of eclectic shops on King Street, a night walk to the Opera House to take in the Vivid Festival, and then a full day of intense revision and note-taking at the English Extension 1 course at Newington school, Stanmore. It was a very fun, very intense and very successful trip. We even found poet Judith Wright’s memorial plaque at Circular Quay while devouring Messino gelato! Everyone was happy! Good luck to these wonderful students as they prepare these holidays for their Trial exams and to submit their various major works.


Alumni news

Eryn Thackray-Smith graduated from CBRSS in 2015. While attending CBRSS his main passion was Drama scoring 10/10 for his individual HSC performance and a nomination for “On Stage ” with is group performance. Eryn is now performing in a local Theatre production called “The Last Witch.”

Set in the Scottish highlands of 1727, The Last Witch is a story of suspicion and intrigue. With a deeply mysterious core, Rona Munro’s play seethes with poetry and grippingly powerful emotion as dark circumstances circle around Janet Horne and her daughter, Helen. Based on a true story, Janet Horne stands accused of Witchcraft and Consorting with the Devil, revealing how the Devil can appear in many faces.

Interestingly, Nerrida Johnson, our Principal is a direct descendant of Janet Horne!

For more information on the show please go to our online community noticeboard here


From the Principal

Hello everyone,

There is such a lot happening at the school at the moment that it is sometimes difficult to find the time to stop and take notice of the little things. So today I would like to recognise some of those little things happening in our school.

The Class Three children have been busy building a beautiful little shop outside their classroom. This project has been a delight to watch over the last few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing some wonderful trading happening once the shop is up and running.

The food gardens across the school are looking wonderful. Between Evan in the primary school and Pete Palmer in the High School, our students are being wonderfully supported as they develop the gardens, tend the plants and harvest the produce.

Class 5 and 6 have been hard at work on the beautiful mosaic project down in the amphitheatre. The wall is filling with wonderful plants and animals and the project is progressing beautifully with the skilful guidance of Tanja Nelson and a small team of dedicated parents.

In both the Primary and High Schools, our learning support teachers (Marlis and Gael) have been doing some wonderful work with students, teachers and families to ensure our students have the best possible opportunity to learn and develop right across the learning spectrum.

Meanwhile, in Admin, Yvette, our Enrolments Officer, has just started the enrolment process for Kindergarten in 2019. This is never an easy task as we know we won’t be able to offer places to everyone who wants to come. Yvette works hard to ensure our process is clear, fair and transparent to all involved.

From the ‘little things’ to the very big thing happening in our school at the moment……. our building is tracking well to be finished and open early next term. Our architect, Michael Leung and his team, and builder, Glen Field are doing a wonderful job and we are really excited about welcoming our community into the new building soon.

A huge thank you to those who have donated to our building fund so far. As you are no doubt aware, we are fundraising to build a covered walkway into the school between the new building and the performance hall. We desperately need a sheltered space at the entrance to the school and this will fill that need. Thus far we have fundraised about half of the money needed – we are still approximately $15,000 short of the total needed to complete the project. Donations to our building fund are tax deductible and you can find the link to make a donation later in this bulletin. Please help us to complete this important project – any donation at all is very much appreciated.


Important information re After School Messages

The Admin team would appreciate your support by making sure that any messages that need to be passed on to your child at the end of the day are always in before 2 pm.

Reception is a very busy place and to keep things running smoothly a staff member must leave the office to deliver these messages promptly at 2 pm, departing again to deliver more messages after 2 pm places undue strain on the Reception staff during a particularly busy time of the day.

After School Messages are for emergencies only i.e. when plans have changed during the day. Please do not use this service as a way of passing on info to your child that should have been told to them before school or to re-iterate messages that your child has already received e.g. reminding them of something you have already told them.

To leave an After School message please call 6639 9300 then select 2, provide child’s name and class/year, the message and the name of the person leaving the message.

Staff cannot guarantee that messages received after 2 pm will be received. It is important that you note the time of day when leaving a message and remember if it is after 2 pm it may not reach its target. 

Important information re First Aid

We try our absolute best to care for our students when they are feeling unwell or injured.

As a gentle reminder may we ask the following of you:

Please make sure your child has breakfast before attending school – it’s quite surprising how many have not had any. We often have students feeling unwell and lightheaded and it seems that once they are reminded to have something to eat and drink, after not having breakfast, they bounce back full of vitality and vigour. Apparently 1 x banana provides 90 minutes of brain-time.

If your child has a pre-existing medical issue, please try to deal with it at home before sending students to school. Or first aid service struggles to mend students if they turn up to school already broken! It’s not a great start to anyone’s day. A good first aid kit at home, with general first aid supplies, is recommended, especially if you favour specific remedies such as homeopathic creams etc.

Your support is appreciated.


Opportunity for tax deduction….June 30 is nearly here!

As you may have noticed, construction of our new Innovation Centre is now well underway.

We would like to create a beautiful entry to the school including an outdoor shelter between the new building & the Performance Hall. The aim is to provide students & parents with a covered drop off area at pick up time and students with an additional sheltered space in the playground. This is in addition to the building that is currently underway.

We are aiming to raise $30,000 for this addition. The current balance in our Building Fund account is $16,450 so we still need to raise at least $13,550. To read about our Masterplan, to see a time lapse video of the construction so far or to make a donation please follow this link

Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible and with June 30 fast approaching now is a great time to help!

Thanks to those who have donated so far! 

Yr 12 Fundraiser Monday lunch for HS students

Thank you Almond Road

Thank you to Jose & Aloma for their generous donation of Almond Road bread for the bush dance last Friday.

Spring Fair Craft

P & F Fundraiser

Looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy?

Art Makes Sense!

A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies as well as Steiner based toys are available online at Mercurius http://www.mercurius.com.au/

Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!

7 Benefits of Waldorf’s “Writing to Read”

Waldorf Education starts to set the foundation for reading in kindergarten. Learning to read is allowed to evolve for each child in the same form as it evolved from the beginning of humanity: spoken language developed first, then people drew pictures to communicate their ideas, followed by symbols such as hieroglyphics and finally the abstract letters of our modern alphabets. Once there was a written language, people learned to read. This is exactly the sequence in which children master language, and it also is the sequence in which reading is taught in Waldorf schools.

Read the full article here

The Rich Get Smart, The Poor Get Technology: The New Digital Divide in School Choice

The “digital divide” was a term originally coined in the early 2000s to describe the “have” and “have-nots” of computers and mobile technology. There was great concern that low-income children would be left behind because of their lack of technology in the home. In the United States, the middle-class predominantly white families who were able to afford computers (and later mobile technology) were able to allow their child to experience (and learn) so much more through the internet accessed on these devices. A number of things addressed these fears, including the decreasing cost of computers. This helped bridge the digital divide, but nothing had quite the effect of the one-to-one programs we now see in so many school districts, including those in low-income areas. All children could have access to the internet. Digital Divide closed. The problem is there is little evidence to support the idea that technology in schools improves learning outcomes.

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