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On Love and Compassion

Wherever love and compassion are active in life, we can perceive the magic breath of the spirit blowing through the sense world. – Rudolf Steiner

Catching up with the Walsh Family in Ireland

On our recent UK/ Ireland trip, it was lovely to catch up with the Walsh family and hear all of their exciting news following their recent big move to Ireland! We spent an afternoon together chatting over coffee and ice cream at Kilkenny Castle. Happy days!

Gavin and Teera

Byron Bay Writers Festival success

We once again demonstrated the strength of writing at Cape Byron taking out first and second place in the Susie Warrick Young Writers’ Prize at this year’s Byron Writers’ Festival.

Ella Hill-Smith from Year 11 won the first prize of $1000 for her wonderful story called The Girl Who Collected Broken Seashells. She accepted the prize at a presentation at the festival on Sunday.

Mackenzie-Jane Stephan from Year 12 came a close second with her story called Almost Home. Both stories will be published in The Northerly, which is produced by the Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre.

Alix and Katie are thrilled that their students have once again shown their writing expertise in this competition.

Alumni News

Mali Biggin graduated in 2016 and is now attending Melbourne University. Mali kindly provided a tour of the University to our Year 10 students during their recent trip to Melbourne.

Reflecting Upon Some Deep Questions…

By Salakesh Ananda

I was the precocious child relentlessly asking deep questions about reality. Questions like who am I? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life…to name a few. Today, as a school board member, I continue to ask deep questions. How can we further empower the mission of the school? How can we cultivate dynamic working relationships with all stakeholders? How do we envision the school of the future? How do we pro-actively prepare the school to meet challenges? How do we create the most loving conscious school for everyone involved?

Ursula LeGuin once wrote, “There are no right answers to wrong questions.”, implying that there are such things as right answers if your questions are the right ones to ask. Hence, the task appears to be finding the right questions to ask and then unearthing the right answers. Thus, a journey begins. Namely, to ascertain if the board’s questions are the right questions and then to seek the right answers.

The journey has much support along the way such as listening to others you meet along the same path. Finding inspirational publications from pioneers within the contemporary Waldorf movement who are asking similar questions and are possibly exploring if their questions are the right ones to be asking. And, of course, sitting alone with the questions in contemplative silence; remaining present for the inevitable spark of intuition to manifest.

I agree with the playwright Eugene Ionesco who once said, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question…”. The journey to find answers to enlightening questions is further enriched by the opportunity to work with a school board comprised of parents and professionals dedicated to the school and its children. Men and women who carry the passion to ensure we are asking the right questions and to discover, through enlightening questions, the associative right answers collaboratively.

One thing is for certain, hindsight will reveal whether we did ask the right questions and if we found the right answers or if the questions we carried forth were not the right ones to ask. Maybe we might never find the “right” answers to the “right” questions. But I do believe, through our passion as a community, we will find the “best” answers for the “most important” questions. Answers that will guide how best to govern the school in the tomorrows to assure that all our children can receive an education that best serves them for a tomorrow world. An education that inspires our children to think and discover the right questions for their lives and through courage, creativity and resilience find the right answers.

I am excited about our school and its potentials. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to fortify the school’s noble qualities and to strengthen other potential contributors of excellence within the school not yet fully realized. I am honoured to be on this journey with you, the reader, and everyone else who is part of our community. We, as a board, are dedicated to creating merit through governance for the highest good of all. We are committed to the implementation of answers we feel best address the deep questions we ask of ourselves. We invite everyone to join us in carrying a positive intention for our school and school family. Collectively, as a community, we can emanate a quality of togetherness, cooperation and unity. This, I believe, is the right answer.

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Time seems to have flown this term and suddenly here we are at the end of term already. The last two weeks have been full of wonderful activity all around our school.

Thank you to those families who joined us for our Winter Festivals. When all of our paths converge and we come together to reverently mark a moment in the year’s cycle, we truly get to experience our community. Thank you to the many teachers and support staff who worked so hard to bring the festivals together and thank you to our amazing students who held the space so well.

Last week students from our Student Representative Council in the High School attended a Board Meeting and provided the Board with a detailed student perspective of our school. Their views were carefully thought through and beautifully presented. The students had some great ideas for improvements at the school and also gave lovely feedback about the things they love about the school. It was lovely to hear them talk of how much they valued the feeling of community and family they get at Cape Byron. We will be working on some of their suggestions over the coming months and we look forward to welcoming the SRC to a Board meeting again later in the year.

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Year 9 & 10 Elective Showcase Evening. I never cease to be amazed at the incredible standard of performance, creativity and skill our students demonstrate at these evenings. I would like to congratulate our wonderful students and also their incredibly committed and passionate teachers for last night’s showcase event. It is great to see our students having such confidence to present their creative endeavours in the way that they do.

If you have been at the school lately, you may have noticed that our food gardens are looking really healthy right across the school. Yesterday I had a visit from some Class 5 students who had been working in the garden with Evan, harvesting their produce. They presented me with a glorious bunch of greens to take home and have for my dinner. Delicious! I know that they also took their produce home to their families – I hope everyone enjoyed the produce as much as I did last night!

I hope you all have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable term break. I am taking some annual leave during this break, but look forward to seeing you all next term.


School attendance

Just a reminder that we ask parents not to book holidays during term time. We have noticed an increase in this happening this year. When your child misses class time, they miss valuable learning time and may miss out on learning vital, foundational skills and understandings. Time away from the class also impacts on social relationships.

Please do not book family holidays for term time, it adds pressure to your child, their teacher and the rest of the class.

Calling all Alumni

Dear School Community,

You may or may not be aware that this year marks the 30th anniversary of Cape Byron Steiner School. To acknowledge and celebrate this, we are wanting to collate material that the high school students can use for a media project that documents the history of the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School over the last 30 years. The presentation will be showcased at this year’s Spring Fair in the new High School Building.

So this is an appeal to all parents who are past students of Cape Byron to get in touch to help provide material for this fabulous project. This might include old photos, video footage and a willingness to give a short interview so we have anecdotal snippets. We are hoping to get a diverse range of material that documents the entire period starting with the founders of the school!

If you are still in touch with friends who have moved away and feel they would also be willing to contribute please pass this on to them (there is a link at the bottom of the Bulletin email to “forward to a friend”). This is a great opportunity to have the Cape Byron Alumni Network creak into motion and give back to the school. We need to get the ball rolling as the students will need to start putting the material together early in Term 3.

So if you are willing/able to help out and share your school experiences and photos please contact Suzanne (0428 731 921/ suzanneflowerday@gmail.com ) and we’ll take it from there.

At the moment we are just trying to get a list together of willing contributors.

You may wish to visit the “Our History” page of our website for some inspiration, you will find it here.

Many thanks and looking forward to receiving a flurry of texts, emails and phone calls from people I don’t know!!

Suzanne Flowerday
(2018 Cape Byron Spring Fair Team)

Please help us to make our School even better!

Very soon our fabulous new Innovation Centre will be operational but we are calling on the community to please help us with the final touches.

We would like to create a beautiful entry to the school including an outdoor shelter between the new building & the Performance Hall. The aim is to provide students & parents with a covered drop off area at pick up time and students with an additional sheltered space in the playground. This is in addition to the building that is currently underway.

We are aiming to raise $30,000 for this addition. The current balance in our Building Fund account is $17,450 so we still need to raise at least $12,550. To read about our Masterplan, to see the latest timelapse videos of the construction so far or to make a donation please follow this link

Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

Thanks to those who have donated so far! 

Silversmithing term 3

Spring Fair Craft

P & F Fundraiser

Looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy?

Art Makes Sense!

A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies as well as Steiner based toys are available online at Mercurius http://www.mercurius.com.au/

Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!

Could Steiner schools have a point on children, tablets and tech?

Studies have yet to show much benefit from technology in schools, leading some to wonder whether the offline life is better for children.

Read the full article here

The importance of play

If a child has been able in his play to give up his whole loving being to the world around him, he will be able, in the serious tasks of later life, to devote himself with confidence and power to the service of the world. – Rudolf Steiner

Winter Festival Classes 3-12