Christmas Concert and Market


Celebrating Advent

In the Southern hemisphere, Christmas falls near the Summer Solstice when the light is at its strongest and we celebrate the triumph of light at its greatest point in the yearly cycle. For thousands of years before Christianity, the Egyptians celebrated the Festival of Osiris, the Celts and Druids held great festivals of fire and light, the Hindus had the Diwali festival of lights and the Jewish celebrated Hanukkah.

As the year draws to an end in our beautiful part of the world, we increasingly spend time outside enjoying “the sun in the heavens”. With the long warm days, intense light and balmy nights we are drawn out into the elements rather than into “the sun in our hearts”. It can be challenging to develop a sense of inwardness, patience and contemplation when the Spirit of the Earth (and us) is on its outward breath. To balance this we can consciously choose to “receive the light” and celebrate what is both universally human and universally spiritual.

How Advent is celebrated in your family is a personal choice. It can provide an opportunity for some quiet ‘breathing in’ during this outwardly busy time of year and help your children to practice preparation and patience through the ritual of counting the weeks and days to the special celebratory event. The lighting of candles each week also reflects our own ‘Divine Light’ and helps to bring us a little inward contemplation.

Here are some ideas that you might like to include in your own advent celebrations:

Advent Wreath
Advent Garden
Advent Spiral
Advent Crib


Verses for the 4 weeks of Advent

Week 1: Crystal Kingdom
The first light of Advent
Is the light of stones,
Stones that shine through seashells
Crystals and in bones.

Week 2: Plant Kingdom
The second light of Advent
Is the light of plants,
Plants that reach up to the sun
And in the breezes dance.

Week 3: Animal Kingdom
The third light of Advent
Is the light of beasts,
The light of hope that we may see
In greatest and in least.

Week 4: Humankind
The fourth light of Advent
Is the light of man,
The light of hope, of thoughts,
To give and understand.

Additional Reading:

Resources for Advent

Winter Festival Guidebooks

Our library also has some handouts on making an advent wreath, etc.


Win a beautiful hand-crafted Nativity scene


On display at the school reception, is this adorable hand-crafted Nativity scene.

Raffle tickets only $2 each
Drawn: 4pm 9th Dec at the Christmas Festival Market

Tickets available from the Office
Craft Group (Tuesdays)
Christmas Festival Market

Spread the savings and help our school

To all family, friends, and friends of friends,

Do you know anyone who may appreciate quality art and craft materials, or Steiner based toys?

We have been given the opportunity by our school wholesaler Mercurius to earn 15% on all sales from their ‘art makes sense’ website by using our school code. This would help our school, as well as busy mums and dads with an easier fundraiser.

Take a moment to see if there are any products that may benefit you or your family on the site. Please also forward to as many friends you know who may enjoy some of the products for themselves, their children or for gifts at this wonderful time of year. This offer is open to anyone a long as delivery is within Australia.

Please consider book marking the following link and remember to put in our CODE: FRIENDCBRSS

With much appreciation for any and all kind-hearted desires and efforts to help us manifest for all our children at school.


Meditation Circle ~ All welcome

Healing intentions of love and peace for our children, school and planet.

Monday mornings ~ Silky Oak Cottage, 9.00am – 9.30am


Christmas Market donations

Class 2 are organising the Christmas concert and market celebration on December 9.

One of the fundraising stalls will be a Re-gift & Recycle stall, where students can purchase inexpensive gifts for their parents and friends. If you have an unopened/unused gift for any age at home and would like to donate it to the Christmas Market, please drop it into reception.

If you would like to apply to have a stall for your class or for your own products, an application can be picked up at reception.

We look forward to celebrating with song, music and activities as we wind down the school year and welcome the festivities of Christmas and the summer break.

Mercurius ~ Help our school blossom

We have a great opportunity to earn 15% on all purchases of Steiner inspired art, craft and toys from “art makes sense” (Mercurius retail). This offer is open to all families and friends who enjoy beautiful art/crafts and toys for their children or themselves.

We encourage you to continue to buy Mercurius products at the office, and if desired Steiner inspired products locally. This fundraiser can nurture our school and gives us access to an extended product range not available locally. It is also for friends and family who don’t have local access, they can purchase from anywhere in the world as long as delivered within Australia.
With Christmas coming this would be a way to share the joy of beautiful Steiner inspired toys and art supplies!

Let’s plant the seeds to nurture our school and our children
use our code: FRIENDCBRSS

Thank you team Spring Fair 2016


Through The Earth is Our Garden, Class 3 brought a picture of a strong community impulse to nurture, guide and support our children throughout their Steiner school journey, from seed to fruit, from Kindy to Class 12.

The one place we all come together to celebrate and offer our time and energy so strongly, to reflect back to each other our willingness to nurture, guide and support, is our annual Spring Fair.

A HUGE thank-you to every single one of you for your care and readiness to support your school community and an extra BIG thank-you to Jen, Emma and Class 3 for their exceptional guidance of us throughout the 2016 journey, and Rachel Sullivan for coordinating the event.

The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The community finds its reflection;
And when, in the community
The virtue of each one is living.

    Rudolf Steiner

Warmest regards
Tanja, Lisa and Sarah
Parents & Friends Assoc

New Meditation Group

Parents and Friends… we invite you to join us on Monday mornings throughout Term 4 (starting Oct 17) 9am-10 am in the P&F cottage (Silky Oak room) for a meditation session empowering loving intentions for our children, teachers, school community and extending beyond to love on the Earth.  Meditation starts 9.15am.

Prerequisite : a loving heart…


Mercurius school fund raiser

Mercurius Australia supplies a quality range of art materials, wooden and natural toys and other products to support healthy development for all ages. They are now offering their product range through their retail website, to our school community.

In partnership with Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School P&F in a fundraising initiative, every product purchased through on their site using the promotion code FRIENDCBRSS, 15% of the value of purchases will be donated back to our school P&F.

Happy shopping and feel free to contact Mercurius if you need any help.


Friday Markets


The Friday Markets have been a hive of fundraising activity lately!

Class 1 were busy selling popcorn, and Year 12 raised funds with their Chai Tent, for their Year 12 Formal.

The School Shop, also featured, and was beautifully presented and run by Kylie (Craft Group co-ordinator) and Tanja (P&F Chaiperson).


Chai Tent

CHAI TENT is on next Friday 27 May, along with class fundraising stalls, and the
school shop, selling wool, pencils, crayons, wax, and craft kits.

The CHAI TENT will also run on Friday 1 July.  Please contact the Friday Market Coordinator, via the School Office, if you would like to have a stall for your

Friday Community Beach Walk & Thank you from Lisa Larkins

Our regular Friday morning walk will commence this FRIDAY 6TH MAY (meet at 10:30 at the Brunswick Heads Surf Life Saving Club).  Please feel welcome to join our group and to share the pleasure of being together in this beautiful environment.  Come as little or as often as you like.  There is no set length of walk.  Your input is completely up to you.  Some of us also have a swim afterwards at the surf beach or further on at Torakina.
I look forward to you company
Warm wishes,
Lisa Larkins
(P&F Secretary)
After spending most of first term recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery, I was very fortunate to experience the support of our wonderful community.
The parents of Class 3, 6 and 12 in particular, provided meals and supported my children in getting to and from school over that lengthy period.
It was difficult for me to ask for help in the beginning, but the encouragement and offers continued throughout.
Class co-ordinators Emma, Jenny, Sharon, Sandi and Rachel Holt were wonderfully organised on my behalf and regularly checked on my progress and needs. Thank you to ALL the meal-givers and a special thank you to Denis of Year 12 for his weekly gift of Chicken Curry!
In addition, Ebony and Suzanne of Class 3, Tanya, (P&F) and Suzanne and Jane of Year 12, assisted in my daily personal care, shared my challenges and encouraged me to get back on my feet. It was a big commitment and these wonderful ladies brought so much love into what was a frightening and painful time for me.
Thank you to the class teachers, guardians and Katie Biggin for supporting me and my children and for keeping me in touch with what was happening at school.
Thank you also to Muriel for the loan of the exercise bike and the management staff at Cape Byron for their incredible support along the way.
I have been overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown and given.
We, the parents and friends of Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, are very blessed to have such a caring and vibrant community. The experience has certainly confirmed that it is not only our children who are the lucky ones.
With love,
Lisa Larkins

From the P&F

chai tent 2

Dear Parents and Friends of the School Community,

The CHAI TENT will be operating at the Friday Market 18th March, as part of ongoing student fundraising efforts.  Please come along and enjoy the chai while helping our Year 12 students to raise class funds during this busy and pressured final year.  Thank you for your ongoing support  of the school community and we look forward to other community events in the near future.

Warm Regards

Tanja and Lisa
P&F Executive

From the P&F

Welcome Back Everyone!

  • P&F would like give a HUGE THANK-YOU to the following parents who helped spruce up Silky Oak Cottage (our Parents’ Space) last week. Julia, Kris & Shanti Budden-Lemanis, Tiffany Gee, Adrian Nelson, (and Lisa and Tanja)
  • Silky Oak Cottage is open for parents to use Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30 – 11am. Free Tea and Coffee facilities, enclosed outdoor play area and seating – a place to meet, socialise and connect with your community. No bookings required, check the notice board for availability.
  • P&F (Parents and Friends Association) first meeting of the year is Monday 15th February with the AGM in March. Everyone is welcome – details next week.
  • P&F is looking for someone to join the team as Treasurer – duties include liaising with school, the P&F bookkeeper (Bettina Hartman) and school community. Please contact either Tanja or Lisa at for more details.
  • P&F would like to thank again Sandi Valerio for all the amazing work she has done running the craft group for the past few years – the children, families and school are richer for her creative endeavours.
  • If sewing is in your soul maybe you would like to join or even run our weekly craft group? This is a beautiful and enriching component of our school which welcomes all crafters or would-be crafters alike. No previous skills are necessary to join in and young children are always welcome. For more details, contact Tanja or Lisa at

Warm regards
Tanja and Lisa
P&F Executives

Painting 4Painting 1