Year 9 students helping Class 3

During a recent PDHPE lesson, Lizzie encouraged her Year 9 students to show Class 3 children a few games.  A very sweet display of older students helping younger students was the result.


Year 8 Biodynamic Gardening – Tree Pasting


Tree pasting is a process of mixing manure, sand, clay and water and applying it to the trunk and branches of trees which carries out a similar function to that of compost spread on the ground. It also nourishes and protects the bark and cambium of tress and vines and has the effect of sealing over crevices which pests may attack.

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting expert Biodynamic Gardening teacher Sandra Frain with a tree pasting workshop. She brings wonderful energy to the class with a wealth of knowledge. It was an inspiring workshop to see the students get into the process of applying medicine to trees.

More info on Tree Pasting

Peter Palmer

Year 9 & 10 Electives Showcase

Year 9 & 10 students recently showcased their work from elective subjects such as art, media, textiles, D&T, music, drama, & circus. An entertaining evening was had by all!

Year 9 & 10 Showcase

Year 10 Environmental Art

Denis recently ran a Contemporary Art main lesson with Year 10 students.  Gorgeous environmental artwork displays popped up all over the school.


Year 10 Engineering Challenge success!

Congratulations to our Year 10 students for coming SECOND in the recent Engineering Challenge, held at Southern Cross University!  James & Shanti took the group over to SCU to join other local schools for a day of engineering challenges!  Well done Year 10, James, & Shanti!

Enginineering Challenge winners

High School Lip Syncing Competition!

Much fun was had on the last day of Term 2!  Teachers & students in the high school came together to enjoy a Lip Syncing Competition.  We saw Lizzie, dressed in Geri Haliwell outfit & blonde wig, very convincingly, lip sync to ‘It’s Raining Men’.  She had many men (teachers and students) on stage to accompany her, and got them all doing a conga line off stage!  Malcolm, Andy, Ric, Peter, & James dressed up as The Village People, and had the crowd smiling with their lip sync to ‘YMCA’.  Many student groups dressed up and entertained the audience with their lip syncing renditions, but in the end, it was ‘Athens House’ (pictured below) who took out the prize for the 2016 CBRSS Lip Syncing Competion!

Lip syncing competition winners 3

Photo courtesy of Katie Biggin

Groovy fun at the 70’s Disco!

Much fun, and GROOVY dancing, was had at the 70’s Disco Decade Dance, held on Friday night, 10 June, in the performance hall.

Year 12 hosted this fundraiser (for their class), and did a great job.  The hall was beautifully decorated, their were games & prizes, and everyone got their GROOVE on!

Well done Year 12!

The winners of ‘best costume’ with Year 12 MC’s were:

From left to right (bottom right pic):  Aleshanee (yr12), Dane (yr7), Fergus (yr9), Yani (yr9), Celeste (yr7), Sam (yr 12)


Della Mar Ensemble ~ a success at Old n Gold Festival!

The ‘Della Mar’ ensemble raised over $600 at last week’s Old n Gold Festival!  Well done to all the willing buskers, helping hands of the parents, and to our wonderful Loani, Robbie, and Ian…and a big thank you to those who contributed goods to our fundraising stall.  A great success for all involved, and a wonderful experience for the ensemble members to witness their community coming together in support of them.


Alumni News!


In exciting news, five ex students, playing in two separate bands, ended up recording for a French TV show, Le Petit Journal, last week. This show has a viewership of approximately one million people.  The performances were aired on consecutive days ~ What are the chances?!

The students from the first act are ex Potato Potato members Patrick Hetherington, Jules Crommelin, & Louie Swain (with Annatole Serret who attended Byron High, from the amazing band Parcels).  They are now living in Berlin and  are performing at a large number of festivals throughout Europe this summer.

The second act is Mome, featuring Merryn Jean (AKA Merryn Boller, ex Potato Potato).

Merryn recorded the song almost two years ago whilst in France with a producer she met in her travels.  The song has peaked at number eleven on the French iTunes charts, at that time, were above Coldplay and Beyonce to name a few!  The song has a collective Internet viewing of 10 million hits and will be in a French Movie.

Le Petit Journal performances

Merryn Jean Aloha Film clip


Year 9’s visit to local elderly residents


As part of the Year 9 Guardian programme, we engage in a variety of community interactions, fundraising, and participation.  On Wednesday, the class travelled to Life Care Aged Care Facility, in Suffolk Park, to perform some songs and interact with the elderly residents.

Year 9 entered the Suffolk Park nursing home with big smiles ready to sing on Wednesday 27th May.  I personally, had never visited an aged care facility, and interacted with the residents, so I was so excited to finally have this opportunity, and to bring some smiles to their faces.

We all gathered in a large lounge area, and sang four songs for them.  We then had the opportunity to go out and meet some of the residents.  For me, it was a big reality check, seeing some who could barley talk or would fall asleep midway through a conversation.  Most of the residents were easy to communicate with, had big smiles, and were ready to share some of their life stories.  I was really surprised at how open they were and it was obvious that they all really appreciated us coming in.  I really enjoyed looking around on the bus ride home, and seeing so many happy faces and hearing funny stories.  I would say that Year 9, myself included, would be keen to do this again!

When we got back to school, we participated in an art class where we made cards for the residents and wrote letters back to the residents.  This was a lovely way to complete the experience.

Year 9 had a great day!  We are really thankful for the nursing home for having us and to the teachers for making the day possible.


Don’t forget ~ Cape Byron Ensemble at Old & Gold on 11 June!

Dear school community

Our wonderful school ensemble ‘Della Mar’ will be having a fundraiser at this years Old n Gold festival at Brunswick Heads in June.
The nature of the old n gold festival is a giant whole town garage sale. Along with busking, we also aim to have a stall, so if you are having a clean up these holidays, and have any unwanted items, please think of us.

This fundraiser is to support our students for their upcoming tour to Tasmania in October.
I will send an email with Collection details for any unwanted goods after the holidays.

Any enquiries  to:

Thanks for your support, and Happy Holidays!!

Elizabeth Williams
On behalf of the ‘Della Mar’

Can you assist Andrew Rickert to build a Hangi?

Hello Parents and Friends,

I am about to start Main Lesson with Year 9 on Ecosystems and Human Culture.  I am looking for a helper who could help me with building a Hangi.  If anyone has experience and a bit of spare time for two Main Lesson slots (9-10.40am) either next week or the week after, please contact me ASAP, via the School Office.

Andrew Rickert

Student finalists at HEAD On Photography Festival

Maya Grigg and Liam O’Donnell have been nominated as finalists in the student section of the HEAD On Photography Festival held in Sydney.The Head On Foundation believes that all photo-artists need a fair chance to showcase their work. Head On has earned a reputation of operating with integrity and providing all photo-artists invaluable opportunities to exhibit in Sydney and internationally. The festival has toured in America, China, India, Europe and New Zealand.The winners are announced on the 30th April. We wish the students luck!

Head On finalists

Head On finalists 2

Traditional Totemic Heads with Year 7

Y7 has spent this term designing, drawing then carving out of stone traditional Totemic Heads.  They had to learn how to use saws, chisels sandpaper to ‘find’ the form in the stone trying not to make a wrong chip.  However any mistakes are turned into new opportunities.  After carving the white stone, smoothing it and cleaning it of all dust the traditional ancestral practice of painting with coloured oxides began.  This class has produced 28 magnificently individual sculptures beautifully decorated.  Task finished?  No!  They had to write down the exact process that was required and also let the sculpture speak what it was thinking in the way it looked and in its facial gesture.


Totemic Heads with Year 7


Milling fun with Year 9-10 Design & Technology students!

Year 9/10 Design and Technology elective had a unique experience in their woodworking class a couple of weeks ago.  We had a mobile mill come and convert a large silky oak log and a camphor laurel log that had previously been cut down on the grounds of the school.  This timber will come in good use for students projects.  In the process, students learnt about wood conversion, storage, drying, and sustainability.

Milling with Year 9-10 D&T

Milling with Year 9-10 D&T 2