Driving to School – a Moral Issue

Every day a large number of staff, parents and students drive to school. As we all negotiate the road on the way in and the car park, we have a number of decisions to make. We can choose to drive with care; slowing down, paying close attention to other traffic and pedestrians and trying to assess risks at all times, or we can just stay focused on our aim to get there, get to work on time, get the children dropped off or on whatever other thoughts, concerns or worries may be on our mind.

When we choose to drive to school, we have a moral responsibility to take care. The safety of our children is a responsibility for all of us, something which should impact on the driving decisions we make.

Please, when you are bringing your children to school, drive slowly and carefully, park properly in the designated spaces and walk your children into the school grounds. Please park carefully, leaving space for other cars and yield to pedestrians wherever possible.

Let’s make safety a shared responsibility.


Are you planning a move at the end of the year? Please let us know……

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As a courtesy we would like to remind you of the following in regards to withdrawal of students from CBRSS:

As per the School’s Enrolment & Fee Policies:

  • The school commits substantial resources to the education of each child and the whole school community development. Therefore when a child leaves, there is a significant impact on the school both financially and communally. For a student to be withdrawn from school once he/she has commenced at CBRSS i.e. for parents to end the enrolment contract, the School requires one term’s notice. Parents and guardians must inform and submit a Student Withdrawal Form one term in advance if they intend to withdraw their child from the school and end the enrolment contract. If no such notification is received a Withdrawal Fee of one term’s fees from the date of notification will be charged. If a student withdraws part way through a term, having given one term’s notice, tuition fees and consolidated charges will be charged on a pro-rata weekly basis; for the purpose of this clause a part week is considered a full week.

School policies can be found on our website here

The Student Withdrawal form can be found on our website here

If you require assistance with completing this form or would like to discuss your options please contact the Enrolments Officer Yvette. Email: enrolments@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au  Phone: 02 6639 9302.

Message from the Finance team

CBRSS Finance warmly welcomes Meghan to the team.

Term 4 school fees are due today – Friday 3rd November 2017. Thank you to all who have already paid. If you haven’t paid or made other arrangements yet please pay Term 4 fees promptly.

Julia & Meghan

Important re RCM

Please submit your green RCM forms to Reception before Thursday 14th December at 3.00pm.

Credit is applied at the end of the term.

Please note it is your responsibility to keep track of the hours you have done throughout the year.

For further information please refer to the RCM policy and procedure which can be found here.

CBRSS Position Vacant

P.A to the Principal
Full time
Starting January 2018

CBRSS is a vibrant and progressive K-12 school dedicated to the educational principles inspired by Rudolf Steiner.

The P.A role requires a dynamic and enthusiastic person able to meet the demands of a busy office. The position requires high level multi-tasking and time management skills, with the ability to act in a confidential and professional manner at all times. Attention to detail and excellent communication both written and verbal are essential.

The successful applicant must hold a current First Aid Certificate and a NSW Working with Children Check.
Applications close 4pm Monday 6th November 2017.

See position details here

Please update medical details

Please support and assist the Admin team in caring for your children by ensuring that we always have current medical information for students of the school. Please take the time to check and update through the parent lounge regularly.

To do this select Medical details from the drop down menu under the Student details tab. To edit select either update or  +new then follow any prompts. Please scroll down and check all the information is correct and current including Swimming level.

If you require assistance please contact Reception.

Thank you.


Whole School Nitz Blitz

Dear Parents,

Please help us combat nits head on. We are asking that you check, and if needed, treat your child’s hair for nits this weekend. This is a whole school “Nitz Blitz” from Kindergarten to Year 11. 

Head lice eradication is most effective if the whole school community works together to treat the infestation. For more information on head lice and how to treat them please follow this link

Thank you!



The silent tragedy affecting today’s children

The silent tragedy affecting today’s children (and what to do with it) by Victoria Prooday Occupational Therapist

This article was included in the Waldorf Today newsletter of September 12 2017, you can read it here.




Halloween and it’s true meaning

An interesting article to read and reflect on in light of the recent “Halloween Hype”” experienced in the wider community recently. You can read the article here.





Please welcome our new Students

We warmly welcome the following students and their families to our School Community this term.

Louella Trotz joins Year 10

Angelique Cohan joins Year 9

Message from Mullumbimby Bus Service

Our Left Bank Road Service BUS number 3 ( bus driver LOUIE) will start and finish at Fraser’s Road until further notice. This is due to a 2.5 tonne limit on causeway
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
Gary Hughes

2018 School Fees

The School Board has met to set the School Fees for 2018.

The Board is cognisant of the need to keep fee increases to a reasonable level so that our rates remain manageable for our school community. With this in mind, tuition fees and charges​ will increase by 2.5% in 2018. This is in keeping with other independent schools in our area and also with previous years’ increases.

The RC&M levy will remain at $400 per family per annum. Families will still be able to complete the 16 hours of approved Repair, Care and Maintenance work to the school each year (per family) in lieu of paying the levy. Note that the levy is charged at the beginning of the year and credited to your account once the required number of hours are completed.

Registration and Enrolment Fees will remain unchanged from 2017. Registration to enrol fees are $110 for the first child and $55 for each sibling. Enrolment fees are $550 for the first child and $200 for siblings​.

Finally, there will be an increase of $100 per year to the Consolidated Charge for​Class 12 students. This increase is necessary to meet ​some of the costs of the Edrolo program.

The Community Fee Assistance Program (CFAF) will remain in place for families experiencing short term financial difficulties and our Finance Manager is happy to talk with any families who are experiencing need.

The Board feels the school continues to offer an excellent education which is good value for money and we feel the fee increases for next year will adequately allow the school to continue to provide such a wonderful service for our children.

An updated fee schedule for 2018 will be available on our school website before the end of Term 3 2017.

James Dods

Reminder to bring change to Spring Fair

Please be mindful of the difficulty for stallholders in managing change for the Spring Fair and support them by bringing along small notes and lots of change to shop with.


What are Smartphones Doing to the Next Generation?

We ask that our students not have their smartphones out at all whilst they are at school. Whilst we do have to monitor this and we do sometimes seem to be giving lots of reminders to put the phone away, generally our students do not have their phones out during the school day. It is wonderful to see them deep in rich conversation with each other during break times. There is a lot of research emerging now about the effects of daily smartphone use – enough to make us all question just how often we are focused on our phone screens.

You can help us by reminding your High School students that phones should be away in bags and lockers during the school day. You can also assist by not calling or texting your child on their mobile phone number during the day (our Reception staff are very happy to pass on any important messages). You might also want to try having some phone-free time for the whole family during the weekend.

The following article on the effects of smartphones on the next generation is worth a read. It can be found at here