Permission slips for excursions

Permission slips for excursions MUST  be received two days prior to an excursion, not on the morning of the excursion, or students will not be allowed to go.  Receiving permission slips on the morning of the excursion creates unnecessary stress for all involved, and can hold up the departure time. 

Time for Payment Plans to be finalised

Thank you to all parents for your patience during the implementation of our new system for generating and sending statements for school fees.  Yes, we experienced a few teething problems, but the overall the process went well.  Fees for Term 1 are due by 26 February, so please make payment if you have not already done so.  If you plan to make payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, you need to inform Julia of your payment plan by 26 February.


  • Please no dogs allowed on school grounds.
  • Please drop your children off in the bottom carpark only.  No drop offs in the top carpark, it is too dangerous.