New Students

We warmly welcome the following students and their families to the CBRSS Community:

  • Orion Tervenski Kindy Rose
  • Django Kahn-Casey Class 3
  • Kaelan Phipps Class 5
  • Summer Corley Class 5
  • Lhola Stephen-Lacasse Class 6
  • Sophia Ball Year 8
  • Zai Purdy Year 8

Talks and workshops

Do you have an idea for some talks, workshops or adult classes related to any aspect of our school or the philosophy underpinning it? If so please, contact Yvette in the office. Yvette coordinates study groups, adult education classes, talks and workshops and these all need to be organised and booked through her (so that we have a coordinated approach to this). We appreciate your ideas, suggestions and contacts in this regard.

email: phone: 02 6639 9302


School attendance

Just a reminder that we ask parents not to book holidays during term time. We have noticed an increase in this happening this year. When your child misses class time, they miss valuable learning time and may miss out on learning vital, foundational skills and understandings. Time away from the class also impacts on social relationships.

Please do not book family holidays for term time, it adds pressure to your child, their teacher and the rest of the class.

Calling all Alumni

Dear School Community,

You may or may not be aware that this year marks the 30th anniversary of Cape Byron Steiner School. To acknowledge and celebrate this, we are wanting to collate material that the high school students can use for a media project that documents the history of the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School over the last 30 years. The presentation will be showcased at this year’s Spring Fair in the new High School Building.

So this is an appeal to all parents who are past students of Cape Byron to get in touch to help provide material for this fabulous project. This might include old photos, video footage and a willingness to give a short interview so we have anecdotal snippets. We are hoping to get a diverse range of material that documents the entire period starting with the founders of the school!

If you are still in touch with friends who have moved away and feel they would also be willing to contribute please pass this on to them (there is a link at the bottom of the Bulletin email to “forward to a friend”). This is a great opportunity to have the Cape Byron Alumni Network creak into motion and give back to the school. We need to get the ball rolling as the students will need to start putting the material together early in Term 3.

So if you are willing/able to help out and share your school experiences and photos please contact Suzanne (0428 731 921/ ) and we’ll take it from there.

At the moment we are just trying to get a list together of willing contributors.

You may wish to visit the “Our History” page of our website for some inspiration, you will find it here.

Many thanks and looking forward to receiving a flurry of texts, emails and phone calls from people I don’t know!!

Suzanne Flowerday
(2018 Cape Byron Spring Fair Team)

New Students

We warmly welcome the following students and their families to the CBRSS Community:

  • Ivy Adamo Class 3
  • Marco Colvin Class 4
  • Cherry Paltos Class 6
  • Manon Pouget Year 7
  • River Rettenmaier Year 7
  • Ava Pizzinat Year 10
  • Imogen Hendrichs year 10
  • Jahla Ferguson Year 10

Donations of German books wanted

Dear parents and caregivers,

To support our new German language program the library has started a German Language book collection. We have already purchased some picture books and received a very welcome donation of chapter books written in German.

We are looking for donations of any suitable books for children and young adults written in German.

Please deliver them to the library if you can help.

Thank you warmly,

Manuela (German teacher) and Charlotte (Librarian)

Important information re After School Messages

The Admin team would appreciate your support by making sure that any messages that need to be passed on to your child at the end of the day are always in before 2 pm.

Reception is a very busy place and to keep things running smoothly a staff member must leave the office to deliver these messages promptly at 2 pm, departing again to deliver more messages after 2 pm places undue strain on the Reception staff during a particularly busy time of the day.

After School Messages are for emergencies only i.e. when plans have changed during the day. Please do not use this service as a way of passing on info to your child that should have been told to them before school or to re-iterate messages that your child has already received e.g. reminding them of something you have already told them.

To leave an After School message please call 6639 9300 then select 2, provide child’s name and class/year, the message and the name of the person leaving the message.

Staff cannot guarantee that messages received after 2 pm will be received. It is important that you note the time of day when leaving a message and remember if it is after 2 pm it may not reach its target. 

Important information re First Aid

We try our absolute best to care for our students when they are feeling unwell or injured.

As a gentle reminder may we ask the following of you:

Please make sure your child has breakfast before attending school – it’s quite surprising how many have not had any. We often have students feeling unwell and lightheaded and it seems that once they are reminded to have something to eat and drink, after not having breakfast, they bounce back full of vitality and vigour. Apparently 1 x banana provides 90 minutes of brain-time.

If your child has a pre-existing medical issue, please try to deal with it at home before sending students to school. Or first aid service struggles to mend students if they turn up to school already broken! It’s not a great start to anyone’s day. A good first aid kit at home, with general first aid supplies, is recommended, especially if you favour specific remedies such as homeopathic creams etc.

Your support is appreciated.


Friendly reminder re School Fees due

Term 2 school fees are due today – Friday 25th May 2018. Thank you to all who have already paid them.

If you haven’t paid for Term 2 yet please address this promptly.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Julia – Finance Manager

Farewell Malcolm

Our much loved High School Maths teacher, Malcolm left us recently to return to New Zealand. Farewell Malcolm, we wish you much joy and happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life, you will be missed!

New Students

We warmly welcome the following students and their families to the CBRSS Community:

Henry Sweetman Class 4

Aoife Gordos Class 4

Reuben Hardy Class 5

June Sweetman Class 6

Jasmine Jones Yr 8

Elan Derofe-Gallant Yr 9

Finn Morris Yr 9

Welcome to our new German teacher

This term we are really happy to welcome Manuela as our new German Language teacher. Manuela is a very experienced teacher who will bring much warmth, passion and creativity to language classes. From Manuela ….

Guten Tag!

As you may know, the children in Classes 1 – 4 will be learning German from Week 3. My name is Manuela Matheson. I grew up in Germany and have lived in Australia for most of my adult life. I have been teaching German for many years and I very much look forward to getting to know the children and sharing my native language and culture in these beautiful surroundings.

School Community Conversation Evening

As it is now almost 2 years since we held the wonderfully successful Parent Engagement Evening at the school, we would like to invite members of our school community to attend a School Community Conversation Evening on Monday 14th May at 6.00 pm at the school. The evening will be held in the Movement room and should conclude around 7:30 pm.

Members of the management team will attend and we look forward to having a rich and constructive conversation with the school community about ways we can work together to build and strengthen our beautiful school.

We want to hear from you about what is working well and your thoughts and ideas for improvement. Please mark the date in your calendar.


The Easiest Parenting Strategy That Actually Works: Don’t Get in the Way

Screens vs. Staying Out of the Way
Both of these strategies: showing your child a screen and staying out of the way give the parent some more freedom and flexibility in their day. Parents often turn to screens so that they can get something done or “get a moment’s peace.” However, there is another alternative: insist your child solve the problem independently or play independently whilst you have some time for yourself.

Read the full article here

Car park, school drop-offs & pick-ups

Thank you to everyone, for your patience with our altered drop-off and pick-up arrangements this year. Just a reminder that we ask that parents with children in Classes 3 and above use the drop-off and pick–up system rather than parking to pick up children. We have had a number of cars bogged in the last few weeks because of parents having to park on the grassed areas as there are not enough parking spaces.

Kindergarten parents please note that you must park in the bottom car park, not up behind the kindergarten. Some of the space behind the kindergarten is not our land and we do not have permission for this to be used for drop-offs and pick-ups.

We will be doing work over the holidays to repair the potholes in the bottom car-park and hopefully, with the wet season almost behind us, this will remain in a reasonable condition for a little longer.