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A Wave from the Kindergarten door:

Today is the end of my journey as a teacher at Cape Byron Steiner School. I am filled with gratitude for all the blessings, opportunities and experiences that I have had along the way.
I will always treasure all the joyful, funny, and heart-full moments with the children. So many wonderful memories I take with me, and I wish them all lives filled with love.
Thank you to all the parents who have walked this journey with me, and supported this education for the children.
Thanks also to my colleagues, and the support staff, past and present. You have shared the ups and downs, and the round and rounds….thank you for your friendship. I wish you, and the school, all the very best… Au Revoir! It has been a privilege… with love from Julie.



Farewell from Francoise

Dear Cape Byron Steiner Community,

After being a French and Kindergarten teacher at the school for eight years now, I have decided to resign for personal reasons.

I am sad but also excited for this next stage of my life.

I wish to thank all the children and their parents for some memorable moments.

I also thank the wonderful colleagues that I have had the honor to work with over the years.

Warm regards and blessings


Françoise Sauvère

French for parents

A small group of dedicated parents have been meeting once a week for an hour or so over Terms 2 and 3 to learn basic French.
Over that time, we have covered quite a bit of ground.
We have continued over this last term, although work commitments for many has greatly impacted our numbers.
Nevertheless I wish to thank everyone who attended the classes during the year.
It has been enriching for me to meet all those courageous parents, and in the process I have gained more than can be measured.

Periwinkle Christmas Fair

This year offers wonderful children’s crafts and games, delicious food and drinks, stalls, raffle and silent auction. There is also some great entertainment lined up for the day including Shep aka Dr Hubble’s bubbles, world record holder “The Space Cowboy” as well as musical performances from Periwinkle parents.
There will be Story and Song sessions with Periwinkle’s very own Simon Mclean and Periwinkle’s founder Susan Perrow.
Come and join us for a heart warming and fun day out at Periwinkle!

Thank you to Primary student

A Primary student at our school handed in a brown knitted purse to Reception then ran off to catch the bus before we could identify them. The owner was very glad to have it returned and would like to extend a very big thank you to the honest and kind student who handed it in.

Congratulations Australia!

Community Notices

Maria Moston is returning for a holiday and looking for a house sit, for details and to see all the other great products, services and events on our online Community Noticeboard please follow this link

Silver smithing Term 4

#doitinadress donation raffle Alice and Lily Harrison

Lily Harrison (class 10) was chosen as the 2017 One Girl ambassador for the Northern Rivers; she has formed a team – dreamers in dresses – they have set a target to educate 10 girls ($3000). Her little sister Alice (class 2) has joined her team and to help her raise donations for the team I have made a doll for her to raffle. The following blurb explains –

Can you run like a girl? dance like a girl? Skip, swim, read or sew like a girl? Can you support, achieve, believe, motivate, and change the world like a girl? My daughters can, and to help them achieve their dream to educate 10 girls, I have made this beautiful mermaid doll. She is 25cm tall (45 with fins) and made from all new cotton tricot, cotton velour and sheep wool. Every $5 (or multiple of) donation will buy you one ticket – leave a comment on the one girl site when you donate which includes your name so I can contact you – follow this link (winner announced 31/10/17 open to Aus residents only – she is also advertised on multiple social media sites).

Thank you


Silver smithing Term 4

An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales- Susan Perrow

An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales:
From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra

Published by Hawthorn Press, U.K. 2017

This illustrated collection of behaviour tales offers story medicine as a creative strategy for parenting,

teaching and counselling. Following the alphabet from A to Z, each behaviour is identified in the story

title: angry, anxious, bullying, demanding, fussy … greedy … jealous … loud … obnoxious … quibbling …

uncooperative … and more. Covering a range of universal challenges, the stories, some humorous,

some more serious, are suitable for three to nine years – and the child in every adult.

All 42 stories begin with an undesirable or out-of-balance situation and, through the use of metaphor

and an imaginative story journey, lead to a more desirable resolution. In this way, story medicine also

has the potential for nurturing positive values.

Stories may not be magic pills that have powers to fix or heal all difficulties, but they can be a wonderful

and more pleasant alternative to nagging and lecturing. And sometimes ‘magic’ does happen and a story

does make a difference!

Copies can be sourced online or through Susan Perrow’s website

Please support our Student’s fundraiser

Lisa Romero workshop

Working with Social Understanding, Gender and Sexuality – Understanding Individual Responsibility in Working Towards New Community. With Lisa Romero
1 September – 3 September Byron Bay
In community life we learn consciously and unconsciously from each other. Rudolf Steiner stated that to be an educator in the Consciousness-soul Age we need to be able to elicit the individuality. This course focuses on how to perceive support and elicit the true nature of the individual human being from childhood to adulthood. We will explore the changing role and the need for new community responsibility, that can provide young people with what is needed in the growing self-consciousness and separation that they are facing. We look at how young people can be supported within a community that respects, encourages and expands each individual’s qualities as the basis for the modern rites of passage into adulthood.
for more info; email phone: 66646147

Silversmithing Term 3 @ CBRSS