Canteen Roster

If you are available between 9.30am-2.30pm, and would like to claim some RC&M hours as well as have a free lunch for your child/ren, please contact Amanda Eade on:  0411 837 699 or email:

With many thanks,
The School Canteen.


‘Cultural Celebrations of Life’ ~ a talk by Sandra Frain

Please note:  A change of date!

Story, Song, Food, Craft:  “Cultural Celebrations of Life”
Children’s ‘Natural’ Education Programmes for home & school with Sandra Frain

Saturday 18 June, 2016

$65. 00  Morning and afternoon tea included.  Please bring a plate to share for lunch please.

Lilly Pilly Community Preschool, 96 Kingsford Drive Brunswick Heads

RSVP to Sandra at:

Welcome Educators All: Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Care givers, Specialists,  Aunties, Uncles, Camp Leaders too.

Why? Who ? What?  Where? When?:

Ascertaining the needs of your personal & professional community for birthday, seasonal, religious and healing celebrations.  Together we create a “Festival” with all the necessary components for a MEANING – FULL health giving celebration.

(Certificates of attendence awarded)

Sandra Frain is a skilled workshop facilitator who has been devoted to the development of meaningful nature based educational programs for many decades. She coaches/mentors teachers and parents internationally.  Currently she is teaching ECE and  Biodynamic Agriculture in Vietnam.  In the Byron Shire, Sandra is known for her successful “Family Style” Day Care that she hosted in her Mullumbimby home for seven years.  The Community Based Festivals created with her families and friends were a highlight of her program.  Sandra has formal credentials including a Masters in Steiner Education.

Sandra Frain:  Living loving learning (and Laughing too!).  Educational programs for people of all ages:

Gender and Sexuality course with Lisa Romero and colleagues

Working Wholistically with Gender and Sexuality for the Young Child through to Puberty and Beyond ~ a three day course, facilitated by Lisa Romero, James Deefholts, Fiona Mackenzie, and Melanie Deefholts, will take place at Shearwater Steiner School in Mullumbimby 22-24 July.

Please click on the link below for further information and to view the flyer:

Download Flyer

Solstice Lights on the Brunz Fairy Trail


Come and enjoy the Brunz Fairy Trail on Sunday 19 June.  The fourteen hidden fairy houses will be lit with candles, magical lanterns, and fairy lights to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  There will also be tiny fairy boats floating on the river near the Footbridge and magical lights in the mangroves!  This is a free, family event from 5:30-7:30pm.

Click on the link below for more information and to view flyer:

Download Flyer

School Holiday Sewing Lessons


Editor’s apology!

Hello, there was a post in the last Bulletin about Year 9’s visit to a local aged care facility.  I just need to make the following amendments:

The beautiful picture of the autumn tree was painted by Charlotte Dods (Year 9), who also wrote the letter to elderly resident, ‘Judy’.

The piece written about the experience of visiting the nursing home, and meeting the residents, was from Lotus Casuarina (Year 9).

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Winter has arrived, and with it, some cooler weather.  Teachers often welcome the cooler winter days as the children are more settled and focused.

I think we are all looking forward to the forecast winter rain over the next week to fill tanks, water our thirsty gardens, and to settle the dust in the car park.  I know that a number of parents and students have complained about the dust in the last week or so.  Unfortunately, sealing the carpark is not an option due to some DA conditions.  Gavin has installed a sprinkler system and is now making some adjustments to try to get the best effect.  This means that the sprinklers may be turned on during the school day if the dust is particularly bad – so please do remember to close your windows if you park in the bottom car park.

Today I was fortunate enough to watch the Year 11 and 12 students talking about their subjects at the Year 10 subject forum.  The students spoke with such enthusiasm and understanding about their chosen subjects and it was great to see them showing maturity and leadership.  It was a good reminder that the HSC at Cape Byron is not just about high achievement, but provides an opportunity for students to dive deeply into the subjects of their choice and develop some really strong skills and understandings; both about their subjects and about themselves.

Finally, thank you to the parents who attended the Repair, Care and Maintenance day on Saturday.  We really do rely on the support of our school community to do those little extra jobs that make our school environment beautiful and well cared for.  If you were unable to come, but would like to offer some time in another area of the school (the library always needs some helpers), please do let us know.


Alumni News!


In exciting news, five ex students, playing in two separate bands, ended up recording for a French TV show, Le Petit Journal, last week. This show has a viewership of approximately one million people.  The performances were aired on consecutive days ~ What are the chances?!

The students from the first act are ex Potato Potato members Patrick Hetherington, Jules Crommelin, & Louie Swain (with Annatole Serret who attended Byron High, from the amazing band Parcels).  They are now living in Berlin and  are performing at a large number of festivals throughout Europe this summer.

The second act is Mome, featuring Merryn Jean (AKA Merryn Boller, ex Potato Potato).

Merryn recorded the song almost two years ago whilst in France with a producer she met in her travels.  The song has peaked at number eleven on the French iTunes charts, at that time, were above Coldplay and Beyonce to name a few!  The song has a collective Internet viewing of 10 million hits and will be in a French Movie.

Le Petit Journal performances

Merryn Jean Aloha Film clip


Year 9’s visit to local elderly residents


As part of the Year 9 Guardian programme, we engage in a variety of community interactions, fundraising, and participation.  On Wednesday, the class travelled to Life Care Aged Care Facility, in Suffolk Park, to perform some songs and interact with the elderly residents.

Year 9 entered the Suffolk Park nursing home with big smiles ready to sing on Wednesday 27th May.  I personally, had never visited an aged care facility, and interacted with the residents, so I was so excited to finally have this opportunity, and to bring some smiles to their faces.

We all gathered in a large lounge area, and sang four songs for them.  We then had the opportunity to go out and meet some of the residents.  For me, it was a big reality check, seeing some who could barley talk or would fall asleep midway through a conversation.  Most of the residents were easy to communicate with, had big smiles, and were ready to share some of their life stories.  I was really surprised at how open they were and it was obvious that they all really appreciated us coming in.  I really enjoyed looking around on the bus ride home, and seeing so many happy faces and hearing funny stories.  I would say that Year 9, myself included, would be keen to do this again!

When we got back to school, we participated in an art class where we made cards for the residents and wrote letters back to the residents.  This was a lovely way to complete the experience.

Year 9 had a great day!  We are really thankful for the nursing home for having us and to the teachers for making the day possible.


Don’t forget ~ Cape Byron Ensemble at Old & Gold on 11 June!

Dear school community

Our wonderful school ensemble ‘Della Mar’ will be having a fundraiser at this years Old n Gold festival at Brunswick Heads in June.
The nature of the old n gold festival is a giant whole town garage sale. Along with busking, we also aim to have a stall, so if you are having a clean up these holidays, and have any unwanted items, please think of us.

This fundraiser is to support our students for their upcoming tour to Tasmania in October.
I will send an email with Collection details for any unwanted goods after the holidays.

Any enquiries  to:

Thanks for your support, and Happy Holidays!!

Elizabeth Williams
On behalf of the ‘Della Mar’

Friday Markets


The Friday Markets have been a hive of fundraising activity lately!

Class 1 were busy selling popcorn, and Year 12 raised funds with their Chai Tent, for their Year 12 Formal.

The School Shop, also featured, and was beautifully presented and run by Kylie (Craft Group co-ordinator) and Tanja (P&F Chaiperson).


Craft Group is now on Tuesdays!

Autumn Leaves pic

Felted mice, Gnomes, and King Winter Craft Group is back to meeting on Tuesday mornings from 9-11am in Silky Oak Cottage, where the School Shop is open to buy your pencils, crayons, wool, and wax!

Please call Kylie for further details:  0433 176 895.


No more blue bus forms!

There are now no more blue bus forms.  Applying for, or changing address for, all bus passes will now be electronic.

There are brochures at Reception from the NSW Transport Authority, with information on how to complete your online application form.  Or you can just go strait to the link and follow the prompts: students

Once you have completed the online form, you need to print, bring it to school, and have it stamped and signed by us.  We will then post it to the relevant bus company.

Warm Regards,


Sun Shadow Slippers


‘Afternoon Delight’ concert invitation Sunday 5 June

‘The Songbirds’, including our very own drama teacher, Jude Ellis, are happy to invite you to their next concert….and afternoon tea!

We’ve been polishing up our harmonies, added a couple of fabulous new songs AND we can’t even express how thrilled we are with our new ‘Songbird’ Nerida!  We will be supported at this concert by the Mystica Women’s Choir.

Here are the details:  Sunday 5 June at 3pm
St Martin’s Anglican Hall, Stuart Street, Mullumbimby
$15/$12 includes afternoon tea
Tickets at the door

If you are on Facebook please hop over to the event page here:
and indicate that you are coming, so that we have a bit of an idea about numbers.

Thanks so much,


Nerida, Melanie, Caroline, Carmelle, Amanda, Alison, Fiona and Judy!

Family Day Care

Family Day Care available, Steiner-based, in central Mullumbimby, with mature Steiner-trained carer (ex kindergarten teacher).  Quaint, cosy space, lovely spacious garden for your child, sharing with 3 to 4 other children.

Mondays & Tuesdays, 8:30-4pm.  Please call Sue on:  0402052457 or email:


Fairy Solstice Lights on The Brunzfairy Trail ~ Sunday 19 June

The Brunzfairy Trail ~ a family event!

Fairy Solstice Lights on The Brunzfairy Trail

On Sunday June 19, between 5:30 and 7:30pm, the fairy houses on the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail will be lit with candles, lanterns, and fairy lights to celebrate the Winter Solstice ~ the shortest day of the year ~ which falls on Tuesday 21 June.

There will also be tiny fairy boats floating on the river near the footbridge.

The Brunzfairy Trail aims to connect children with the world of imaginative play, the wonder of playing in nature, and the cycles of the seasons.  It is lovingly designed to bring out the imaginative child in us all, and to foster a sense of joy, fun, and play!

This is a family-friendly free event.

Come along and walk the trail, and if you like, carry a lantern if you have one.

The Fairy Solstice Lights walk will start at the beach near the surf club, where the fairy lighthouse will be lit, and wind from there across the footbridge, along Fingal Street, and finish at Clem’s Cargo on Tweed Street.  You can also start at Clementina’s fairy house, outside Clem’s Cargo, if you wish and then go along Fingal Street to the beach.

If you have any questions, please call the curator of The Fairy Trail, Ollie Heathwood, on 0428 284 030.



From the Principal

Hello everyone,

In recent weeks I have had several parents asking what support the school provides for students with additional needs.  This is something we don’t generally share with parents on a class by class basis as we need to be careful to protect the privacy of individual students and families, however I thought it might be helpful to share a general picture of our approach to this important topic.

The teaching assistants in the Primary School provide general assistance to the teachers in their day-to-day teaching tasks.  In addition to this, we employ teaching aides across the primary school to support specific students (or small groups of students) with their learning needs.  The teaching aides work under the direction of our Learning Support Teacher, Marlis, and in collaboration with the Class Teacher.  Marlis works with the teachers to develop Individual Learning Plans for some children.  She also works with small groups, in the classroom and individually with students to support their needs.  We also work closely with an Educational Psychologist, who undertakes assessments and provides advice when needed.

In the High School, our Learning Support Teacher works to develop Individual Education Plans for students with additional needs.  She provides advice and support to teachers and also works individually with students.  From time to time, we may have teaching aides working to provide Learning Support in some individual classes if there is a higher individual need.  In addition to this, our Wellbeing Workers provide support to students across the school.

The teachers discuss students with additional learning needs regularly in Faculty meetings so that all teachers can provide advice, assistance and support.  We take a very strong team approach to supporting all of our students and, as such, are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our approach and adjusting the support we give.

Rudolf Steiner said that one of our chief tasks as teachers is to work to ‘solve the riddle of the child.’  Each child comes to us with their own needs, their own strengths and challenges.  We work hard, in partnership with parents, to understand what the child needs from us and how we can best meet their needs.

If you have any questions about your own child, please do talk to the teacher or guardian.  We are always happy to listen, share what we are doing with your child and work together to support your child’s learning and development.

I would like to finish this week by welcoming Geraldine Devas to our staff.  Geraldine is a Wellbeing Worker who will be working in the school, with Annie, every Friday.  She brings a wealth of experience to this position, as well as a solid understanding of the philosophy underpinning our education, having been a parent at this school years ago and also working in Steiner Schools in Queensland and Victoria.  It is wonderful to welcome Geraldine to our school.


The Bush Dance!

Bushdancing pic

Dear School Community,

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Annual School Bush Dance is fast approaching!

It’s this Friday night!

Date:  Friday 20th May from 6 -9pm in the CBRSS Performance Hall

Tickets are available at Reception.  We will also be selling tickets at the next three Friday Markets

Adult:  $10

Child:  $5

Earlybird Family Ticket:  $20 (or $25 at the door)

Hope to see you there!

Many thanks
The Bush Dance Co-ordinators

Click to download flyer for Bushdance

An upcoming talk at Cape Byron on Creative Discipline

As parents we sometimes question how to find
effective ways to manage children’s behaviour.
How to discipline without using punishments and
rewards? How can we set limits while maintaining
closeness and trust?

We are lucky enough to have the author of ‘Creative Discipline, Connected Family‘, Lou Harvey-Zahra, coming to Cape Byron Steiner School on Wednesday 8 June, 7-8:30pm, to present a talk on Creative Discipline.  Please join us.

Creative Discipline

Click here for further details