Changes to Recycling rules for Byron Shire

More information including FAQ’s and an A-Z recycling guide is available at our online community noticeboard by following this link.

Check out Mercurius for Steiner Christmas gifts

With Christmas just around the corner are you looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy?

A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies, as well as Steiner based toys and lovely gifts, are available online at Mercurius

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Nurturing the Senses | Fostering Creativity | Nourishing Imagination

Our vision is to support healthy development for children and all ages through education, art and play. We partner with socially and environmentally conscious businesses to offer products of aesthetic beauty, outstanding craftsmanship, quality and durability.

Human Fellowship

Love is higher than opinion. If people love one another the most varied opinions can be reconciled – thus one of the most important tasks for humankind today and in the future is that we should learn to live together and understand one another. If this human fellowship is not achieved, all talk of development is empty. ~ Rudolf Steiner

CBRSS Students work with Byron Youth Theatre

Current student Sam Morrell and past student Seth Freeman joined the cast for the recent BYT performance of In My skin, an original play exploring the themes of prejudice and racism. It was an excellent, professional production which captivated the audience with its powerful message. CBRSS graduate and former BYT member Ebony Webb returned from studying Drama in Brisbane to choreograph the show.

Listen to what Tony Barry has to say about it here. Listen to what local MP Ben Franklin has to say about it here

Bryon Youth Theatre is run by Lisa Apostolides and is the only youth SOCIAL ACTION not for profit company in Northern NSW. Since 2010 they have devised 12 major productions and deliver performances and workshops to local schools, community events and conferences.

Visit their Facebook page for more about In My Skin and BYT 

Primary School Fundraising news

During Semester 2 Class 1-6 have fundraised….

$191 for Farmers in Drought
$560.70 for Jump rope for Heart


Class 1 news

Life in Class 1 living with caterpillars.

Class 6 Graduation

Tobias project 2018

Congratulations to Year 8 on their wonderful projects and on the completion of their Tobias year! The students presented their projects last Thursday night to a rapt audience, setting up displays and delivering speeches that gave insight into their process and self-growth over the course of the year. One theme to emerge regarded social and environmental sustainability, expressed via projects such as upcycled furniture, documentaries on humanitarian causes, photography and cinematography that captured the beauty of the ocean, organic skincare, a petrochemical-free traditional surfboard, sustainable house design and power generated via kinetic energy. All projects were outstanding, but more than the projects, the students shone. Well done to Year 8!

CBRSS HS students Strike for Climate

We’re proud that some of our High School students joined the Strike for Climate last Friday.

Young voices are important and there is nothing more urgent for our future than addressing the issue of climate change. Despite what the Prime Minister says, being able to stand up and speak out when something is wrong (like inaction on climate change) is an extremely important skill and should be part of our education – students should not be chastised by the leader of our country for wanting to speak out against wrong.

Nerrida, Principal.

Read all about it in The Echo here

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Just as our days have rhythm, our years also have a rhythm which can be sensed. Right now, in the last weeks of term, with many assessments, events, excursions and activities in the remaining weeks, we can experience the feeling of a big in-breath before we can exhale deeply over the break. The sensations can include excitement, tension, tiredness and even some anxiety. This is really normal for this time of the year and it is good to acknowledge this and try to find some space within each day to “breathe out” and come to a place of quiet. It is especially important that we allow the children this time and space too.

Hopefully by now you will have received an invitation to our next Parent Conversation Evening. The first evening, held earlier in the year, was a great opportunity for me to catch up with parents and have a conversation about topics related to the school. The last evening’s conversation centred around communication and, following on from the meeting, we made some changes to the bulletin and also found a way to circulate parent contact details for classes. Whilst a range of topics can be discussed, we plan to open the conversation with the question, “What do we do now to bring warmth into the school and what new ideas could we explore to do this?” Please come along and contribute to the conversation, as well as any other topics you would like to talk about. We plan to meet in the Movement Room on Monday 3rd December. Katie and Teera will join me and we look forward to seeing you there.

Finally, having farewelled our graduating class, I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to Gael and Andy, the Year 12 Guardians, for the way they have supported this class on their journey. It is an amazing experience to journey with a class and I know that Gael and Andy have given much of themselves to this very special task. Thank you to both of you.


School Community Conversation Evening

Earlier this year we held a School Community Conversation Evening at the School which was a great time of sharing and conversation around ways we can work together to build and strengthen our beautiful school.

We will be holding our promised Semester 2 meeting on Monday 3rd December from 6 to 7 pm in the Movement Room and we warmly invite you to come along to join the conversation with Nerrida, Teera and Katie.

We want to hear from you about what is working well and your thoughts and ideas for improvement.

Please mark the date in your calendar.

Important re RCM

Please submit your green RCM forms to Reception before Friday 14th December at 3.00pm.

Credit is applied at the end of the term. Please note it is your responsibility to keep track of the hours you have done throughout the year.

For further information please refer to the RCM policy and procedure which can be found here.

Below are some tasks that people can do before the end of the year for RCM hours. You can contact Gavin anytime (0427 847 400) & arrange the most appropriate time to do these tasks.

Weed Plant Nursery Maintenance Shed
Clear Vegetation from around Electrical Transformer behind Admin
Weed Long Jump Pit at COLA
Weed & Tidy Gardens at Silky Oak Cottage
Oil (Sikkens HLS Teak) Outside Furniture Silky Oak Cottage
Oil Timber Pole Arch Kindy (Aussie Clear Oil)
Fuel reduction (Remove fallen branches & twigs) top car park & science garden areas Clean Archive & Other Storerooms
Clean Venetian blinds in Staff Office & Maintenance Shed

Where to buy slippers for 2019

The store, Herbal Wisdom, in Bangalow, is now stocking Sun Shadow Slippers which are the slippers required in K-6 at CBRSS. They are doing this to support the Steiner families in the area. The inventory is small but they do place orders directly to Sandi who makes them in Melbourne. They will be placing an order in early December so the slippers will be available for Term 1. They do not mark up the slippers but rather recoup their costs plus freight.

Herbal Wisdom, 64 Byron St, Bangalow NSW 2479. Phone: 02 6687 0457

CBRSS Centennial Ball 2019 – can you help us plan?

We have now set a date on which to hold our Centennial Ball next year, this will be Saturday 25th May. As mentioned in the last Bulletin, planning is now underway to have a wonderful Ball – celebrating 100 years of Steiner Education in Australia! If you would like to join our little planning group, please do let us know. We are currently at the exciting ideas and possibilities stage of planning and would love some additional input.

New Community Business noticeboard

Looking for a Cleaner, Babysitter, Electrician or Landscape Gardener? If so please check out our recently launched online Business Noticeboard. Business notices are for past and present members of the School community to promote their products and services. You can check it out by following this link.

You can also find this via the ‘Our School’ tab of the website under the ‘Our Community” heading.

If you have a Community or Business Notice that you would like to add to this board, please follow this link to send your notice.

Please consider supporting our community by utilising community members products and services.

Year 12 Formal 2018

Thank you to the Year 12 Guardians Gael and Andy for all their loving care.

Christmas Market News

There are just 2 weeks until this wonderful celebration on the afternoon of Friday 7 December. If books are on your gift giving list this festive season please purchase them from Byron Bay’s The Book Room stall at the market, where 35% of what you spend will buy more beautiful books for our school library. You may pre-order books NOW by emailing and collect them on market day!
Class 1 will be serving us delicious wood-fired pizza, lovingly created from scratch by that class’s parents, which include an expert baker. With gluten-free and vegan options there is something for everyone. We’ll also have a sausage sizzle, with preservative-free sausages, sauerkraut and home-made tomato sauce (gluten-free bread option). There will also be fruit, fresh coconuts, delicious tarts and cakes, a chai tent and more. Be sure to bring a picnic blanket for an easy festive dinner on the Green.
Don’t forget the Student Concert begins at 1.30pm in the amphitheatre. When the concert finishes (at 2.15pm), parents will have half an hour of child-free shopping, before our children join us at 2.45pm. Please also consider bringing a gift for our Giving Tree; this year the gifts will go to children living in local refuges. Please attach a note of what the gift is so it can be matched with the very right child, and if you buy a gift for the Giving Tree at the Market, we will wrap it for you.
You’ll have the chance to tick off your Christmas shopping list, print and/or purchase your own wrapping paper and make decorations. Expect some bubble magic from school parent Shep Huntley AKA Dr Hubble, and a relaxed coming together of our school community. It’s time to celebrate Summer, Christmas, Hanukkah and another wonderful school year.
Student concert 1.30 – 2.15
Child-free shopping at market 2.15 – 2.45
Market goes until 6 pm.

Class 2 parents are creating beautiful wrapping paper to purchase at the market, or you can make your own.

Presentation at CBRSS

Christmas Art class at CBRSS

Biography workshop at CBRSS