From the Acting Principal

Greetings to all

It was so lovely to welcome everyone back to school last week and to see parents, students and staff exchanging morning greetings, looking rested, refreshed and ready to begin Term 2 together. Interestingly, many teachers commented on how so many of their students had noticeably grown over these holidays. It is truly amazing how much children can grow and change in a few brief weeks and how time away allows us to more easily observe such growth!

And so…. the great wheel of the year continues to turn and with Autumn days growing shorter and the coming of longer nights and chilly mornings, as always, our school community has a variety of events to attend and much to celebrate.
Along with our warmly anticipated Winter Festivals and our annual Bush Dance, we are also excited to be hosting a very special Centennial Ball, in celebration of 100 years of Steiner Education. This will be a wonderful 1920’s themed evening and tickets can now be booked online – please see booking and other details in the post further on in this Bulletin.

As we collectively share in the school’s calendar of events, our school community continues to develop and strengthen; such strengthening is also supported through offering parent education opportunities.

This term, Melanie Deefholts is presenting to parents at individual class evenings from Kindergarten to Class 6 and in some High School classes too. In each of her presentations to class parents, Melanie will speak about the specific developmental stages in connection to the year level, and how parents can best be prepared to understand and support their children in this process as they journey with their class and teacher. Melanie is an experienced parent educator who speaks with clarity and always brings a fresh and insightful perspective; we hope you will be able to join us on these evenings!

In addition to parent evenings, Eurythmy classes for parents continue with Susan Gould on Wednesday mornings from 9 am until 10 am in the Movement Room and beginners are welcome.

Other events to note include, our Repair Care & Maintenance day on May 18, which conveniently coincides with the election and our school being a polling booth, and the Pupil Free Report Writing Day on the 11th of June.

I’d like to remind our school community to be safe and considerate drivers on the local Ewingsdale roads and in our school car park; particularly in the mornings and afternoons when students and parents are arriving and leaving.

Duty teachers often need to caution or stop young children who run ahead of their parents when leaving school in the afternoons. I bring to your attention a Pedestrian Road Safety Tip advising that adults should hold hands with children when crossing roads until they are at least 10 years old.

So please do be mindful and vigilant in holding your child’s hand before you reach the drive-through lane in the school car park and be sure to stop and look for cars with your child, before beginning to cross the drive-through lane to reach your parked car.

In closing, we look forward to welcoming Nerrida back to school next week after her study leave and time overseas. It has been a pleasure to look after the school in her absence as Acting Principal and I really appreciate the support I have received from staff, parents and students.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and cosy Term Two, as we journey together towards the longest night!

With thanks

Tips to keep your child safe

  • Hold hands with your child when crossing the road until they are at least 10 years old
  • Children need to be actively supervised in and around traffic.
  • If your hands are full, make sure your child holds onto a trolley or pram, your bag, or even your arm or sleeve.
  • Set a good example
  • Children are always watching – they want to be grown up and be just like older children and adults. Make sure you always set a good example for your child around traffic. Talk with children about traffic and road safety
  • As you are walking, talk with your child about why you are stopping, and what you are looking and listening for. Explain to your child where it is safer to cross the road and why.

CBRSS joins the Woolworths Earn & Learn Program

Woolworths has just launched their Earn & Learn program, and this year we’re joining in. For those parents who aren’t aware of the program, if you shop at Woolworths between 1st of May and the 25th of June, you can earn stickers.

Our school will be collecting those stickers which we can then swap for new school equipment; things like art and craft supplies, sports gear, teaching aids and much more. There are thousands of things we can choose from.

So for any parents who shop at Woolworths, please collect the stickers and drop them in to our collection box, which will be located at Reception. Students can pick up the Sticker Collection Sheets from Reception.

Thanks for helping us out!


Saturday 18th May 9am – 12.30pm
We are having our first RCM Saturday on the same day as the election.
So you can come to school vote & then put in some time looking after the beautiful body of our school. Yes, Our School is a Polling Place.
We will be working throughout the school on this day & will have a variety of tasks for all.
So come along Vote, Socialize & Share in our Community whilst looking after The School.
See You There.
Gavin 0427 847 400.

Donations sought for Spring Fair 2019

Dear school community

Could you donate something to our Spring Fair raffle or silent auction?

We know September and the Spring Fair are still a fair way off! But now’s the time for Class 3 to get organised for the raffle and silent auction.

If you have a business and would like to donate an item or a voucher for a service, we would be very grateful. We’ll also be seeking donations for the produce stall in due course, so if you are a grower and would like to donate to the produce stall, please let us know. (The produce stall will have fruit and veggies, other produce, plants and seedlings).

Or perhaps you have a local business you really value who you’d like to suggest that we approach (please don’t approach them on our behalf in case we have already done so!)

Together, let’s make this year’s Fair a bountiful and glorious celebration of Spring.

Please contact Sarah on or Lesa on

Many thanks

Spring Fair committee


New Light – New Hope

Help us celebrate 100 years of Steiner Education at our Centennial Ball. This will be a 1920’s themed event so get your Gatsby on! We will have delicious food provided by Open Table and Amazing Music by some very talented local artists including our own Peter Hunt. This will be a BYO evening and will have Little Vittles taking care of your refreshments.

The Ball is being held on Saturday 25th May from 7 pm to 11 pm. Tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite. Tickets are $110.00 which includes food and entertainment.

Tickets are limited so book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Please keep your eye on our Event page on the Cape Byron Steiner School Facebook page for inspiration.

Help needed for Jamaii’s Tobias project

CBRSS presents The Kingdom of Childhood

From 2020 onwards, it is a condition of Enrolment that within 12 months of your child joining the CBRSS Kindergarten that at least 1 parent from each family completes The Kingdom of Childhood lecture series with Nerrida. For this reason, we are offering both a daytime and an evening course each year, details are below.

Daytime Study group for this Term is now full and only a few places remain for Term 3 so register quickly to avoid disappointment.

Please register by emailing our Enrolments Officer Yvette

Adult Eurythmy classes at CBRSS

Biography Workshop with Geraldine at CBRSS

Supporting Health workshop at CBRSS

Email: or phone 0407 327 812 to book or for more information.

New local slipper supplier approved for CBRSS

I was inspired as a local Steiner Mother, to offer an affordable and sustainable choice in slippers, so I created ‘Upcycled Slippers’. They are durable and have a unique design, which I hear the children love too!.. Plus pull tags for little fingers independence. I also offer a foot measuring service, another bonus of buying local! Come and peruse my Facebook page, you can order there, and see how I hand-make Slippers all the colours of the rainbow…

Introductory Offer: Adult Sizes at Children’s Prices!

If you’d like to chat feet, you can call me, Karena on 0431 458 953. Website Coming soon

Check out Mercurius for beautiful gifts

Are you looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy?

A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies, as well as Steiner based toys and lovely gifts, are available online at Mercurius

Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!


Nurturing the Senses | Fostering Creativity | Nourishing Imagination

Our vision is to support healthy development for children and all ages through education, art and play. We partner with socially and environmentally conscious businesses to offer products of aesthetic beauty, outstanding craftsmanship, quality and durability.

Kindergarten Harvest Festival 2019

Class 2 News

Last term Class Two went on a calendar journey exploring the fauna and flora of our surrounding area. Some of the things we learned were that there are six Bundjalung seasons, not our traditional four. We also learned that everything in nature is telling us something. For example, did you know that when the silky oak is flowering that the turtles are good eating? Or that chains of furry caterpillars up on the plains indicate that the mullet are running on the coast? We all enjoyed feeling more connected to what is around us, and I particularly enjoyed hearing the knowledge the children already knew.

Class Two teacher

Class 3 News

Class 3 have been learning Hebrew and we enjoyed celebrating Chag Purim at the end of Term 1. We had a wonderful day dressed in royal costumes, baking traditional Oznei Haman cookies, hearing the Chag Purim story in Hebrew, dancing and singing together. We also had a very royal library lesson! A big thank you to Galit and Simi for helping us to celebrate this Jewish festival.


CBRSS at Bluesfest 2019

This was the 10th year Cape Byron Steiner students have performed at the Byron Bluesfest, this year, like the past few years, with Kadina High and Byron High.

We met at the Artists entrance and spent time in the Greenroom and dressing rooms before the show, seeing the names of all the other artists playing on the neighbouring dressing rooms was exciting.

The kids met the famous transport legend, whose name is Teapot, loaded the gear in and we headed up to the Juke Joint stage.
The sound crew were wonderful, especially friendly considering it was on the morning of day 5. It is an invaluable experience to be treated as Artists on that large stage. The students love the quality of the experience and the sound every year.

The students rehearsed hard last term and brought some seriously magic sounds to the Juke Joint stage on the final day of Bluesfest.
The crowd that gathered was much larger than Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, and siblings could ever be. Many general punters coming in through the gates were drawn over to listen and stayed.
They were amazing.
Congratulations on playing such an incredible set and for setting a very high standard in professionalism and interaction with all the Bluesfest staff we interacted with.
You are all outstanding ambassadors for our school.
Huge thank you to Bluesfest, along with Loani and Matt for your support last term and on the day.


Reflecting on Politics

Today’s policies and political activity treat people like pawns. More than ever before, attempts will be made to use people like cogs in a wheel. People will be handled like puppets on a string, and everyone will think that this reflects the greatest progress imaginable. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

This term seems to have flown by and we are now nearing the term break. There has been a lot of activity around the school in the last two weeks and I think our teachers and students are all looking forward to having a chance to rest and recharge.

Over the last week or so I have had the joy of meeting with the members of the Student Representative Council in the High School as well as having morning tea with our HSC students. It is always so enjoyable to spend time with our students, listening to what matters to them and watching them show their own form of leadership within the school. It is such a privilege to witness these young people growing and developing as they learn.

Some of you may know that this Tuesday was World Autism Day. As with all schools, we have a number of students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I would like to honour all of the amazing incredible people who live life on the autism spectrum. I would also like to honour all the incredible mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles and cousins who know the challenge AND the joy of loving that special person. I honour the teachers who love and care for these students and who learn so much from them.

I thought I might share with you a personal account of autism – a quite common disorder which is often misunderstood.

My understanding of autism comes from my incredible, beautiful, wise, intelligent, gentle, caring grandson. Eli (pictured with me below) is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. He sees and experiences the world in a way which is so unique and special – he reminds me every day that my way of seeing and experiencing the world is just one way… not the only way. When Eli came into the world, I discovered a whole new world of love – I wouldn’t want to change who he is for anything. He is brave and strong, thoughtful and determined and his smile melts my heart.

If you want to know just a tiny bit of what it feels like for someone with autism… this description is inspired from a talk Eli gave last year when he stood in front of his whole school and talked about autism ……

Sit quietly for a minute and listen to every different sound you can hear – the fridge humming, the car going past, the cricket whirring in the garden, the bird chirping, the clock ticking, your breathing…. the longer you listen the more you will hear. Then do the same with your hearing and your seeing. For most of us, we filter a huge percentage of the sensory input coming in so that we don’t notice it – it’s just too much. We only notice it when we really concentrate. For a child with autism, the filtering system doesn’t work – so every impression is there for them all the time. When the input is just too much (sensory overload), they can have a “meltdown” – it looks like a temper tantrum or bad behaviour, but it isn’t…. it is the child trying to deal with the absolute sensory overload they are experiencing.

You may have noticed an autistic person “stymming” – performing a repeated action like rocking, tapping, flicking etc., (Eli paces up and down and flicks his hands). This behaviour helps the child to filter out the sensory input – it calms it down a bit. This is a coping mechanism and it works for them (so we really shouldn’t try to get them to stop it … unless they are hurting themselves or others by doing it).

I hope that in sharing just a little from my experience with my grandson, I might have given you some insight into the worlds of those in our community who live with the autism spectrum disorder.

In closing, the P&F held their AGM this week. Sarah Sykes stepped down from the Executive after many years of dedication and hard work. Thank you Sarah for everything you have contributed to the P&F and the school. Michelle Ruthven was re-elected to the executive and joined by Felicity Davies and Gladys De Swart-Pages. Thank you to the parents who attended on Monday and special thanks to Michelle, Felicity and Gladys for being willing to lead our wonderful P&F.

Have a restful and healthy break everyone,


Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Alert

There have been confirmed cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in persons that attend Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School.

Pertussis caught at school can spread to any other members at home. Coughing spreads the infection to others nearby. Pertussis can be especially dangerous for babies.

Pertussis starts like a cold and progresses to bouts of coughing that can last for many weeks. Older children may just have a cough that is persistent and is worse at night. The infection may also occur in fully vaccinated children.

What should people sick with pertussis do?
Pertussis is readily spread from an infected person to others by coughing and sneezing. If left untreated, it can be spread for up to three (3) weeks after the start of the infected person’s cough.

Do not attend work, school or a childcare facility if you or any household members:

• Have a cough as described above. Please see your doctor.
• Are being tested for Pertussis by your doctor and waiting for test results.
• Are being treated with antibiotics for whooping cough for at least five (5) days after starting the

Keep coughing children away from babies.

Pertussis vaccines give good protection against infection but immunity fades. If your school-aged child has younger siblings, it’s a good idea to check that they are up to date with their vaccines.
Information about this infection is available on NSW Health website here