Biodynamics presentation CBRSS

Movement Room – Wednesday 22nd August 5 pm – 7 pm

Biodynamics and Education
Foundations for the class of 2030

Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture are nearing their centenaries and this provides an opportunity to reflect on where we are up to and look at what we are offering the children who will be leaving school in 2030. The natural scientific world is making great strides in observing and describing the material world we live in but too often falls short when coming to an understanding of what they are observing. It is important that we keep pace with this natural scientific progress but we also need to keep up our spiritual scientific study and research if we are to serve the children who will be graduating in 2030 and beyond.

Drawing on Rudolf Steiner’s Occult Science – an outline Hamish will look at what biodynamic farmers and gardeners have as common tasks with teachers and parents in establishing strong physical and soul environments for children being born into the 21st Century. He will relate the pedagogical needs of the child provided by parents and teachers with the nutrition that the biodynamic community is striving to make available for parents and schools to support the incarnating individual to fulfil her/his destiny.

We are more than one third of the way through the current regency of Michaël as the ruling Time Spirit and we can expect certain individuals will find their way to Steiner schools to give them the foundation to become significant players in the shaping of this regency. By 2030 the world will be very different and we have the opportunity/responsibility to provide these children with the head, heart and hands to make a difference.

Norbert Glas: “Engross yourselves in everything you can learn from Rudolf Steiner, but do not change the true foundations. This, of course, is not a call to dogmatism, for that would only be a contradiction of anthroposophy”. Biodynamics was given “out of the heart of anthroposophy” and we remain challenged to develop and evolve this approach to agriculture and nutrition. This will involve helping existing farmers and gardeners connect with their karmic connection with agriculture but also creating the social and scientific base for the recent arrivals to also connect with their karma.

This presentation will address these issues in an atmosphere of support and encouragement to teachers and parents who are privileged to be responsible for these children.

Hamish has received a number of questions and he will address these:

What is the difference between Biodynamic & Organic Agriculture?

What are the under pinning’s that connect Biodynamics & Steiner Education?

What do children gain from the teaching of gardening & in particular the Biodynamic approach to gardening?

What aspects of gardening/biodynamics are brought to students at what age & why?

Where would we like a Year 12 student to be, in relation to gardening, biodynamics, agriculture, etc. at the completion of their school training?

Hamish MacKay has been a student of Rudolf Steiner since 1972. He has worked in the Demeter Bakery in Sydney, introduced Biodynamics to his family’s farm, worked with the mentally and chronically ill at the Blackthorn Gardens in the UK, a co-founder, chairman and later CEO of Biodynamics Australia. He now is executive director of Biodynamics2024 and member of Living Biodynamics. He presents Biodynamics as a cost effective and enjoyable way to produce high quality food and fibre suitable for human health and well being; at the same time improving our environment.