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At school, we don’t celebrate Halloween and at home, there can be tremendous pressure to join in trick and treating, even if it doesn’t wholly match your family values, we warmly encourage you to withstand this pressure and instead find inspiration below to celebrate with reverence. In ancient times Halloween was believed to be the […]

P & F Fundraiser

Looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy? Art Makes Sense! A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies as well as Steiner based toys are available online at Mercurius http://www.mercurius.com.au/ Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!

‘Fortnite’ teaches the wrong lessons

In recognition of the fact that “Fortnite” has quickly become one of the most popular video games in the world – one played by more than 125 million players – I decided to play the game myself in an attempt to understand its widespread appeal. As a parent and as a political theorist who focuses […]

Reflecting on Halloween

Regardless of whether you celebrate Halloween or not, or the views you may have about it, let us take a journey together to investigate the history of Halloween and some of Rudolf Steiner’s insights that may be of value. What is Halloween and do we want to celebrate this with our children? I am often […]

Kindy dolls

Last Term, the Kindergarten dolls were invited to spend the holidays with the God Mother of all dolls in her cottage ‘over the hills and far away, where daffodils grow and butterflies play’. The children excitedly took the dolls to the office, where they were to wait for their bus. This week at kindergarten there […]

Year 12 2018 English Extension

Finally we finished! After a year long project on the English Extension 2 Major Work, 9 very talented individuals above can feel very satisfied with their achievements. The Major Work is a substantial creative or critical work exploring a concept through research and then producing a short story, film, performance poem, poetry suite, critical analysis […]

The Board – Who Are We?

It was with great honour that I was elected as Chair of the Board in May of this year. To follow in the shoes of a dear friend James Dods, who did such a tremendous job serving the school over many years to create such a solid foundation from which to build has made the […]

From the Principal

Hello everyone, On such a busy Spring Fair set-up day, I have only a short message for you all. Celebrations such as our wonderful Spring Fair draw our incredible school community together and help to weave the fabric of relationship between us all. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this […]

2019 School Fees

The School Board has met to set the School Fees for 2019. The Board is cognisant of the need to keep fee increases to a reasonable level so that our rates remain manageable for our school community. With this in mind, tuition fees and charges will increase by 2.5% in 2019. This is in keeping […]

Snakes are becoming active again.

They will be looking far & wide for food & are on the search for mates & territory. The breeding instinct is in full swing & they will be less tolerant of others (humans) sharing their environment. It is extremely important at the moment to stay out of garden areas. Everyone, please stick to paths & […]

The magic of Spring at CBRSS

A special kind of harmony between our animals, humans and land. Spring is coming, spring is coming birdies build your nest. weave together straw and feather doing each your best. Spring is coming, spring is coming flowers are waking, too. daisies, lilies, and daffodils now are coming through. spring is coming, spring is coming all […]