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Donations of German books wanted

Dear parents and caregivers, To support our new German language program the library has started a German Language book collection. We have already purchased some picture books and received a very welcome donation of chapter books written in German. We are looking for donations of any suitable books for children and young adults written in […]

P & F Fundraiser

Looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy? Art Makes Sense! A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies as well as Steiner based toys are available online at Mercurius http://www.mercurius.com.au/ Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!

The educational significance of practical learning

By Wilfried Gabriel, April 2018 Which skills and abilities should schools give to children and young people so that they are prepared to confidently confront the challenges of the future? On what basis can these increasingly bigger and more complex seeming tasks such as globalisation and digitalisation, peace and social justice, and responsibility towards the […]

Love as our “Sun”

Our egoism gains nothing from acts of love, but the world gains all the more. Esotericism tells us that love is to the world what the Sun is for outer life. No soul could thrive if love departed from the world. Love is the ‘moral’ Sun of the world. ~ Rudolf Steiner  

Ugandan Ubuntu Choir

Last week, our students and some families were very blessed to experience the Ugandan Ubuntu Choir. UBUNTU Choir is a charitable organisation that provides scholarships to vulnerable Ugandan children for education. The touring choir is a fundraising exercise. The choir was billeted out amongst local families, I wish to extend our thanks for your contribution. […]

Class 5 & 6 Mosaic

Class 5 & 6 and their various helpers have been busy working away on the Mosaic in the amphitheatre which was finished this week. It looks amazing so please take time to drop past for a look. A big thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to help and a particularly big thank you to […]

High School Athletics Carnival Day

On Friday 15th June, the High School students spent a sunny winters day at Ewingsdale sports ground participating in the Inter-House Athletics Carnival. A total of nine Track and Field events were on offer for students to test their physical skills in running, jumping and throwing. The carnival is not yet complete as the students […]

Year 8 Camp

In early June, Year 8 undertook their week-long camp in the Nightcap Ranges, From the Mountain to the Sea, in which students made their own way – hiking, biking, paddling – through the beautiful forests and waterways of our local area. There were many standout moments during the week: the students spontaneously playing touch football […]

Year 9 Modern Art Main Lesson

Students had fun creating a Picasso-type cubist portrait which means having more than one view within a portrait (full face and profile). They explored this using cardboard and collage, oil pastels and acrylic. Dennis