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CBRSS Donation to School in Sumatra

During my Long Service Leave this term, I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to northern Sumatra and do a jungle trek into the rainforest with my twin sons. Apart from long treks from small village to the next and seeing orang utans and monkeys in the wild, we visited a very small and very basic school in Selang Pangeran where students come to learn English. The students walk for more than an hour (usually in bare feet and very hot weather) to voluntarily come and learn the language that may assist them gain employment working with tourists in the future, and can assist their entry into secondary and tertiary education. Before leaving, I asked Charlotte in our Library if she could put together a box of unused basic readers and picture books to donate to this needy school. We also collected as many pens and writing books as we could find. The students were very grateful and we had a lovely afternoon, teaching them songs, doing English conversation games and finally playing in the river. Thank you to Charlotte for assisting with this donation and please don’t hesitate to talk to me if you would like more information […]

From the Principal

Hello everyone, After living in this area for just over 4 years, it still amazes me how suddenly we seem to switch from summer to autumn – it is as though, overnight, someone flicked a switch and suddenly we are having cooler nights, mist in the valleys and softer afternoon light. With the change of season comes a change in the way we experience ourselves in the world. The sometimes frenetic, ‘out-there’ pace of summer is replaced by a feeling of slowing down as we begin the journey back towards a more inner experience of ourselves and the world. As we make this transition, it is not unusual to feel a bit unsettled or disgruntled. At school we find that, in the classroom the children are more able to work in the cooler days, whilst in the playground there can be more upsets, disagreements and incidents. It is interesting to reflect, how does the change to Autumn manifest in you and in your home? Last week I had the real pleasure of hosting a morning tea for our Year 12 students. It was wonderful to spend time with them talking about their experiences of studying for the High School Certificate, […]

Reminders for parents

Picking up and Dropping off Students Just a gentle reminder, all pick-ups and drop-offs of students must happen from the bottom car park.  The top car park is a bus zone and is not a safe space for cars and pedestrians.  Please assist us to keep our students safe by doing all drop-offs and pick-ups from the bottom carpark. Some Email Sanity We are trying to reduce the amount of email traffic coming through our in-trays at night and on the weekends.  With this in mind, we ask that parents use the reception email address to contact teachers or other staff members at school. Georgi will forward the emails on to the appropriate staff member during business hours.  From our side, we will do our best to really minimise the number of emails we send at night and on weekends.

Spring Fair Coordinator 2017 – Position Vacant

Spring Fair Coordinator 2017 The school is seeking a Spring Fair 2017 Coordinator with proven skills in event management to coordinate our annual Spring Fair in September. You will be required to liaise closely with School Management, P&F and the Class 3 parents. The successful applicant will be engaged on a contract basis and thus will require an ABN. Please forward your expression of interest by Friday 24th March 2017. For more details please contact Teera Palmer – Director Primary K6 and or send your CV to hr@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

French classes for Parents

Bonjour chers parents, This year once again our school has been accorded a grant for a French language program called “Parental Polyglots”. The aim of this program is to propose some basic language skills to you parents so that you may understand what your children do during the French language classes. You will also be learning how to get by whilst travelling, how to order “un croissant et un grand café”, how to understand directions, and so many other fun things. I would like to propose a one hour per week session over three terms; Term 2, 3 and 4. I suggest Tuesday mornings from 9.15 am to 10.15 am. I would be very happy to know of your interest to join this session. Please contact me via email at francoises@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au Merci. À bientôt. Françoise*

Please support our student’s worthy cause

Dear parents, students and school community, My name is Lily, and I am currently in year 10 here at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School. I’d like to begin by thanking everybody who has already donated, your contribution has helped to make this happen and I have now put together my first 20 or so #PeriodPacks. As this will be an ongoing initiative, with packs made up each month your continual donations and support will be very much appreciated. I am also looking for prizes that I can raffle to fundraise for the cause. So I would also be delighted to receive any donations in this area. Please read below for the Period Pack story. You can also now follow #PeriodPack on Instagram at @PeriodPack_ and see where your kind donations are going. Recently I have become aware of groups helping homeless women in big cities, like Sydney, through the distribution of care packages filled with things like sanitary items and a bottle of water. These basics not only help women who are on the streets manage basic hygiene, but also allow them to spend what money they do have on food and other necessities, rather than sanitary products. Shocked by […]

Did you know that CBRSS also have a playgroup?

The Rainbow Garden playgroup is a Steiner based playgroup for young children and their carers. Parents, carers and children journey together and experience the changing of the seasons through songs, stories, craft, games and celebrations. We sing, bake wholesome bread and play creatively using handcrafted toys, and a dolls corner. For all enquiries please contact Maxine Ph 0411 220 247 email: playgroup@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au  

Introducing our online Community Notice Board

CBRSS now has a Community Notice Board available through our website. It can be found through the Our School Menu, under the heading Our community or you can access it by following this link. The noticeboard is for Community notices and products and services that support the School Community. If you would like to post on to our Community Notice Board please use the online form which can be found at the top of the page under the heading Send Your Community Notice. We reserve the right to refuse a post if it does not meet our criteria.

Seeking long term rental

Seeking long term rental Within half an hour drive of CBRSS 2 + bedrooms, between $400 & $700 pw For myself, my daughter and my dog Please email sundaytrading@yahoo.com Freja & Jali Class 3

Conscious Parenting workshop – change of date

CONSCIOUS PARENTING In the Light of Anthroposophy 2017 MAY 20 & 21  9am to 2.30pm – Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School BYRON BAY BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES 0407 327  812 developingtheself@gmail.com www.developingtheself.org For more information please see the full flyer here

Moral Technologies Workshop

Moral Technologies is a new and exciting initiative of Seed Australia exploring the theme of being human in the age of technological development. In April from 7th- 10th 2017 we will host Orland Bishop (founder and director of Shadetree Multicultural Foundation USA) for a four-day intensive event at a retreat centre in Templestowe, Melbourne. We will dive deeply into exploring different facets of our humanity and our creative potential, and how that relates to the time in which we live and the rapid developments in technology. We welcome people between the ages of 15 and 80+ to come together, through workshops and activities, to create a dialogue and community that bridges the generations and sparks greater wisdom and inspiration for the future. Book through the website or contact Rose Nekvapil – rose.nekvapil@gmail.com.

From the Principal

Hello everyone, We are all enjoying the cooler weather at school – with everyone having just a little more energy and enthusiasm. The new hats arrived for our primary school students and first reports are that they “stay on really well” and are “easy to play in”. They look great too. I have been spending some regular time in classrooms across the school during Main Lesson time and am really enjoying watching our great teachers and students at work. The excitement and enthusiasm for teaching and learning in the classrooms is inspiring. So far, I have watched High School Science students constructing a model of the human circulatory system, listened to an exciting Norse Myth in Class 4 and enjoyed a wonderful Year 7 Class exploring one of my favourite poems, ‘The Lady of Shalott’. I look forward to continuing this regular activity for the rest of the year. I enjoyed attending the P&F meeting this week and meeting with some of our Class Coordinators and parents. The role of Class Coordinator is such an important position in supporting the teachers with parent communication and coordination. I am very grateful to all of those parents who have put their hand […]

New Enrolments

We have new students Indigo Wilkinson in Kinder and Romany Miller in yr 9, we warmly welcome them and their family to our School community.