A Safety Plea ….

Over the last few weeks I have personally witnessed people driving up and down the hill at high speeds, people overtaking just before the blind bend in our road, people pulling out of our carpark directly across on-coming traffic and people parking in areas which make it unsafe for other traffic and for pedestrians.  We all have the odd times when we are running late for school or work, or when our attention is distracted from the road, however it only takes one moment for things to go wrong and somebody to get badly hurt.  It would be easy to think “it won’t happen to me”, but accidents do happen and the effects can be devastating.  I have a brother who is a quadriplegic after a car accident and a daughter with a lifelong disability after a separate car accident.  It can happen and it does …. with frightening regularity.   And so I make a personal plea….. please PLEASE slow down and take care on the way to and from school.  Obey the rules and be extra vigilant as there are a lot of little people (and not so little people) trying to get to and from our school.