A Productive RC&M Day!

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! Our new Repair Care & Maintenance Day (RCM) program was a great success with more people attending & everyone seemed to be really enjoying them selves. We concentrated on two main areas and this allowed people to work together more & provided a greater sense of achievement at the end. Next year we will also have a twilight RCM day, 3 – 6pm on a school day with BBQ dinner after. Our new name challenge has so far provided: Community Days & Community Care Days. If you have any other ideas please email Gavin at site@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au or text or phone 0427 847 400. One major highlight for me was to see my 19-month-old grandson come walking in pushing his wheelbarrow I recently bought him. He had come to help out with his father & grandfather. His father, our son, was a student here. To me this is what the day is all about: vibrant community through working together. RCM Day Gavin & family pic Thank You to All Site Manager Gavin Colley