A Gorgeous Autumn Festival

The school celebrated the Autumn Festival last Monday 21 March.  The whole school community came together to celebrate this special time.  A beautiful display of Autumn offerings from the garden and Mother Nature was created in the Amphitheatre.  Thank you to everyone for bringing in produce and offerings from your gardens and from home.  Teachers, students, and parents gathered, in their Autumn colours, to celebrate the Festival with music and song.  We were also joined by special guest, Irish Joe Lynch, who shared some entertaining stories with everyone.  The school then gathered on the grass, surrounding our clever musicians, to enjoy some Autumn dances!  Much fun & joy was had by all!

Autumn Festival 2016 Nerrida 1

Photo:  Nerrida Johnson

Autumn Festival 2016 Nerrida 2

Photo:  Nerrida Johnson

Autumn Festival 2016 Irish Joe Lynch

Photo:  Nerrida Johnson

Autumn Festival 2016 Felicity 1

Photo:  Felicity Dynes