From the Principal

Hello everyone,

As always, it has been a very busy last two weeks of term. With the severe weather and heavy rain in the lead-up to the Winter Festivals, we had to make some major changes to the planned events. I would like to thank the teachers involved for their flexibility in working with the changed plans. I would also like to thank the parent community for being so understanding and supportive. Our Winter Festivals are an important opportunity to bring our school community together and it was not an easy decision to alter the event. Having said this, our students had a very deep and reverent experience of this beautiful event. We have included some photographs later in this bulletin. We will be including a clip with some of the lovely music and images of the senior festival on our website in the near future.

This week we have been celebrating NAIDOC week at the school (a week early because of school holidays). We had a special opening of the week with our High School students on Monday where Peter Palmer talked about the purpose of NAIDOC week and I raised the Aboriginal Flag. Thank you to Sy Mullumby for coming along to play the didgeridoo during the flag raising. Peter Palmer has done a wonderful job of organising a series of events across the week. Hopefully this will become something we will celebrate every year.

This week we have also launched our Building Fund page on our website. The models for our new Science and Maths Innovation Centre are on the web page and there is an opportunity for people to donate to our Building Fund. A copy of the school Master Plan can also be found on the page; this details our plans for building development across the school site over the coming years. Please do go and have a look at the page. The link to the page can be found in the article later in this Bulletin.

Last night I attended the High School Electives Showcase. It was a wonderful celebration of the work of our very talented Year 9 and 10 students. I saw beautiful paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and finely crafted woodwork items. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the drama performances, fashion parade and heart-stopping circus performances. The music finale was a wonderful finish to the night. Congratulations to our Year 9 and 10 students and a huge thank you to our wonderfully skilled Elective teachers.

Finally, this week marked a very special day in the kindergarten, with Julie McVeigh teaching her last day in the classroom. Julie has had a wonderful career over many years, wisely and gently shepherding young children into their first experience of school life. Julie is now transitioning into the next stage of her professional career and will be working in a mentoring capacity for the rest of the year, sharing her wisdom and experience with our Kindergarten teachers. I would like to honour and thank Julie for her many years of wonderful service to the school and to a generation of young children.

I hope you all enjoy the term break, I look forward to seeing some well-rested and cheerful faces back at school at the beginning of next term.


Innovators Inventors Inspired Thinkers

We are building a specialised Science and Maths Innovation Centre and we need your help to bring this wonderful project to fruition.

The new building will contain two Science labs downstairs and two flexible learning spaces upstairs. Our students will have the opportunity to learn in a purpose built, state of the art facility.

Click here to see more amazing images of the Innovation Centre and while you’re there, please make a Donation today so that our students can become the innovators, inventors and inspired thinkers of tomorrow.

All donations to the CBRSS Building Fund are tax deductible!

Student Wellbeing talks with Lisa Romero

Lisa is offering her Student Wellbeing talks again this year for classes 5 to 11, exploring sexuality and student wellbeing.

For parents she is offering 2 parent talks:

Classes 5, 6 and 7 Monday 31 July @ 6 – 7.30pm

Years 7- 11 Wednesday 2 August @6 – 7.30pm

Her latest book Sex Education and the Spirit will also be available at her parent talks.

Sex Education and The Spirit

Understanding Our Communal Responsibility for the Healthy Development of Gender and Sexuality within Society

A healthy relationship to gender and sexuality supports our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a community. The form of sex education that we bring to children and adolescents not only needs to combat the inner disturbances and imbalances created by social media and exposure to pornography – as the most prevalent sources of implicit sex-education in our time – but it also needs to serve them in cultivating useful capacities with which to meet the growing societal changes around this fundamental aspect of being human.

Providing a healthy and socially constructive sex education is the responsibility not only of the primary caregivers, parents, and teachers, but also of the individuals in the wider community, who likewise contribute to the collective consciousness.

Working to overcome our own biases and imbalances will prepare us to more readily awaken to the spiritual wisdom that can bring health and harmony into the evolving reality of gender and sexuality.

“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners” – Shakespeare, Othello

The insights shared in this book are important for everyone who is interested in understanding the various forms of human relationship, and how we might work together to bring about a healthier community life.

LISA ROMERO is an author of inner development books, a complementary health practitioner and an adult educator who has been offering healthcare and education enriched with anthroposophy since 1993. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Through the Inner Work Path Lisa offers lectures, courses and retreats for personal and professional development, in communities and schools worldwide. Steiner Books has published; ‘The Inner Work Path’focusing on meditation practice, ‘Developing the Self’ written after years of working with Waldorf teachers to support their inner work and pedagogical understanding of child development, ‘Living Inner Development’ offering an understanding of the inner experiences and results of various inner development exercises, and ‘Sex Education and The Spirit’ to help awaken an understanding of our communal responsibility for the healthy development of gender and sexuality within society.

Lisa’s capacity to deliver esoteric wisdom with insight and understanding allows her to meet the diverse needs of a range of communities and professions. Essentially, her work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises, together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness.

CBRSS 3-12 Winter Festival

CBRSS K-2 Winter Festival

CBRSS at the Lismore Lantern Festival

Teera lead a group of CBRSS students and parents at the Lismore lantern Festival last Saturday. CBRSS was beautifully represented and our bees were quite a feature of the parade receiving lots of attention and cheers. Thanks to the enthusiastic parents and students who attended, it was a wonderful way to show our support for Lismore community.



NAIDOC T-Shirt Comp Winners

As part of NAIDOC Week, students were invited to design an image and logo for printing onto t-shirts. The theme was “Indigenous Languages Matter”. Congratulations to all the participants of the T-Shirt competition, the judges had a difficult task choosing a winner from all the fantastic designs. The winning entries were submitted by Kiana and Sophia from class 6.

Staying Safe on Social Media

Dealing with the perils of online communication and safety in the social media world is one of the biggest issues confronting our young people today. Parents are also under pressure to ensure that their children are developing safe practices around social media use.
Just when we think we understand how to maintain privacy and safety, the goalposts shift through updates in Apps and various social media tools. To make sure staff, students and parents are aware of the issues, we have linked with a great organisation called Safe on Social, who supports our school through professional learning for our staff, sessions for our students and information for our parents.

Easily found on our website under the Information Tab, are a set of esafety resources that can be downloaded by parents and students. These relate to the most popular sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and many others. We are hoping that parents will access this information and the other links on the website.

One of the most important tools to stay safe is to turn off Location Services on your mobiles. There is a recent update from Snapchat that is particularly worrying in terms of its tracking exactly where the snapchat is coming from on a map unless you have location services turned off.

Once a user updates to the latest version of the app, all they need to do to launch Snap Map is pinch the Snapchat camera home screen. From there, they can choose to share their location with all of their friends, select some of them, or choose none of them by using ‘Ghost Mode’, which hides them from the map but still allows them to track their friends.

Next term, High School students will have further educational talks around staying safe on social media with Kirra Pendergast from Safe on Social. This follows the excellent work of Peter Chown this term who spoke to the students about avoiding addictive behaviour in relation to mobile phones and how to keep the brain healthy with these challenges. The parent talk he gave was very illuminating, however unfortunately not many parents attended the talk.

The students will be experiencing some presentations in Term 3 about how to stay safe online with Safe on Social. Very specific information will be shared about settings on mobile phones and how to protect your digital footprint. Students will also have the usual presentations from Lisa Romero, who brings an anthroposophical approach to young people managing the challenges of adolescent life.

Please assist our work by accessing the information on our website and being vigilant with your teenager’s online behaviour.


Yr 9 & 10 Elective Showcase

Looking for a Steiner Inspired gift or Toy?

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Silver smithing Term 3

Our online Community Noticeboard

Have you seen our new Online Community noticeboard yet?

New things are being added all the time so please be sure to check it out regularly here.

If you would like to post something to the community noticeboard please use this link or email Yvette at

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

I am writing this from Melbourne, where I am attending the Year 10 Camp. Every year I join some of our teachers and students on their camp. It gives me a great opportunity to spend time with our students and teachers, getting to know them all in a more relaxed setting. We bring our Year 10 students to Melbourne to give them a taste of city life; giving them an opportunity to learn how to find their way around a big city, visit some universities and tertiary institutions and experience some of the cultural life of the city. It is really enjoyable to watch the students working together to manage the money they are given to buy each meal – budgeting and working together to get the best value for their money. This is a taste of a possible life to come as university students in the future!

Meanwhile, back at school, preparations are now in the final stages for our Winter Festivals. This year we are trialling a new format, with the Class One and Two children joining the Kindergarten children for a junior festival on a different date to the senior festival. The two festivals are planned to be beautiful, reverent and joyful celebrations of mid-winter. I look forward to seeing you as our school joins together for these special events.

As a final note, today we watched a wonderful performance at the National Institute of Circus Arts. I was chatting to one of our 2016 graduating students who is now studying at NICA and asked her if she was enjoying her studies there. Her answer was, “I love it, it is the fire in my blood!” What a wonderful response! Surely our aim at CBRSS is to educate every student so that they can go out into the world and do whatever it is that is the fire in their blood.


After School Pick Up – New Safety Guidelines

After some recent safety issues involving after school pick up (including Friday markets), we have developed a new Parent Information Sheet outlining safety guidelines. One of the key points in this is that parents must park the car, pick up their children (1-6) from the basketball court outside the hall and walk the children back to the car. Please note that our bottom car park does not currently operate as a ‘drop and go’ site. K-6 aged students should not ever be walking through the car park unaccompanied. We also ask that parents of kindergarten children walk up to the kindergarten to pick up their children, we will no longer allow kindergarten children to be picked up by siblings. Please do take the time to read the new Parent Information Sheet in full. It can be found on our school website here.