From the Principal

This week has flown by so quickly, it seems the school is buzzing with activity and we are already well into the rhythm of the year.

Not only is this the time when our students are settling into their daily routines, but it is also the time when much of the parent involvement in the school is being organised.  We have a very full calendar of Class meetings over the first few weeks of the year.  I would like to strongly encourage at least one parent from each family to attend  the Class meetings.  Our teachers and guardians put a lot of time and thought into planning meetings which are interesting, relevant, informative and enjoyable (and hopefully not too long).  We consider the class meetings to be a crucial part of our communication pathways.  Whilst we do our very best to avoid clashes of meetings, this is not always possible so I do apologise to any parents who have found that they have two meetings in one night.

At the beginning of the week, along with James Dods (Chair of the Board), I attended the Parents and Friends meeting.  The Parents and Friends group do such a good job of supporting the school and providing opportunities to build our school community.  I strongly encourage families to get involved with the P&F and help support our school.  At the moment, they are considering ideas for a social event for the school community.  If you have an idea for a social event to bring the adults within our school community together, please do contact Tanja Nelson (Chair of the P&F) to let her know.
This week I briefly attended the first Kindergarten meeting for the year.  It was lovely to see the new (and not so new) kindergarten parents there.  Settling our new little kindergarten children into the rhythms and routines of the kindergarten day is a big job and it is so important that our teachers are able to communicate clearly with the parents.
Finally, today I had the absolute joy of attending the Class 5 Indian Feast.  It was a great chance to dust off my sari and join the students for some wonderful dhal and rice.  Thank you to the parents who worked so hard to create this beautiful meal and thank you to Naina for organising the day for the students.  Those who looked carefully may even have seen Georgi from our Admin team dancing with the Bollywood Sisters.
Indian Feast Class 5

Members of the Association

If you were a Member of the Association of the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School inc. under the terms of the previous constitution, your membership has now lapsed.  You will need to complete the application process to become a Member under the terms of the current constitution.

James Dods, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, recently sent out an email to the school community, inviting the community to apply for membership, and to support our wonderful school.  Members of the Association elect Directors of the Board and can vote at the Annual General Meeting, and any Special General Meetings of the Association which may be called from time to time.

The Association’s primary purpose is to: “Ensure that the legal entity (the school) can still function

If you are interested in being a Member of the Association, please see Reception to pick up an application form.  Application forms need to be given to Georgi Brooke, the Principal’s Assistant, to collect.  You may drop off at Reception for Georgi.  Further information about the procedure to become a Member of the Association can be found at this address:

Privacy Reminder

It is wonderful when parents and friends come to school events and many parents love to take photos of their children at these events to remember the occasion and share with family and friends.  Whilst sharing photos of your own child is your own choice, sharing photos of other children without their parents’ permission is a breach of privacy.  For this reason, we ask that parents who take photos of children other than their own at school events do not share the photos on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) or on any other website or sharing platform.


We love communicating with parents – it’s how we best work in partnership with you to support your child’s learning journey.  Please help us out by using the correct form of communication.  If you need to speak to a teacher, the best option is to call reception and ask to make an appointment.  Alternatively you could email the teacher (preferably through our reception email address  Please do not contact the teachers by calling or texting their mobile phones.  Our teachers work hard and they do need to have a home life away from work – phone calls and text messages disturb this time and are not helpful to good communication.

Drop-off and Pick-up Reminder

Just a gentle reminder when dropping off or picking up children that this is to happen from the bottom car-park.  No children should be dropped off or picked up from the top car park as this is a school bus zone.

Car Park Dust

Dust in the bottom car park has become an issue in this dry weather. We have been working on a solution to this and will be installing a sprinkler system within the next 10 days.  It may take a little while to fine tune this system, however we hope to have an immediate reduction to the level of dust once the system has been installed.  In the meantime, please take care to drive slowly in the car park.  Thank you for your patience whilst we try to find the best solution.

Lost Property

Small items that are handed in to Reception, are on display in the Reception window.  Two single keys were found in the car park on Thursday, they are now in the Reception window :)

Warm Regards,


Permission slips for excursions

Permission slips for excursions MUST  be received two days prior to an excursion, not on the morning of the excursion, or students will not be allowed to go.  Receiving permission slips on the morning of the excursion creates unnecessary stress for all involved, and can hold up the departure time. 

Time for Payment Plans to be finalised

Thank you to all parents for your patience during the implementation of our new system for generating and sending statements for school fees.  Yes, we experienced a few teething problems, but the overall the process went well.  Fees for Term 1 are due by 26 February, so please make payment if you have not already done so.  If you plan to make payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, you need to inform Julia of your payment plan by 26 February.

Autumn Festival


Each year as a school community we gather fresh produce from our gardens or the Farmers Market to create a harvest display. This produce is donated to the Liberation Larder to support their wonderful community work.

Gather in the Amphitheatre for songs and celebration.
More details to follow…

Sign up for the Canteen Roster

Once again our school canteen is  busy preparing delicious meals for our children on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Prepared with love and goodness, it does rely on parent help and support.  If volunteering at the canteen is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance, well here’s your opportunity. The roster has plenty of free spaces waiting to be filled.
Click here to see the Available Day.
It’s also a fun way to claim those RC&M hours, meet the school community while your children receive a free lunch. With no experience necessary!
Please contact Amanda Eade on or text 0411 837 699.

RCM Day 5 March



BBQ Lunch supplied by P&F

Our first RCM Day is on Saturday week and this is a great opportunity to contribute to the life of the school, get to know more people and build the healthy social life of the school community.

All families are billed $250 annually for maintenance of the school infrastructure, in lieu of 16 hours contribution of time. This can be worked off in many ways such as on our 3 RCM days each year, or support in the canteen or other tasks for teachers, administration & library. You can also make arrangements with the Site Manager to help out at any other time of the year that suits. We are always in need of support to help our school thrive.

So on this RCM day there will be a great variety of tasks from gardening to painting & oiling buildings & furniture, small construction & repair tasks plus cleaning, organising and other soft tasks for parents with small children. You can work in any area of the school, so a great opportunity to get to know other parts of the school & work alongside other parents. The children love it when their parents know their environment & can relate to them on where they have been hanging out for the day.

We will have a lovely shared BBQ Lunch supplied by P&F at around 12.30pm providing another opportunity to chat and get to know each other.

The more people that come the greater the fun you have at your tasks as you have others to share it with. There are many spaces in the school so everyone can become very spread out, so encourage others you know to come and share in the many tasks.

See You There!

Gavin Colley

Site Manager

A day of Indian Celebration with Class 5

As a part of our Class Five Ancient Indian Main Lesson the children had a day engaged in classical Indian experiences.  The Class Five child takes a long look back over 10,000 years of history throughout this year which has a therapeutic effect on their soul.  Naina, Class 5 teacher.

Class 5 dressed up in their best Indian outfits, enjoyed a yoga class, experienced beautiful Sitar music, and had fun learning & watching Bollywood dance with The Bollywood Sisters!  Georgi, from the office, jumped in and performed with The Bollywood Sisters too!  Nerrida joined Class 5, in her Sari, for Dahl & rice on banana leaves at lunchtime.

Report from Class 6

A Conversation With Gavin.
Reported here by Michelangelo and Sammy from Class 6.

“Hi Gavin, Miche and Sammy here just wondering if we could borrow a few minutes of you time to ask you a few questions?” we asked.
“Alright, do you enjoy your job of being the school caretaker?” Sammy asked.
“I enjoy it very much, it can get hard at times but I do really enjoy it. There’s a great variety of jobs that make it interesting,” Gavin responded.
“How long have you been looking after our school environment?” Miche asked.
“15 years and this is my 16th year,” he replied.
“What are some dangers you look out for?” we asked Gavin.
“Slippery paths, trip points, snakes, tree work and working with heights.”
“Is there any improvement you would like to see in the school environment?”
“An expanded gardening program and expanded playing fields, but apart from that the environment is pretty good.”
“Gavin, thank you for your time. We have learnt a lot and we hope you have a good day.”
“Have a good day to you too!” Gavin replied.

Craft Group

Craft Group commenced again on Thursday 25th February, at 9-11am in Silky Oak
Cottage (P&F room).   All crafters and would-be-crafters are most welcome are welcome to join us, and any little
helpers too.  Come and share the joy of creating within your community.  The group is also seeking donations of pure wool/yarn (for knitted toys), wool felt and natural fibre fabrics (cotton, wool, silk). Maybe you have a
stash of leftovers that you be happy to share with our creative crafters.

Please contact Tanja to organise a drop off or for more information